Update: Google Nexus 4, Nexus 10 and the Nexus 7 32GB 3G now available


  • Dalex

    It’s pretty tempting at 309 or 359$, but I just can’t seem to justify it over my One X. Still, hope it does well.

    • Nick

      Yeah there’s no point upgrading from a One X… my Nexus S with the broken USB port and wonky power button, on the other hand, is getting retired :D.

  • sickens

    crashing haaaaard

  • tenk

    500$ became too much

  • Derek

    Oh god, I can’t order. Errors everywhere. Everyone knew this would happen too.

    • Nich

      It’s your system I would imagine, I just ordered a Nexus 10. Quit using your iPad in the Play store. 😉


    got my 8gb nexus 4 in!!!

  • gezaim

    Got mine! Can’t wait!

  • Brad F

    lmao cant even check out

  • Marion

    I would be all over this if…RIM didn’t announce their launch yesterday. I’ll wait

  • Teddy

    Ha! Went to add to my cart, failed 3 times now it is back to “Notify Me”

  • Sean

    It crashed in the middle of my order and has gone back to coming soon 🙁

  • Marc

    Anyone else experiencing errors with the shopping cart and checkout on Google Play?

    I’m guessing their servers are overloaded with requests…

    • GNexUser

      Servers were definitely overloaded, I ended up buying 3 Nexus 10s, until I got an email from Google saying my order was denied.

      At that point I thought only 1 order had gotten that far, as it was the first email I had got and nothing showed in the Google Wallet transactions yet.

      My CC company were the first to inform me I had ordered 3, then I used the Google Wallet page to cancel 2 of those 3 pretty painlessly, once the orders showed in Transactions.

      At the time of ordering I got an error at checkout that assured my the order did not go through and was cancelled.

      Slammed servers to say the least (Google should know better by now), but it’s all sorted out now.

  • Ben

    I only see the 8GB option as available? Anyone else?

  • Yanis

    Same here. I’m pissed.

  • Matt

    And now they are no longer available. Shouldn’t be surprised, very few people will get one today.

  • nexus 4 16GB

    16GB sold out already!

  • Roreh

    Really really really wish it had a microsd slot. 16GB for the nexus 4 is not enough for me. This device needs to be an all around media player as well as a phone.
    Bleh, i’m frustrated, I’ve always wanted a nexus device.

  • caribouroader

    Just bought my 16GB-$422.66 all in with shipping of $16.99 and HST of $46.67….:)

  • COB

    That was retarded. Didn’t even get one. Good job Google.

    • Ben S

      find a better word than ‘retarded’.
      it’s an offensive, outdated, mean-spirited slur. knock it off.

    • Mithos

      Nexus 4 16gb just turned from coming soon to “SOLD OUT” on my end.

      Two hours of F5.
      My HTC Desire will now lick my wounds with its crusted and cracked screen.
      Yes.. together… f-forever… Precious…

    • Brent

      Calm down BEN you clown!

  • Ted

    same thing for me, had in the cart and hit proceed. ghosts out of my cart

  • Lexcyn

    Had one in my cart, page error, now back to Coming Soon.

    It’s crap like this, Google.

  • Justin

    I got a out of stock when I went to checkout the 16

  • jussayin

    Bow to your Google lords !

  • Ghart

    Wow tried to get one and kept getting errors for the 16GB

    Then it went back to notify me…

    Seriously Google?

  • Brad F

    Your purchase will complete momentarily … lol, not even going to get one

  • cg

    I ended up ordering two by mistake!!! Now I don’t care cancel because I won’t get one if I try to reorder. It looks like the 16gig may be sold out as it’s no longer saying in stock, but the 8 gig is still available! Now I guess I have to ebay a nexus 4 16 gig and bumper case.

    • Amos

      Or you can sell it to me. @amostwit on twitter. 🙂

    • nomfish

      I’ll buy it off you!

  • Herp Derp

    Still seeing COMING SOON…

  • Samuel Maskell

    It pays to be a programmer sometimes. I wrote a python script to check the website every 5 seconds and email me as soon as the “addtocart” button showed up. I was able to get one without any problem. 16gb seems to be sold out already.

  • Is This Bb10?

    This is a fiasco. They should have known it would crash the servers. Google Fail.

    • Geoff

      What do you care? This isn’t BB10.

  • Jordan N

    Looks like I got my order in for the 16GB just in time.

    Looks like refreshing the page every minute paid off.

  • Neil

    Google’s Play webstore seems to be experiencing some “issues” at the moment 🙂

  • Jgoon

    ***MY Experience***

    I’m located in Vancouver, and the site went live at 8:34am, purchased at 8:35am. Went back to buy bumper at 8:41am, and everything was giving me crazy errors then by 8:44am, “COMING SOON” for all products

  • Bryan

    I’m sure I was in ther in first 2 minutes. Had 16 GB Nexus 4 in cart, but errors and now sold out. Boooo

  • DRM

    Woo Hoo … refreshed my page 10 minutes ago, and saw they were in stock.

    Got my N4 16G and bumper in my cart … then the cart hung for what seemed like an eternity.

    My Visa has been chatged, and my wallet is now showing a pending transaction:
    “Your order has been sent to Google Canada Corp..
    Google Canada Corp. is responsible for charging and shipping your order.”

  • a

    Purchased a 16gb, got the order confirmation page, but haven’t received confirmation in my email yet. My cc shows a temporary authorization charge from Google however!

  • COB

    That was weird….

    Went to google, 8 GB said “coming soon” 16 gb said in stock..try to get 16 gb errors and then goes to coming soon, all of a sudden 8 gb says in stock again, after a couple tries i actually got an 8 gb one.

    Not a lot of space but at least i saved like 60 bucks

  • ha

    Did canada start before the US? I got a 16gb and the order finished at 9:33 without any problems. Received the google play receipt email at 9:34. I’m assuming that means I got one…..

  • LW81

    had to try 7 times. got as far as processing my order when it crashed. tried several more times until finally confirmed.

    oh how fast $309 turns to $366.

  • ab

    My successful order was place Nov 13, 2012 9:33:17 AM MST! wonder if i got one of the first ones? lol i also contemplated getting another one but lets just see how this goes.

  • Jee

    got myself a 16 g nexus 4 and a 32g nexus 10!…order confirmed!!! Yea Baby NEXUS FTW!!!

  • COB

    Google charged my credit card for all the errors….

  • Brad F

    still see the n10 as in stock…

  • newnexusowner

    Got in, had to reload, retry a bunch of times (lots of error messages) but finally got an 8gig. Didn’t get a confirmation email, but got a google wallet confirmation.

  • Mark B

    Ah, had the 16Gb in the cart and got to google wallet but was kicked. So upset that they are both back to “Comming Soon”

    • Geoff

      Yep, that was me too. My coworker managed to get one, though. I guess I get to LOOK at it when his comes in….

  • SGL89

    Bah! sold out in less than 30 mins… had a 16 gig model in cart…. errors and crashed several times…then had 8 gig model in cart…. errors crashed several times…now sold out. Too good to be true it seems.

    • Jessse

      Actually it sold out in about 4 minutes total. This Blows…

  • Brad F

    i hope i didnt just order like 8 of these n10s lol

  • Dennis

    Never even changed from “Coming Soon” for me…What a joke.

  • Robbers is finished

    It’s sold out as of noon sharp (ET) 🙁

  • Ghart

    Google needs to take cues on Apple when launching a product

    Give a time, a date, anything.

    This is just shitting in the cornflakes.

  • JBK

    Had my browser set to auto-refresh and got in right at 9:35 MST. Was able to snag 2 with cases for myself and my wife. Can’t wait…

  • wewewi

    Most ridiculous paper lunch ever.

    Feels like Boxing Day door crashers for the freaks that camps in front of the store.

  • nokia n9 all day

    1) Neither are available anymore. That was quick, couldn’t get one and I was ready at 11:30. I go to enter my information and it gives me an error.
    2) Google didn’t event ‘notify me’ when the nexus 4 went on sale…what was the point of that?

    • Francis Thibault

      not their fault, one does not simply push thousands of email
      source : I push emails every week, it takes time to send a lots of emails

  • Brad F

    i wonder how long this sh1t is goign to sit there.
    oh and i never got a notification saying that it was available. makes that notification system they had kinda useless

  • DJ

    So, I wait for a couple of weeks instead of getting one of the other phones on the market, and this is how it goes? I sit here refreshing all morning and nothing? I think maybe I’m seeing why I’ve been in the Apple ecosystem for so long. Sure, they screw things up, but at least you know what time things go on sale, and, while they also run out of stock, they do it when they hit the millions. I need a new phone ASAP and held off for the Nexus 4, but if it’s going to take another month to get one, I’ll suck it up and go into a contract with a Windows Phone.

    • Jeremy

      You’ll regret it next week. Have fun with yo contract. I am pissed to believe me, but Windows phone………lol Just wait man.

  • Tom

    are you f*cking kidding me? i was on waiting, refreshing… it came available, i added to cart, attempted to check out, and google wallet failed me. went back and 16 gb was out of stock.. this all happened within seconds of it going live… Google sure knows how to piss off devoted customers.

    • bblol

      You’re pissed off and you’re still going to buy it as soon as it’s available anyway… Then you’ll forget about about it in a week and repeat the process for the next Nexus.

  • N4WTF

    WTF. Is there no way to avoid this mad rush BS?!?? I expect this line up mentality from Apple for the press, but Google could at least that pre-orders. I would have had my 16GB ordered for a month now if I could.

  • Sid

    Screen keeps reading “Coming Soon” – It’s noon here in Toronto!!

  • luke

    dint it start before 9am pst??
    google said it was launching at 9!

  • Vaughn

    I can’t even get the store to open. Fail.

  • Amos

    I was holding out hope that they had simply jumped the gun and turned it off again until 9AM PST to not upset the people they had told that time to. But alas, that time has come and gone.

    This was the internet equivalent of one of those Walmart door crasher videos with people having a brawl over a bunch of cheap toasters. Except thankfully, I didn’t have to see any butt-crack as someone leaned into my cart and nabbed the Nexus 4 that was in there.

  • RM

    I kept hitting refresh, and was able to purchase as of 12:10pm EST.

  • Stu Gautz

    Wonder if the mainstream news media will pick up on this story like they do for Apple products. I know Google would like that.

  • Marc

    Guys, download the Check4Change firefox extension, restart Firefox, select COMING SOON on the Nexus 4 page, set it to check every 5 seconds, and when it becomes available you will get an audio notificiation.


  • Cantona

    Did anybody who was able to order one get an email receipt? Cuz I have not yet…

  • deltatux

    Was in the middle of an order and then Google pulled it underneath my feet. The system should have reserved the product if you have it in your cart!

    • Tom

      seriously… notify me option = useless, adding item to cart step = useless, waiting for N4 “launch” and refreshing the page = a dumb call on my part. How many friggin phones did they have in stock for all of North America on launch day? the demand was seriously underestimated and now there are a fair few pissed off potential customers and devoted android junkies who have been snuffed by big G.

  • Steve

    You can’t really call that gong show a product launch.

  • Steve Garon

    I went through the whole process I managed to click the order button but it crashed! I just took a look at my Google wallet and saw the purchase as pending… I might get it or might not. Not a pleasant purchase experience.

    Oh yes! receive the purchase confirmation email while writing this 🙂

  • monsterduc1000

    Waiting for the 32gb lte N4 or a new N7 with a krait quad core and top-o-the-line gpu =D

  • Francis Thibault

    Got a 8gb first then 16gb seemed available added in cart went through but my credit card company stopped that transaction and Google cancelled it right away instead of waiting the usual 7 days…

    I am not angry though I managed to snatch one shipping in 3 to 5 days and saved 50$ in the process if I can’t live with the 8gb I will sell it and get a 16gb

  • NewNexus4Owner

    Thankfully my son wrote a script last night to check the store every 5 seconds and email us when it went on sale. Got the email at 8:32 PST. Sale went through just fine, no server errors at all like some of the others seem to have experienced.

  • jonnny

    Both me and my brother had them in our carts and at the last step it errored and emptied our carts. We had added it to our cart as soon as it was available.

    What a bummer.


    It sold out i n 5 minutes. And the 8GB was sold out in about 10. Thats nuts.

  • Robbie

    I had two nexus 4s in my cart, both 8GB, and when I clicked complete order, it stopped working and everything was sold out. Suuuccckkss!

  • Craig

    total crap ….. there’s no way they sold out that fast. The servers are probably down. why didn’t they open up the ordering at midnight, that way the system wouldn’t be overloaded.

  • new_tradition

    lol, I’m cheesed. I kept checking since midnight, and of course the minute I go to make lunch, orders open early and run out before the actual friggin’ start time -_-

  • Neil

    Had it in my kart by just after 11:35 AM but so many errors trying to get through the checkout experience, after the last error my kart came back up empty. Added the phone and bumper again, this time I couldn’t get passed proceed, eventually gave up. Oh well kinda bummed but it is what it is….

  • ActivesiN

    it never went off coming soon for me…

  • Steve Garon

    I refreshed the N4 16GB page so much that Google asked me to enter a captcha. Lol!

  • Carl

    Very smooth, Google. An iPhone 5 it is.

  • Techie

    Complete garbage from Google. No release time so I just have to guess? No stock whatsoever for Canada. Why not wait till you can sell enough for a couple of hours and not minutes. Total farce. I waited to get my iPhone and at least there was enough for a little while online. Get it together google!!

  • wm chen

    Any word on when the next batch will be on sale?

  • General Gustov

    Oh well , waited this long . I can wait a little longer

  • deli

    I keep getting errors when it’s loading Google Wallet trying to get the n10!!! GAAAH!!!

  • Marz

    Had 16GB in cart, made it all the way to payment confirmation. Wouldn’t load anything on that page. Reloaded. NOTIFY ME. BS, Google, total BS.

  • darkestday

    That was pathetic.

    Worst launch of all time.

    Congrats to Google.

  • rnewton01

    well, missed out on that. errors while product was in my cart. just made my decision to keep the Note 2 I recently upgraded to that much simpler.

  • Craig

    if Google is sold out of the N4 then it was orchestrated … maybe they had 500 phones in stock for all of Canada so selling out wouldn’t take long. what a fu$*ing joke.

  • HabsFan

    Mine crashed a few times during the payment process. I thought I didn’t have one. Checked my google walled 20 minutes later and I have 2 8gb pending payment. I just got an email for one of them so that one went through. Not sure about the second, no email so maybe google will cancel it on their own? Check your google wallet if you got to the proceed with payment stage!

  • oil5darling

    Never changed for me either. Really pissed that it opened early and that’s how people got them. Also why wouldn’t you change the main device screen to show that it was available instead of just each individual device page.

  • Horton

    2500 phones for Canada? That is a joke

  • charlie

    wow my order seemingly got blocked at google wallet. then i checked my cart again and the 16gb N4 was gone. but just received confirmation email for my order?!?! so overjoyed right now :))

    • Hilman

      Same here, I was disappointed and then completely pumped!!

  • Hilman

    I got the 16 GB version, sweet sassy molassy!!! Anyone want to buy a Galaxy Nexus running 4.2 🙂

  • deli

    update! n10 order placed!! Took like 12 “submits”.

  • jonnny

    I wonder what % of people who wanted to buy one actually got one. From the sounds of it, only like 10% of people who were waiting around to buy actually snagged one.

    I hope google announces how many they sold today…

  • OMG BASEDGOD TYBG #taskforce

    What a drastic change from how the Nexus One went…so far.

  • COB

    Anyone want to buy one from me? I apparently bought 2 :S

    • Amos

      I’m interested. I’m @amostwit on twitter.

    • Geoff

      Is it the 16 gb?

  • bblol

    I managed to get 2 of the 8gb and 2 of the 16gb… I’m glad I was refreshing earlier than 12:00 to see them come available!

    • CARLO


  • John Mack

    Tried to order mine .. Add to card… Proceed to checkout and received and error 11:45am EST.

    Just received and email saying my order went through 12:35pm EST.

    Keeping my fingers crossed :S

  • RobertC

    Yeah I think this was a POOR effort and launch on Google’s part. I had the checkout process crash on me 8 times in the first minute or two it became available, and then had the stock run out. No Sale. Not impressed at all. Obviously nowhere near the stock for a reasonable assumption on demand and not only that they can’t even back it up with a reliable sales experience for those of us who were there on time.

  • Rick

    I kept getting the error too. I apparently bought 2 lol, I only want one.

    • Rick

      I guess mines for sale, if your interested text 604 417 6788

  • Jason

    heres hoping they can restock by christmas

  • nely

    I kept on checking at night, then in the morning, then 10mins before noon I go take a dump, I come back, its still says coming soon, and apparently their all sold out… wtf how much Nexus 4 devices did they have for canadian customers? they should’ve figured we’d be some of the most aggressive given how crappy our cell phone providing services are.

  • Dern

    Who’s the jackass selling their Nexus 4 on Kijiji Calgary for $1000?

    • CARLO


    • Sean

      It was me. Jealous much!

  • Tomatoes

    Never saw the Nexus 4 in either configuration. I couldn’t order the Nexus 10 on firefox, tried like 20 times. Then I tried IE and no luck after 10 tries again. Then I finally installed Chrome and bam, it let me order it after 3 tries.

    So I suggest using your Android phone/tablet or Chrome if you are having problems.

    • Alen

      I tried Chrome both on my GalaxyNexus and on Win7 without luck. Also IE wouldn’t work as well…tha was a very sressful 20 minutes 🙁

  • Jeremy

    It was never even made available in London ON. I have been clicking F5 for an hour!!!! Apparently I wont be getting one. GOOGLE YOU ARE RETARDED! You should have learned from Nexus 7 and if you did not have the supply to meet demand it should have never went on sale!!!! THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Batman

    It effing stinks!!!!!! A bilion errors on their part eventually lead to missing the 10 minutes purchase window!

    EFFF google!

  • Paul

    I’ve been refreshing and checking constantly all morning and I didn’t even see the option to buy it. Just been reading as “Notify me” all morning. Either this was a marketing ploy (dick move) or Google completely bungled the forecast for demand (doubt it). Thanks Google.

  • Tomatoes

    Chrome is A LOT better now on PC btw. Runs beautifully on my core 2 duo now when it ran like crap before.

    Still sucks a*s on phones and tablets though.

  • DJ-OnZ

    Just got mine. N4 16Go @ 12h58 EST.

  • Danny

    I managed to order 2 phones somehow…..kept crashing cuz of the demand…..got 2 confirmation emails

    • Michael

      Is it possible if i can purchase one from you

  • Marz

    THEYRE BACK UP, GO NOW! I just got a 16GB with no issues!

  • Hugo B.

    Well I was lucky enough to get the 16gb model… Straight through, no issues at all, no errors, no glitches (11:34 AM).

    I almost couldn’t believe it 🙂

  • Dab

    I started my order the split second it refreshed to “Add to Cart”. Got them in my cart, checked out, the Wallet screen opened, icon spun for a second, and then the Wallet closed. But no email confirmation, and the 2 x Nexus 4 16GB’s were still in my Cart.

    I called Google Play Customer Service, and they surprisingly answered right away. So friendly – very impressive. However, after 20 minutes on the phone, they could not find a record of the transaction. Finally, she asked me to refresh my screen, and although hesitant, I did. Now they were gone from my cart too. She apologized profusely, spoke to a manager, etc. But nothing could be done. I was disappointed, but what could I do?

    Fast forward to 5 minutes ago, and into my Inbox comes my Google Play receipt, and then a confirmation that my order was indeed processed. A near 30-minute delay, but I got them! My wife and son better be happy at Xmas. LOL

    Moral of the story – there may be a delay if you got most of the way through the process and then it hung. Don’t give up yet!

  • Hammad

    Guys keep refreshing… I kept doing that. Didn’t manage to get the 16 gb, but just managed to snag an 8 gb phone. And use Chrome.

  • Mark

    I’ve been hitting refresh on the 8gig all morning, both before and after this was posted here, and it never did show as available. It’s retained the ‘coming soon’ status indefinitely! bah!

    • Mark

      Scratch that!! 1:16PM EST I managed to get an 8 gig through the shopping cart in time! Had one in my cart a couple times before that but it was removed from my cart each time I tried to go get a bumper case to go with it.. Finally skipped the bumper case and just orderedthe 8gb Nexus 4 🙂

  • rnewton01

    confirmed back up if refreshing. just got an 8gb. 1:08pm
    would have rather got the 16, but oh well.

  • Hugo B.

    It’s actually pretty interesting… I’ve been watching it (and the bumper case) and every few minutes they show as in stock for a few seconds, and then disappear again. (I just got my bumper that way).

    So perseverance and luck, some lucky few might still prevail!

  • TK

    I was so damn into WP, but man, this price is just amazing.. so tempting!!

  • Matthew

    The 8gig is back in stock on the Canadian Play Store..

  • Ridiculous!

    Some on Kijiji Calgary already….$1000!

  • peters~

    Not sure how people got a 16GB nexus 4. I had it in my basket but received an error message thereafter. They should at least take bakc-orders in queue. Bummer. But I’ll wait. My nexus S is still doing well.

  • peters~

    I will buy a 16gb nexus 4 for $1000.00 Well maybe not. Let the emotional rollercoaster wither away.

  • Sean John

    They’re back up now on the Canadian site – just secured an 8GB to order now at 1:17pm! Hie thee to a Nexus Store!

  • fleen

    Keep trying, I just got an 8g at 1:09pm eastern after several failed attempts starting at 11;45 AM…I just kept refreshing the page until it came up as “in stock”

  • Brock’s

    iPhone 4 is in stock at Apple.ca if anyone wants an actual decent phone with a company that knows how to do business just FYI.

  • Rick

    how do I make sure just to cancel one of my orders and not both?

  • LW81

    so, my first ‘crashed’ order went through. now I have two 8GB Nexus 4s.

    • Rick

      mine did that too, now I need to cancel one but scared there going to cancel both

    • Michael

      I would love to buy the second one off you

    • Michael

      I would love to buy the second one off you, my twitter is @michaelhaimanot

  • Brandon

    16GB never went on sale for me. I’ve been refreshing the page since 11:30AM EST. At about 11:45, the 8GB went on sale and was gone by 12:10. Didn’t even get an error for the 16GB one though. Google is really bad at launching products, I have to say.

  • Tm775

    Ive been refreshing since 11:30 and my screen still comes up notify me when they come back in stock. Its almost like they only have very limited stock. I really hope they come back into stock some time soon. It looks like they seem to be coming in gradually maybe they just slowed the site down so not as many orders could go through

  • Saranwrap

    Despite having several error messages in the play store,I have been refreshing since 1pm eastern time and finally managed to order my 8GB, total charge to my card was 363.50$ confirmed in my Google wallet.

  • SylvainC

    I just got a Nexus 4 8GB at 1:31 PM EST.

    I first tried at 11:40 but failed both with the 16GB then the 8GB. I got as far as the shopping cart, but got errors when trying to continue.

    After seeing comments above, I started refreshing the pages every second or two at 1:05 PM. I had 3 or 4 failed attempts on the 8GB when I got the “Purchase” button, but when I got to the cart, it was empty.

    I’d have prefered a 16GB, but I never got a “purchase” button for it.

  • k

    My order confirmation for the 16gb was timestamped @ 11:41am EST, Had it in my cart since 11:35ish and was getting errors. I guess I got lucky, can’t wait

  • Lunato

    Vancouver time 10:35am – Got the 8gb.

    Keep refreshing your screen!

  • Rej

    I got in at 10:50 CST and was able to score a Nexus 4 8GB. Got my email from google and can’t wait until it comes in!

  • ukrainian fob

    Just bought one, refreshed the page 20 times and got one 8gb

  • John

    The website keeps crashing…just like Android’s sh!tty apps.

  • Netkid

    I tried over the span of 2 hours and F5 was my friend..about 1 hour ago I was able to add an 8gb and checkout succesfully. Keep checking all day! My email confirmation was slow also (just the one email re the order – nothing about wallet).

  • ukrainian fob

    got google play email confirmation instantly after purchasing one at 1:55pm. Keep refreshing the page

  • Cnote

    They have them up for sales again in the playstore. 8GB add to cart

  • Netkid

    btw – is it standard practice to charge for shipping? they gave 0 options for delivery times…had to pay the cost they presented….

  • Kida

    “As for the Samsung Nexus 10 – another tablet – and comes in at 10-inches, unlocked…”

    The Nexus 10 doesn’t use a cellular network, only Wifi. What would it possibly be locked to?

  • new_tradition

    I did actually see the 8GB for a second but closed the tab. I really want the 16GB one, but I’ve been refreashing since 12 on my end. Should I settle for the 8GB and save the 50 bucks?

    Or do we have an idea of when the next batch will be out? I don’t wanna buy the 8GB and then found out the 16GB got back in stock, lol

  • Manny

    I believe google had a smaller stock for us canadians. Notice that the 16gb nexus 4 went on sale almost 50 mins after 9am pst. That means google sold the bulk of the orders to the us customers and had very little reserved for us. It is evident that we got the tail end of the lot. The 16 gb device was sold out in just 5 mnutes while the 8gb one stayed for longer.

  • thehfk

    never became available out here in BC. total bull

  • bblol

    The 2 8gb and 2 16gb Nexus 4’s I purchased are now available on Kijiji for $600 a piece.

    • Dab

      I seriously hope you’re stuck with those once more supply comes in.

    • bblol

      The 16gb’s are already spoken for. I might have to drop the price on the 2 8gb’s to $550… Either way I’m going to make a nice profit on these! I should be able to buy an iPhone 5 outright after this… It’s been a good day!

  • Chris

    Anyone else stuck with an 8gb? Coming from a GNex I think I can squeak by…

  • simian

    Dammit! I was checking all morning but finally passed out around 07:30.

  • Cole

    I’m crossing my fingers that they’ll do what they did with the N4 as they did with the N7, and add a 32gb sku in a few months. Plus I want to hold off until the wireless charging dock is available at the same time.

    • Chris

      I’m looking forward to combining the wireless charging with an iOttie waterproof skin! Won’t have to worry about my phone at all on vacation!

  • Pat

    i got a 16gb and an 8gb.
    It was crazy at check out. Kept saying error!

  • Brad F(anboy)

    Useless comment in 3, 2, 1..

  • MoJo

    Well I am one those that camped overnight as well and no joy all night … it was vexing … a lot of this mayhem could of been avoided by allowing us nuts to purchase just after midnight but alas it has been a cluster-f for all of us. Now the confusing part is how the hell are they managing their inventory? This should be like buying tickets, once you add the item to cart it should be held in queue for you for like 2-5 minutes before you lose your hold/ spot on the queue.

    These reports of errors could have been so easily avoided, and this is Google which is held to another standard for how they run such a operation and the expected outcomes should never be a buggy site, poor communication, and a horrible customer experience … I wonder if the phone being cheap meant the supply chain side went for broke as well?

    Now with that said, other then my camping overnight fiasco … I went to bed at 6AM and woke up an hour into the product launch, I checked the site and it said coming soon. Visited a few forums to catch up on the chatter, refreshed the site, and boom the 8GB model I wanted was available. Added to Cart, went to checkout and took my sweet time filling in the forms. All told I may have spent just about 5-7 minutes on the forms. Processed through checkout and boom it worked … no errors, crashes, or out of inventory issues. It went buttery smooth for me on that account, but I understand peoples frustrations as this has not be a smooth launch.

  • joey

    I got my 8GB 😀

  • Steve

    i missed the 11-11:30 window this morning but i tried refreshing the site after 1:30 and was able to place an order… 8gb model.

    timestamp is Order date: Nov 13, 2012 1:47:26 PM EST

    i guess i was lucky! now lets see how fast it ships

  • MaxPower

    I had the auto refresh add-on going in Chrome and I was sitting in class when all of a sudden the “add to cart” button appeared for the Nexus 4! I turned off the autorefresh thing and it literally took me 30-60 seconds to add to cart, verify my google wallet info and pick the shipping address. I had the wallet and address info set up yesterday. I checked out without even sniff of a problem. I guess I got REALLY lucky, because my friend tried to order it literally 2 minutes later and he had no luck. Play kept crashing on him.

    Better luck next time people.

  • Hackr

    Don’t worry anyone that didn’t get one this time around. In 2-3 months they will refresh this phone with 32gb for $359.

  • Charlie

    The site is back up and I just ordered a 16GB, no problems. Thanks google!

    • Hackr

      Really? I’ve been auto refreshing it for some time now and I’ve seen nothing.

    • N4WTF

      I’m calling BS on all you late buyers. I’m calling BS on all of you and all of this! That stupid web page has been “Coming Soon” the entire frigging day. This is a complete s**t show and for you asshats on Kijiji looking to make a buck on a 8GB phone, I hope you can’t find a single buyer or get hit by a car. Buying the last ticket at a sold out show then turning around to the line up to scalp them is one of the lowest things a human can do. Kick a puppy while you’re at it, might as well round the day out right.

  • peters~

    They need to change the heading of this article from ‘now available’ to NOT available.

  • MoJo

    What was the argument against allowing pre-orders so as to measure demand and avoid this ridiculous fiasco?

  • Steve Dion

    Android / Google is a joke. I was up at midnight, then 3 am to order. Nothing! Check every hour of the days always not available. I don’t know why i keep putting up with this stuff. I think i’ll be joining the iSheep!

    • Why

      You’re an i***t!

  • Rich

    Out of pure luck snatched 2 around 11:30AM. One for me and on for my sis. And two cases too. Stoked.

  • Samantha

    Anyone get a shipping notification yet? I had the store error out on me, but a order is pending in my google wallet account. I also got a conformation email, but I won’t believe it till it ships 🙂

  • Is This Bb10?

    I’ve lost a lot of respect for Google with this fiasco. They knew that supplies would far exceed demand when the Nexus 4 was launched. It’s like a woman giving you head and then leaving just before you unload. They should have taken pre-orders of the N4 and then filled them first-come first-served as supplies became available. If I can’t get the N4 by Christmas then I will get that Razr HD after all.

  • DJ

    I missed out and was pretty ticked-off earlier in the day, but I’ve had some sense talked into me. It seems fairly clear that Google shorted their supply in order to have a big first day and generate the ‘sold out’ headlines. Unfortunately, a lot of those headlines also include ‘customers disappointed’ or even angry.

    A lot is being said about Google Play and what a terrible job it did today. Couldn’t all of this be solved by simply putting a pre-order button in the store for the Nexus 4 going forward? At least that way the store wouldn’t crash while thousands of people constantly refresh, and Google could be seen as responding to customers who feel that this wasn’t handled well.

    Google, I want to leave the Apple ecosystem, but you’re making it a little more difficult than I had hoped it would be. My iPhone can’t hold a charge, and I need a new phone soon. At least if I got a pre-order, I wouldn’t face the possibility of this happening all over again.

  • fandroidno1

    what a joke Google is lol, good luck Freetards

  • skippypaccino

    Google for your next batch of Nexus 4. Just make 16 gig models. lol. We know the 300$ price point was for shock and ah, but… No one actually wants to buy that model. Thanks

  • baconeater

    Of course I’ll wait, there are no other decent options below $400 that are any better than the GN that I sold to buy the N4.

    But I am totally annoyed with this product launch. This launch was proof that Google does not have their $hit together. Google could learn something from Apple in the case of this launch.

    This launch is definitely for the history books as one of the most horribly orchestrated launches ever.


  • Rob

    So many indignant comments. Oh Google you suck, you fail, you joke. I’m trying to buy something from you on the very first day because I’m a nerd and your product excites me and now I can’t so you suck. Boo hoo. We’re all going to buy the phone next week anyway. Or we won’t. Just stop clogging up the forums because you couldn’t buy a new toy on day one. What ever happened to not buying the first revision of a new product anyway?

  • Dodoo

    could someone please tell me if the carriers will be selling the Nexus 4 or is it exclusive to the Google Play store?

    • SylvainC

      I asked last week at a local Virgin Mobile stand. The sales representative confirmed me that they would have the Nexus 4. Also, FutureShop says on its blog that it will sell it as well.

  • bblol

    Yes because people always follow terms and conditions… I sold the ones I purchased and it was totally worth it.

  • Brad F(anboy)

    Still trolling..

  • Joe

    Has anyone had their orders shipped yet?

    Purchased a Nexus 7 3G yesterday and it’s not showing as “shipped” yet. If this were Amazon, I’d already be typing this from the device, however Google seems to be much slower in shipping.

    • SylvainC

      I read on The Verge that for US customers, Play Store displays status as an estimated shipping date of November 15. It says the same thing in my account, and the status still hasn’t changed.

  • BAWS

    If Google had a store, you guys would be doing line ups for days. Fandroids = Gsheeps now