LG to bring smartphone gaming to its 3D Ultra HD TVs


  • Nothin But RIM

    I mean it’s cool and all but I think i’d rather just use my game console for that kinda thing.

    • Twosee

      RIP Android 🙂

  • Kid.Canada

    That’s why everyone owns a gaming console LG, for that exact reason lol

  • Timmy

    LG… stop wasting your time making washing machine with android in it and make nexus 4 we still waiting…

  • EvanKr

    Did 3D TVs ever catch on?

    • Brad F, Brad F(anboy), jack

      3DTVs are not for everyone. A few of my coworkers didn’t buy one because their spouses got headaches after watching them.

  • sak500


    Yes i bought 42″ passive 3D tv june 2011. Also had Optimus 3D phone by LG, but alas due to their sh**ty support i sold it few months back at big loss.

    ALso have Asus VG278 27″ nvidia 3dvision2 got it this month. Lots of 3DBD movies over last 1 1/2 years. No need to go to theater and pay exhorbiant ticket prices. Can enjoy 3d with family at home.

    Maybe u didn’t catch on to the 3D tech.

    • EvanKr

      Your a F*g..

  • sak500


    You are an illiterate mofo… It’s you are not your you **ggot.