Nexus 4 is once again shipping to Canadians (still sold out online)


  • Thomas

    Glad I got my order in the first time… by the time it becomes available online again, the next Nexus model will be out. Why can’t they make/ship them faster!

  • Gsizzle

    Nice, I am happy for all the folks who are getting it.

    I have been enjoying mine since last year.

    It’s truly a beast.

    • Brad F, Brad F(anboy), jack


      What are you talking about? =)

  • deltatux

    Hurray you used my screenshot lol. Now to patiently wait for UPS to ship it to my door.

  • Piff

    Congrats to those who got 1 and a big F-U to those who horded 3 or 4 just to resell for a profit.

    • Rits

      Indeed. I (posing as a buyer of course) actually went to meet a guy who had 5 of these and was selling them at almost twice the price. He had a smirk on his face and said he got three of his friends to order in the US and ship to India. I gave a big “F___ You!” and told him that I hope these come into stock like really quick and no one buys the ones he has and that hope he ends up selling them at a loss.

    • Nexus is the best

      I thank the phone gods I ordered 3 sold 2 kept 1 had enough money to pay for 1 more im only going to sell for 50 dollars more the fools are not paying 600 dollArs no more

  • coolbeans

    I gave up on getting this..just too much trouble.
    I don’t care how good a product is or whose fault it is but when it’s this hard to get it into the hands of customers who are basically willing to throw cash at you, it’s a huge FAIL.

    • Gsizzle

      @coolbeans, Alright you missed out on the sale. Not a big deal, colleague of mine just bought a BNIB N4 16GB from kijiji for $460! That’s an amazing price. Stop getting frustrated and just put in the effort to look around for a good deal and grab it asap.

    • COBwiggy

      I got a Nexus 4 on the original launch day, but it got stolen, so I went to Kijiji and actually lucked out and got one for 440 (16 gb), it is just really rare to get such good prices on kijiji

    • Piff

      I am with you coolbeans. I gave up on the Nexus 4. I’ll wait for the next Nexus device and hope that Google has learned their lesson from this joke of a launch.

    • HabsFan

      Did the same…cancelled mine after having my credit card charged for well over a month and a half and no phone, stuck in shipping limbo. The CSRs at google are beyond useless!

  • Eric

    I LOVE my Nexus 4; currently only using it in 3G and the battery life is amazing 🙂 Plus the device is very light too!


  • LEKO

    I want a Nexus 4 + 7 – 1!

  • gaudette

    Nexus 4 ships to people who have already ordered it….No way! This must be the fourth time I’ve seen articles on this. It’s like the guy who can’t use the search button on a forum and asks the same questions over and over. Post when it’s back in stock but please don’t write about this s**t every week. It was at 7-8 weeks when people bought so it’ll ship within 7-8 weeks. Writing about it ain’t changin s**t for anyone

    • Brad F, Brad F(anboy), jack

      What else should they write about? This is news about phones.

    • gaudette

      Brad F, Brad F(anboy), jack…it’s not news when a phone that was ordered and is expected to ship ships. Whether it takes one week or eight it’s not news. They’re shipping them out all the time and just because one person got a shipping notification sends it in doesn’t make it newsworthy. The phones are still in existence. They haven’t stopped making them. They haven’t cancelled on the orders. The only newsworthy thing about these phones now is that they are going to be available at more carriers. As for the disaster and fiasco that everyone claims this nexus 4 launch to be, I have to disagree. Yeah, it sucked for the public who thought they were all going to receive a cheap high end phone, but these companies are well established and appear to be very tight lipped about future plans for distribution. We don’t know what they’re planning and this launch could possibly have been extremely successful if this is what they planned all along by creating demand, supplying carriers, and making more money. Clearly google isn’t making money by selling them, they’re more interested in the OS.

  • new_tradition

    I got an email this evening too. I’m in the 7-8 week bracket, so it seems orders are finally being completed for everyone.

  • Josh

    I’m still waiting for the Nexus 10 to show up again

  • PXY

    I can’t believe it! It is finally here!…. “Delivery Estimated for January 30” but no email …. ok…

    • Brad F, Brad F(anboy), jack

      Sounds like you ordered BB10 from RIM. Hahaha!!

  • Onix

    I GOT mine shipped and im on the 7-8 week line finalllyyyy sp happy best of luck to everyone the wait was equally hard on me.

  • dam n it

    G od is punishing those who didn’t get one. Look deep in your soul to figure out what you did and apologize to the lo rd. Only then will you receive your nexus.

  • Miknitro

    LG dropped ball on production.

  • greg

    Huzzah, I received the email confirmation too! Can’t wait to get rid of the ol’ iPhone and actually start seeing more of a website with the bigger screen.

    Anyone know if the Nexus 4’s screen is durable enough without a screen protector? If not, which brand should I use? I read that Zagg’s protectors get yellowish after a while, so I’m not keen on that. Any recommendations?

    • deltatux

      I ordered a Spigen Steinheil Ultra Oleophobic for my Nexus 4. Even though it’s likely able to go commando with no problems, I’m not risking my chances on this phone.

      Others have recommended the Rearth Ringbo screen protector as well.

    • Brad F, Brad F(anboy), jack

      Huzzah? OK, stop watching Mike the Knight on Treehouse.

    • Strobe

      I already got a screen protector from Best Skins Ever(still waiting for phone…). It includes a front piece, back piece, and edge piece for the Nexus 4. You can choose which, or all, to apply. $9 or something.

      I liked that the company ships this in a plain envelope, no extra packaging. And it’s coming from Colorado, so doesn’t take long either.

  • Ivan

    Who cares if it’s shipping. I don’t care if the next phones to go for sales on kijiji are shipping. All I want to know is, when google and LG get their act together and start stocking regular so I can buy one. The last thing I’ll do is support the resale market. New or nothing.

  • DS

    I’m going through a slow, boring period at work with means I need to play on my phone more to regain my sanity. Unfortunately I own a Galaxy Ace, a slow POS that has as much internal memory as a calculator. LG take my money please!!!

  • TripleHelix

    I want the bumper to come back in stock. It hasn’t been in stock since the first time the Nexus went on sale.

  • Zoomus

    I am on the 7-8 week holding pattern and no bloody email yet, so I guess the Canadian lot of 10 units was shipped so now I have to wait another couple of weeks and maybe I get lucky and I get on the next lot of 10 units for Canada ? I wonder who’s fault this is , is it Google ordering from LG few units, or is it LG being pricks and only making few at a time ? this is ridiculous the Nexus 5 is going to be out soon , getting very frustrated waiting for this, especially since I got the accessories for it beside me, its like torture here whaaaa whaaa LOL. OK I vented , next ……

  • bulletwithbatwings

    I love Android but this Nexus OOS fiasco completely turned me off to nexus devices. I will never bother to get one after this joke.

  • Adriel

    Still no bumpers available 🙁 I got one of those $4 TPU cases, but the LG bumper is a lot nicer.

  • Sukh

    In today’s fast changing world..couple of months of ‘soldout’ status is more or less killing the product, or google dont make any money out of they are only putting,just few 100 phone @ tht price a month, and if no competitor around tht price range who cares anyway..

  • hapa

    I called this morning to inquire about my Dec 3 order (was supposed to be 3-4 week delivery but clearly that didn’t happen). Google Play rep actually tried to convince me that 3-4 weeks means 21-28 business days which is 5-6 weeks actual time. Do i look that stupid? I quickly told her I’m not buying that. Seriously, are they trained to delay customer requests with garbage like that?

  • DP

    Mine must be on its way…Google just charged my credit card tonight. I was in the 7-8 week window.

  • steve

    mine got shipped today; i was in the 7-8 week time.