LG on Google’s Nexus lineup: “The first in our growing partnership”


  • Eduardo

    Ugh, please not another phone, I really don’t like the general look of Motorola’s phones, but I’d rather some Kevlar than a glass back that cracks easily. (I was about to click purchase on the first 5 minutes of the second Nexus 4 release until I read all the cracked backs reports)

    • lolwat

      how did you hear about all the cracked back reports if it had only been released for 5 minutes? All you need is a bumper case anyway and you’re safe. I’ve used it for quite some time now without any case and no cracks.

    • Eduardo

      “first 5 minutes of the SECOND Nexus 4 release”

      yes, on the first 5 minutes of the SECOND time they released the phone in Canada.

      A bumper protects the sides; not the back. I’m glad you haven’t had any problems, but I’d rather not take any chances after all the things I read and all the iPhones I’ve seen.

    • ggbrown

      I got my Nexus 4 Thursday. Friday evening it slid off of the arm of my couch 18″ to laminate flooring and cracked the back glass. They didn’t have bumpers in stock.

      Having had several iPhones, I’m a little surprised at the fragility of the back glass. That said, it’s an amazing phone.

    • bummy

      I dropped my Nexus 4 at least 5 times on the first day. The back glass surface is simply way too smooth and slippery. It slipped off table tops, counter tops, my leather couch, and even off of my bed.

      No cracks tho thankfully.

      I’m eagerly awaiting for some screen protectors for the back to make it LESS SLIPPERY. I could care less about bumpers since I never drop my phone. But the phone sliding off flat surfaces is just insane.

    • Brad F, Brad F(anboy), jack

      Why does everyone misread your comment? Bunch of i****s today. Seriously, glass back is a bad idea. Speaking of which. Where is that guy?

    • GlassBackBadIdea

      Me Too, I placed an order, then I cancelled it because of the glass back which can break. Look up in youtube Nexus 4 Review by “TheVerge”. People like “TheVerge” get early release phones for testing so they can post videos on them and advertise about the phones in their blogs, like a smart way to advertise for the companies for free. That video made up my mind that I don’ want a nexus 4 thank you very much.

    • GlassBackBadIdea

      And for the guy above that says use the bumper thing. first what is the point of designing a thin phone when you then need to protect it with a thick bumper? make it thick and strong in the first place without forcing us to waste money on bumpers and cases….
      secondly, on the second release of the nexus 4, the bumper was not available for purchase, so what do you expect people to do, keep the phone in the box until Google releases the bumper back again after 10 years?

    • deltatux

      Then buy a case for the phone? If you don’t mind possibly losing wireless charging and covering the sparkly back, you can get protective cases on eBay for $10 (not TPU cases, those don’t do anything if you want to actually protect your phone).

    • deltatux

      @GlassBackBadIdea: while I don’t agree about a glass back, some people don’t really care about thinness because of the work we do that will put many phones at risk. Also, not everyone wears skinny jeans and will be able to accommodate a slightly thicker phone. Buying a case is not mandatory but I personally have no issues with it, for what I do, I rather not damage my device even if it means a slightly thicker device.

    • Carlo

      Bummy, for your phone to slid off all those “flat” surfaces, they’re all on a 45 degree angle, or you are full of BS. Personally I’m betting on option 2. 🙂

  • skazzers

    Well you sir are an i***t for missing out on the chance to order an amazing device for $309 / $359 because of some “reports” you read online before it was even released.

    • Eduardo

      Well skazzers if I’m an i***t what are you if you can’t even read? I clearly said, THE SECOND release. It had been out for a couple of weeks; and I am fully aware of the price, thank you.

  • plums

    No cracked back for me so far. Don’t believe everything you read.

  • craig

    i wish I had a damn nexus 4 with a cracked back … better than not having one and waiting for days for it to be back online.

  • Evan Wickes

    he is definitely referencing Google TV..that is a no brainer. there is supposed to be lots of work going on for G-TV but i hope he’s also referencing a tablet. i read somewhere that LG is working on 7″ tablet w/ a 1920×1200 resolution. that’d be nice if it was powered by 4 a15’s & an a7 or two.

  • Plan Shopper

    No cracked glass for me but a defective screen. Received it Friday night and noticed a problem with the screen. A replacement on order and UPS will be picking up the problem one tomorrow. It appears they keep stock for warranty replacements.

  • mark paisley

    did no one notice that Eduardo said he didnt like the look of motorola phones?? what an i***t, you do know this is LG. no one likes motorola, the NEXUS 4 is LG and looks damn sexy!

    • Eduardo

      Mark… I know it’s an LG, otherwise I wouldn’t be commenting on this post! I said I’d rather have Kevlar on the back (Motorola) than glass.

      Anyway, this is the first Nexus I don’t own and call me an i***t all you want but I am happy with my decision.

      All of you that haven’t had any issues with it; good, I’m happy for you. I hope this Nexus is more of a success than previous ones, I love the Nexus “line” and I miss pure Android but I can live with Nova Prime for now.

  • andy c

    i’ve had the phone since friday. really nice phone in hand.

    the only issue i have is google is forcing me to choose between LTE and Google Now. for some reason the phone can’t triangulate my position using just the LTE network (not an issue with my Gnex)

  • nexus

    Of course your gonna read bad things about products. People generally don’t take time to right about how their device is working.

  • Darren

    Boy, reading comprehension in the digital age is really in a sad state. People are so eager to jump in and criticize others that they often forget to read the comment they’re responding to. Eduardo – I have to agree with you, I’m skipping this round of Nexi(?) and waiting for something to jump out at me, but what? The upcoming SGSIV? A Motorola Nexus? BB10? Bueller?

    • 45

      I laughed at “Bueller”, thus you get a thumbs up.

    • Brad F, Brad F(anboy), jack

      A+ for reading and comprehension.

  • dave

    Toss that 4!

    50/50 on which side of the phone gets cracked glass. Not a big deal.

    Look after it. Phones don’t slide off flat surfaces. Think before setting down.

    • hoo dat

      The issue isn’t the phone dropping and cracking, I think most people realise that glass, even Gorilla Glass, will break after a hard enough fall. This issue is with the glass cracking after minor temperature changes with use. The first known report was from a tech magazine journalist who used his device briefly and put it down onto a slightly colder surface and ended up with a cracked back. Since there there have been hundreds of reports of similar incidences. These aren’t freezing cold surfaces, either. Most were normal kitchen or dining tables made of a variety of materials but most were wood. All occurances have happened inside, either in an office or at home. So, there is a known issue and maybe it explains the very slow build so far. Even so, this is LG after all, and no matter what they say I wouldn’t trust them with a single cent of my money.

  • Cyrano

    so… when is the 3rd release ?

  • P

    I’ve had mine since Dec 12th 2012 and I’ve dropped it a few times and so far no cracks or anything. The glass seems a lot stronger than I thought it was going to be. I’ve recently put on ghost armor on front and back and a bumper case is on the way. I’m surprised how much less slippery it is after you put a screen protectors on both sides. I’d recommend anyone this device, just be a bit careful with it until you get a case lol

  • ActivesiN

    thats good for LG, im very happy with my Nexus 4
    the Optimus G is solid too so looks like they are heading in the right direction

  • Mr Obviois

    The only way your going to crack the glass back is if you are spinning the phone around with your hand. Also why would you even bother dropping a smart phonr? THERE NOT MENT TO
    BE DROPED! Just be carefull about what surface you put it on, Weather its angled or rough. With these in mind, you wont have problems with the Sexy glass back.

    • hoo dat

      As my post above states, the issue is NOT with dropping the phone. The glass will crack without any prior damage or violent episode.

    • Eduardo

      I don’t understand why people seem unable to read properly today, but here is one of the reports I was talking about and “Hoo Dat” mentions more specifically…

      blog gsmarena com/nexus-4-glass-back-could-crack-with-temperature-change/

      (remove the spaces and add dots instead)

  • Jarvis

    Although I know it might be a small sample size, but LG products for myself and my group of friends have been historically crap quality. Be it materials or craftsmanship. Every piece of LG electronics that I’ve owned has failed within an unreasonable amount of time (<1 year). It looks like their track record is ongoing by the looks of things with the Nexus.

  • AeroBrennan

    I own a Desire HD and I’ve been on the fence about buying a Nexus 4. I think I might just wait until the Galaxy SIV comes out. Or maybe even the next big HTC device, if that’s sooner.

  • GlassBackBadIdea

    “Groundbreaking Partnerships….”

    They got that one right, it breaks when it hits the ground guaranteed because it doesn’t matter which side it falls on, both are glass.

  • COBwiggy

    I have had a Nexus 4 since the first release, and mine is still in mint condition.

  • Roling through

    Just asking but, How many devices were effected by the heat and caused the back to shatter?

  • dayafter21

    how about letting me purchase one in the first place? How about that one. I can’t even drop it because I can’t get it. Then I’d like to buy a premium case like an otterbox but can’t get one of those. Worst launch ever. Before talking about a partnership, maybe you should see things right so that people are at least somewhat satisfied? I’ve heard people say they are now holding out for something better as LG’s and Google’s sales of something great become something “meh”

  • jarvis

    i do thimk it would be unreasonable to say that the nexus’ availability problems are related to the ridiculous amounts of failures. they likely need to ship out hundreds of thousands of replacements to disatisfied customers

    • Nathen

      L M A O
      You guys are so FULL or crap it is just to funny to read your BS complaints for someone who doesnt even OWN one.
      Why do you just go buy an Iphone5 ? Or another phone ?

      Ive had mine 2 weeks now and it’s Amazing. Couldn’t be happier. Unless it was even LESS then the going price that is already down right insane for a Penta Band phone unlocked.

  • rick

    I wouldn’t buy any phone unless a proper case comes out for it first.

    • Rob

      You’re in luck! We offer a brand new case for a SPECTACULAR UNRELEASED PHONE for only $65.99! But that’s NOT ALL! If you, WISE consumer, BUY TODAY we’ll throw in this super EXTRA NEW wonder case for an AWESOME SUPRA-PHONE our HIGHLY QUALIFIED engineers have yet to DREAM UP in a CRYSTAL METHAMPHETAMINE induced MANIC STATE of ULTRA BRAIN exploitation. YOUR NEW CASE will be so DARN PROTECTIVE of your next device YOU MAY NEVER NEED BUY A NEW PHONE AGAIN!

  • Nathen

    LG “The first is our growing partnersip ? ” ” growing ? ”

    LMAO What is LG smoking because unless we are blind there is nothing Growing except for the AMOUNT of people that can not get a Nexus 4. So are we suppose to believe that this is the Future if Google goes wit LG for its NEXUS stuff?
    Seriously folks, think about it. Can you see ANY other company being content with this ? OUT OF STOCK ?
    Lets be honest it has been a while now and no matter what GOOGLE or LG says this is not going to be good for the NEXUS Brand.

  • Nathen

    Personally The nexus has been a Product LAUNCH failure.
    This is EXACTLY how NOT to do it from a Marking stand point.
    I hope all the OTHER Android Partners learn from this because this is Comical.
    Google owns Motorola , Motorola has Manf capability so i dont get why GOOGLE does not use one of its own Companys. Just really strange.

  • Sandhya

    guys anybody help me.. i`ve got Nexus S i9023.. and just cant unstrdeand my phone is support 4G? or whats matter 4G with Nexus S.. i mean mine is another one isn`t so? cuz. if i knew before that having nexus s 4g then i would be buy that than this.. but i dont knw the comparison! please someone explain me exactly ??and then can i write this new updated version 2.3.7 to my nexus s?