TELUS Samsung Galaxy Note and Galaxy S II X Jelly Bean upgrade now expected to arrive in February


  • Stephie

    Well at least there is a date… where is my date for the Optimus G Telus!?

  • Nexus is the best

    i sold my s2x couldn’t be bothered to wait. ics is just too buggy on the s2x. so will the s2x get multi window support highly doubt it. it will be the same gingerbread looking touch wiz

  • jk

    any takers that Rogers will delay their releases for their samsung phones??????

  • nexus forever

    cmon telus. by the time u get note on 4.1 i will be rocking kandy kane on my galaxy nexus.

  • John

    How come android users accept this service. You have to wait months just for the carrier to install bloat ware that you don’t need.

  • mystery905

    Does this mean koodo’s s2x is getting the jb update soon?

  • john steen

    Telus, where is the 4.1 update for my one s ?

  • Alexandru

    Hi Guys,

    I am an owner of Android phone also.
    The reason I am saying this is rather related to the comment made by John regarding the service being given to the Android owners.
    He is right. We all bought into the Android craze and we pay a price for that… meaning late updates, frustration, bloat software etc.

    In reality, I believe Apple gives a way better customer service to its clients. Constant updates, stable os, no bloat and so on.
    Ultimately we must choose what we value the most:
    – A technology craze from which we loose getting what we expect, meaning at least some decent service on the updates side
    – A stable, high quality service on all aspects.

    As for me I would give a chance to Apple if they would come with at least 4.5 inch phone and a screen a little bit wider
    But let’s see what’s going to happen with our Canadian Blackberry 10.
    Seem to be a good phone hardware and software wise.

    We should be always open to consider other choices.

    All the best,

    • Neil

      Well said…and I dislike Apple (lol)

    • mpmp0

      Yes, Apple certainly is a quality product.

      But their locked down attitude is just too constrictive, from their lack of SD support and removable batteries and constant attempts to foist that iTunes store on everyone, to mention a few things.

      But, yes, Android has turned out to be a near disappointment to me, with the constant updates that users almost have to beg for–unless, of course, you are willing to risk rooting your $500+ device.

      I’ve an Android tablet and phone now but these are probably my last purchases in this family. Next stop (don’t laugh…), I’m going Microsoft to see if the grass is any greener.

    • Sean

      Apple is not a high quality service. You pay huge amounts of money for old technology packed into a shiny case. The latest iPhone still only has a duel core processor, no NFC, no wireless charging, no longer the highest resolution screen (many phones now have equal or better screen such as the Nexus 4, Droid DNA, and many others.. It was one one of the last major phones to get 4G, long after android, and it continues to fall behind.
      the operating system of the iPhone is also another drawback for the devise, which has not innovated or upgraded beyond some minor aesthetic, and some pointless, upgrades, such as Notification Center (which was copied android), Siri (which most people rarely use), and some upgrades to the speed of the OS.
      The iPhone was originally a huge innovation in the mobile phone industry, but recently, apple has just added things to each model that other phones have had for years, like a 4″ screen on the iPhone 5 when to every other phone company that is “old news.” Apple is following behind other phone manufactures, and every time a new iPhone comes out, people aren’t amazed by new features, but instead say to themselves “finally!”
      The only reason the iPhone is reliable, is because it hasn’t changed in 6 years, while other manufacturers take riskes and rethink their platforms and hardwear every year. That is how true innovation happens, people taking risks.
      The iPhone is surviving on its name alone, and people are starting to see that behind the logo, there isn’t much substance.

  • Ocean


    I work in tech, and as such I’ve had the opportunity to use and/or own all the major platforms, including WP7/7.5. While WP8 does bring improvements over WP7, it still remains very restrictive, no less so than Apple. You’ll just be switching one master for another, in hopes of better treatment.

    Like yourself, Apple’s restrictive methods aggravate me, but it still stands that it’s the most balanced smartphone OS I’ve ever used, especially from the security and usability standpoints. (And no, I’m not using one now – currently using a rooted/personally-modified Android.)

    It’s a jungle out there. Good luck!

  • Cody42

    Considering Telus owns Koodo, it better release for Koodo at the same time. <_<