Dropbox app now available for Windows 8 and Windows RT


  • Frank McKenzie

    I was given a Microsoft 8x smartphone for Christmas and unfortunately all my credit card information was stolen through the Internet Explorer browser that came with the phone. That’s all settled now thanks to the credit card company, but I can’t have that happen again and I can’t find a security patch or a professional grade browser in the store.

    Can you help me MobileSyrup? It’s because of your emphatic endorsement my boss bought the phone for me as a gift, and it’d be hard to sell it even if there were buyers for one of these Windows Phones.

    • Twosee

      RIP Android 🙂

  • Brad F, Brad F(anboy), jack

    Come on WP8 users. Help this guy out. All 18 of you guys bashing Google in yesterday’s article about Maps.


    *nothing but cricket noise

  • blackprince


  • ily

    its about time !

  • DregerFace

    LOL, MobileSyrup assured us during their months of Windows infomercials that problems were a thing of the past for IE10

  • Tsordi

    Frank, there are a few other browsers on WP but I can’t speak to their security. Sorry to hear about your experience. Mobile security is pretty crappy all around, unfortunately. Hopefully that changes as people start to view them more as computing devices than just toys.

    Brad, biases aside, I think can probably agree that based on the available evidence Android is the most susceptible to malware and general shenanigans of all the mobile OSes. So I’m not sure what you’re sneering about.

    • Brad F, Brad F(anboy), jack

      I’m trolling. Don’t take me too seriously.

  • Sam

    Places like mobilesyrup and The Verge etc. really can’t be trusted. They simply are too worried about offending these companies and it shows. Even more so with The Verge. You have to filter out a lot of what is said and then research some more. I often get far more from user comments and picture with headline and blow right passed the article.

  • some guy

    Here’s a thought… How’s about Microsoft f**k off with the stupid touch designed controls on the desktop version of Windows 8.

    Bring back the standard desktop/start button.
    I am using 3rd party start menu applications, but it’s not 100% fully supported and sometimes messes up.

    Alternatively, continue selling Windows 7 keys, you jacka**es.