Nexus Availability Checker notifies you the moment the Nexus 4 becomes available


  • Trev

    I ordered mine through my phone. Using chrome however.

    • Acco

      Yeah, it’s doable through chrome. Will send you to mobile google wallet checkout page.

    • spanky

      By the time it’s readily available for Canadians this phone will probably be 6 months old already. I really wanted one, but I’ll think twice about it now.

    • RIP Nexus

      Too little, too late!

  • 2c

    RIP RIM!!!!! 😀 😀

    • Manitoban

      The only time that I could see this comment being appropriate is under a post titled “RIM File1s Bankruptcy”, and I don’t see that happening anytime soon.

  • EvanK

    Worth downloading, but based on the reviews I’ve seen on the Play store you shouldn’t be using it as your seul source of information.

    Mobilesyrup is always up to date, just check here.

  • Uncle Bobby B

    It’s so sad that it’s actually come to this point…

  • hahaha

    BB 10 is where it’s at. Everything else is where it was.
    Apple freaks : enjoy your slavery.
    Android freaks : give me your email address so I can steal your life.
    iPhone is not secure either , but who cares if somebody steals your life when it already belongs to AppleCorp?
    BB 10 – FTW!!!!!!!!!!

  • Piff

    This is something Google should have done themselves.

  • Larry

    Worthless. Notification comes too late. You have to watch for announcements from Google.

  • Dan Brook

    Nothing better than being the first to know about ‘the next Android device you’re going to buy’ after you’ve already bought the previous one. What a job Android is doing at accelerating handset adoption. I think seriously about when I feel that ‘any android handset’ will suffice. Then I’m left with contemplation of either Apple handsets or Blackberry handsets. Good on the developer, I suppose. Meh

  • Thrasher

    @Larry: What announcements? Oh, you mean the one saying it will be available for sale Nov 13 without giving us the specific time? Or the pathetic email Google sent us Dec 3 half an hour before it went up for sale again?

  • Nexus = Joke

    Nexus = Joke

    • youwuss

      @Nexus = Joke. Nexus=best. The Joke(r)? hey thats you

  • nick

    According to blackprince 310, the next batch of n4 will be available late february or mid march.

  • Plan Shopper

    I ordered mine on Dec 3 in the 3-4 week window. The automated shipping message keeps saying it SHOULD ship out the evening of Jan 2. I hope so.

  • heather

    Nexus doesn’t = joke. what equals joke is, a baby seal goes into a bar, bartender says what will it be, the baby seal says anything but a canadian club.

    • Dan Brook

      haha nice!

  • David

    I almost had one! There I was, December 3rd 3:00pm EST, my finger poised over the buy now button. And I get one in my cart! Transaction completed! Then I realize I have the wrong credit card address on file. Not thinking in a panic, I cancel the order and expect to be able to re-order it. No dice. “You have reached your limit for the day.” But… but… I cancelled the order!

    I’m just not meant to have one, I’ve reasoned.

  • Ben

    Unfortunately Google and LG have lost the interest of a lot of potential customers because of the way the Nexus 4 supply and preorder system have been managed.

    I was able to preorder one in the second round (Dec 3), and was in the ‘device will ship in 7-8 weeks’ group. I cancelled my order a few days ago and used the phone upgrade option through my carrier to pick up a different phone, instead.

    For an internet-based company as experienced as Google is, the store problems are surprising and disappointing. The supply chain problems are LG’s issue (although Google shares the blame here if they actually did underestimate demand), but the store issues are square on Google alone. The Nexus 4 situation reflects poorly on both companies.

  • Peters :-)

    Wtf. Should have brought this out in November. I opted for the LG Optimism G.

  • Peters :-)

    Also getting a Nexus 4, to be shipped end of Jan

  • Aiden

    I got mine a week and a half after Nov 13th. Pretty amazing phone. I work at a mobile store and people are always noticing it and asking to buy it off of me O_O

  • Leaf Nation

    (Nexus 4 = Ghost phone) Had Nexus 4 made by Samsung, Google would not face this problem….Period. Samsung has money, resources and manpower to produce millions in one shot. Google made a big mistake by dealing with LG.

  • Shaggyskunk

    Considering that this app became available, almost a MONTH ago, Mobilesyrup, what took you so long to announce it?

  • peters~

    OK who wants my Nexus 4 when I get it in late Jan 2013. I don’t need it anymore. Will post on kijiji

  • Strobe

    I, too, am a 7-8 weeker from the Dec 3 sale day and I’ve been chilling out waiting. We’re an impatient bunch in general.

    But if comparable phones are launched at CES next month and are made available immediately, I’ll probably go with one of those. I wanted to support the Nexus project, and get a well-priced phone, and send a message to telcos about their contract-based customer abuse. But I need a productivity tool, bottom line, and I’m willing to pay a couple hundred $ more for that instead of waiting and wondering what’s going on.

  • Leggomyeggos

    I was able to order it during Dec 3 but also got placed into the 7-8 week group. Couldn’t check out for like 5 minutes due to the constant error the play store was giving me. I decided not to wait as I had already sold my old phone prior and decided to pick up a refurbished S3 from Koodo for $350 instead. I couldn’t tell if it was refurbished as the phone I got was flawless.

  • Bren

    How about a Nexus checker app in the Apple store?