Update: Nexus 4 coming to Fido “early February”


  • eddiebaseball

    $600 outright
    $299.99 on 2-yr contract
    $49.99 on 3-yr contract

    • REDRUM


    • skullan

      I’d agree with that. T-Mobile is currently $199 on a 2-year.

      Suggested retail: $549.99
      Instant discount: -$300.00 (2 year subsidy)
      Mail-in rebate card: -$50.00

      It will be good to finally shut the “Forget that phone, buy a Nexus 4 for $350!!!!!”‘ers up for good.

      The only sad part, is that when the Nexus 4 fanbois start to cry, they smell like Jellybeans….

    • jack

      yup, get ready for stupid @ss pricing on contract for this phone.

    • Common Sense

      LG has declared that the production of the N4 to be sold directly by Google for around $300 will be limited.

      At the same time LG will release and INCREASE production of the N4 version that will be sold to operators around the world. The logic behind this is that LG sells the N4 to Google at cost, or even at a loss, Google does the same thing.

      When LG sells the N4 to operators all over the world, LG sells it for $400-$450 and the operators in turn re-sell it for $550 (Tmobile USA) (Expect $600 in Canada..as always)

      The questions are:
      -Who do you give your money to:Operators of people from Craigslist, ebay etc.
      -Will it have bloatware?
      -Will the Big 3 load custom firmware to avoid faster upgrades just like with the last Galaxy Nexus?
      -Will they lock it and charge you $50 to unlock?
      -Will all this make it worth it to wait for the next “stock wave” order it and get it 6 weeks later??

    • Khav

      “LG has declared that the production of the N4 to be sold directly by Google for around $300 will be limited.”

      Huge [citation needed] on this.

    • Tom

      Not a tease, but a threat (to the carriers).

      For G’Nex, firmware updates were delayed or blocked on most carriers around the world.

      So they said fine, we’ll try selling direct again but this time we’ll cut margins to the bone (a) cause that is the only chance it will work, and (b) a shot across the bow for the carriers.

      And it worked. For the carriers that have signed-up, I bet that they had to accept giving Google total control of updates this time, and it still comes unlocked and pure Google.

    • Common Sense

      Production of the N4 by LG will be limited as in:
      15% (just a figure) will be sold to Google; while 85% of the N4 production (Identical phone)will be for sale (at a higher price) to Operators to be re-sold by them at $550-$600.

      The “limited production of the N4″
      Does not imply a specific number of phones or a specific amount of time. Just a lower CAP to the production of phones to be sold by Google; Read the LG statements from 2 weeks ago.
      LG declares:” There is NOTHING WRONG with the production of the N4″ …
      That’s because the numbers ordered by Google were very low originally. Now even if Google ordered more from LG, LG will sell for more $ the rest of the production to operators.

      You would do the same if you were LG.

    • Khav

      So in other words, baseless speculation. Got it.

  • Zeeb

    About time

  • ryan moore

    okay, we’re hearing more and more about this proliferation of the device…

    2 questions
    – will it be ‘subsidized’ at $350, or less, or will it be premium priced at say $550 as we’ve heard rumours?
    – will it be a ‘carrier build’ like the Nexus S and Galaxy Nexus, i.e. it won’t get official google updates?

    • Sean

      If everyone else who carries the phone is anything to go by i can expect a high off contract price

    • skullan

      Look at T-Mobile, there are no rumours. They sell at $549 and work it down to $199 with a two-year contract.

    • sp

      i still dont get you guys.

      you honestly believe that the carriers are going to sell you the Nexus 4 at the Google subsidized price??

      whatever you are smoking…make sure to pass it to the rest of the people cause you dreaming.

      these guys cant seem to wrap their head around how the pricing worked out and why it was so damn cheap.

      now that the carriers are going to get it…you expect to get it for the same price as the Playstore… dream on…. dream on…

  • Temp

    Google’s strategy for Canada. Low direct sales, create hype, get contract through carriers.

  • Eluder

    Nexus S and Galaxy Nexus weren’t carrier builds.
    The Nexus S on the carriers was like any other Nexus S; the Galaxy Nexus was a Samsung variant though on the Canadian market.

  • Joe Public

    I guess we now know why Canada’s “stock shortage” is so bad. The scum known as Rogers has infiltrated Google. These bastards do everything in their power to keep stealing from us. Dirt.

  • google sucks

    screw google

  • Kid.Canada

    If its over $350 then screw it. You can find them on kijiji eventually for that price.

  • Plan Shopper

    Nexus 4….time to move on.

    IT’S BLACKBERRY TIME!! 5 days to go to launch!

    It’s all about the Z10.

  • Dimitri k.

    This is why Google’s phone stock has gone down. They want carriers to sell them so they only sell a few hundred on the Google Play site. They make you after get it from the carrier.

    Everyone loves Google right? Do you love them now for doing this & making you wait months to get a unlocked one from Google?

  • Gsizzle

    Just buy from the Play Store no need to give them anything.

    • TK Monastyrski

      If only it were available on the play store….

    • skullan

      Buy what on the Play store? Perhaps the shortage of the Nexus 4 is directly attributable to all the Unicorns and Leprechauns that have bought them.

      In case it is needed: The Nexus 4 doesn’t exist for sale on the Play store.

  • hoo dat

    WIND is also getting it. Not too sure if they’ll announce today or tomorrow.

    • hoo dat

      Sorry, that should read “next week” not “tomorrow”.


    My friend got one and it’s not worth the hype. Move on and get something else. Me I’m enjoying my International Unlocked Galaxy Note 2 & I wouldn’t trade it for anything. I’ve had a Ton of smartphones & Galaxy Note 2 is the best phone available right now hands down. I still can’t wait till my Blackberry Z10 gets in my hands in early February.


    By HTC ONE S

    • sp

      worst… phone…..ever……..

    • sp

      i repeat….worst phone ever…

      just had to send 3 for repair for various issues..

  • Gsizzle

    Third batch should be live from the playstore in Feb. If not then folks are screwed.

  • mola

    Awesome phone, don’t buy it through a carrier. The only way to drive down monthly charges is if everyone rejects this contact BS so carriers can compete on service. In a contract world, monthly fees are inflated, no such notion as a subsidy, more like financing. Finance a phone for 3 years is crazy. Buying a locked phone is equally as crazy, you wouldn’t lock your laptop computer to a network, why small handheld computers? Buy from Google play when supply issues are resolved.

  • Collindubya

    Thats crap!!! that phone is 350.00! i won’t pay a penny more for it!

    • sp


      its actually not $350.00

      but you can keep thinking it is!!

    • Eluder

      It’s actually $359 + $16 or $17 for shipping, so let’s say $375… we have to wait and see what the carrier price it at, but if it’s anything like T-Mobile, it’s a rip off.

  • rammal27

    Very bad move from Google I’m not paying an extra $300 to get from a carrier they can keep there crappy LG phone Samsung s4 is coming out soon and it’s specs are way better than the nexus 4

    • m-p{3}

      Why is that Google’s fault if the carrier decides to sell it at an higher price point?

      Simply don’t buy it from your carrier.. jeez..

  • Mark

    What are people complaining about?

    1. Go to carrier
    2. Buy subsidized Galaxy S3 for $150
    3. Sell it on kijiji for $500
    4. Buy Nexus 4 direct from Google for $350
    5. Laugh at people complaining about being ‘locked down’ by contracts.

    • sp

      Great plan, except for one snag.

      Nexus 4 from Google is about as plausible at this time as Unicorns and Flying Reindeer.

      Until that can be resolved, your plan is only half doable.

  • Android

    too late Fido
    I had already moved to Wind

    • placator

      C’est domage.

  • Miknitro

    I’ll gladly wait for the next Nexus if BB10 hasn’t hooked me completely by then, LG An thin glass equals a pass from me.

  • Psor

    Relax…. we don’t know the Fido’s price yet….

    • m-p{3}

      I’m still expecting the price to be around 500$-600$ like Wind or Videotron.

      No way they’ll sell it at 360$.

  • OMG BASEDGOD #taskforce #tybg

    I’m curious to know how many people will buy this from the carriers…

  • screamer

    Only 16 gig noooo thank you. Need more storage but can pick up one for my wife

  • Mark Amara

    After having the Nexus 4 for 4 days so far, I can say, this phone is well worth north of 600 bux. This phone is actually as awesome to use as the Note 2. It’s supremely responsive, and amazingly quick with performing any tasks… Apps just fly in and out of memory. And it being updated directly by Google, it has the most updated version of Android, right now JB 4.2.1… no other Android phone other than the Nexus devices currently has 4.2.1, unless modded and which sometimes (as you can find out for yourself) do not work as perfectly.

    So, if you feel Note 2 is worth 700$ then definitely Nexus 4 is worth 600, on account of having slightly smaller (however significantly better and sharper screen), no expandable memory and LTE that requires a bit of a tweak to enable.

    • nexus 4 life

      well said my friend. anyone who owns a nexus 4 knows exactly how perfect the phone actually is. it is better performing then the note 2 those who don’t own a nexus 4 will talk garbage as they are uneducated monkeys

  • JC

    I love my Nexus 4. I switched to Fido from Mobilicity because I couldn’t make calls in my new apartment on AWS.

  • habskilla

    Anybody want to buy my perfectly good RMA unit?

  • tomatoes11

    It is starting to look like Google simply doesn’t want to take a loss on the Nexus 4 anymore. It already gave Google the traffic it wanted and they don’t make any money off of it so it looks like once the Nexus 10 sells out, only the Nexus 7 will be available since they actually make money off of those.

  • mynameismyname

    I’ll tell you.
    This is Google:
    *take 2% of LG’s nexus 4 stock
    *sell them in two options ( 8gb n 16gb), people get ‘wowed’ when they see the price of the 8gb ($299-US)
    *low inventory at low cost to increase hype
    *drop 8gb option soon after
    *display sold out for 98% of the life span it has been available.
    *welcome the carriers, and bye to the subsidized phone + customers

    Sent from my Nexus 4 🙂

  • mel

    It’s a good phone. It’s fast, a good size, and decently priced. I just think it’s going to be hard for them to compete with Google’s pricing. Honestly, I wouldn’t pay more than $400 for it, considering I can get a used SGIII for a bit more.

  • Nathen

    BIG Mistake if GOOGLE does this. They will quickly see the PEOPLE will not buy it on a 3YR plan. Carriers will have LARGE stock that they can NOT SELL. Google will wonder why it does not SELL. By the TIME Google learns the that they have screwed up PEOPLE will have moved on to other phones or OFF Android and GOOGLE will have LEARNED a HUGE lesson.
    DO F over your loyal customers that have had your back for YEARS !
    GOOGLE you better RETHINK! This will turn out to be a VERY VERY BAD Business Decision.

    • Tom

      95% of population (you know, those who are not tech geeks like you and me), don’t even know that Google used to sell a Nexus phone online for under $400. These are the people who will be buying this phone on contract, like they do every 2 or 3 years. Robelus prays on uneducated masses, and they have been very successful over the last 20 years or so.

  • Steve

    Just got my nexus 4 today. Its an amazing phone!

  • legend618

    #67 on the reservation list

  • nexus

    After having a s2 and s3 now nexus 4. The nexus 4 is way better in ways that ate more important to me. It looks better in ui and hardware. Samsung ui is ugly. Updates are getting better for Samsung but not as fast as nexus. I guarantee most of the guys saying their note 2 or s3 is the best and would never give it up… Are full of it and tried to buy a n4 but failed so they are trolling.

  • AKA-fairdeal

    Should not pay more than $400 for Nexus 4. Customers don’t need to get ripped off. Because, Canadian always get ripped off over cell phone charges.

    Be patient! Just save your hard earned money for fair deal and show power of the consumers.

    Don’t get caught for Google’s tricks.

    Think! how come play store does not get Nexus 4 and carriers do?

  • mark

    Love my nexus 4 all those trolls just couldn’t get one so now they say it’s a crappy phone!!

  • m-p{3}

    I preordered it from Fido, but I figured it would be cheaper to get it directly from Google so I cancelled my preorder with them.

    To my surprise, I got it faster than I expected and I’m using my Nexus 4 since friday February 1st.