Keep on runnin’: Temple Run 2 Review


  • idonkey

    You’re missing half the fun with that tiny icrap 5. LOL

    • John

      You know there are people that like smaller screens. Not everyone wants a mini tablet in their pocket.

  • Reggie Noble

    Temple Run = Most overrated game of all time.

  • Duuuuude

    Sounds like the new PitFall that I uninstalled recently. Too much nagging and no option to properly exit the game led to an uninstall after a few days. Too many good games these days.

  • Milpool

    The original doesn’t even run well these days on my Nexus S with 4.1.2… a phone that has gotten progressively slower over time, despite very few apps installed, and basically no widgets taking up my RAM. When I got it and it had Gingerbread, that’s like equivalent to it running Win XP… but by now, it’s like running Win 7, and it’s just not strong enough to handle it. Sigh…

  • Arber

    ^hack it, install cm10, overclock it

    • some guy


  • Kid.Canada

    @iDonkey – its not even the 5 its a 4/4S. Even tinier lol.

  • Piff

    Those people I call women.

  • TheMightyFinder

    Now I want to ditch my iDevice for a phablet.

  • Philippe Gaboury

    Great game on the iPad. Contrary to the reviewer, I love those climbs and dips that the game now serves up. I do agree that of the randomly generated traps are just impossible to get across and that’s a pain when you’re this close to hitting that elusive goal. Thank goodness for the new gems that will let you continue.

  • some guy

    In Soviet Russia, temple runs you!