Estimates point to Nexus 4 sales of approximately 400,000 units


  • Wes

    Still waiting for mine. imagine how many more they would have sold if they we actually in stock.

    • Andrew

      Google needs to take a page out of Apple’s book (gasp) and learn how to meet demand. 400,000 is very weak compared to iPhone 5 sales. Underwhelming to say the least.

  • Darth Paton

    400 000? Weak to say the least. Let’s hope it is a supply problem and not demand

    • Dave

      “Let’s hope” it’s a supply problem, not a demand problem? Have you been paying attention at all?

      Considering it’s only been available in Canada on two days over the 7 weeks since it launched, and only for minutes-hours on each of those days, I think it’s very safe to say it’s a supply problem, not a demand problem.

    • Darth Paton

      Have you considered the possibility that neither the demand nor the supply is strong?

  • PXY

    7-8 Week Estimate for me. I’ve long awaited mine and still no email. My 4S is getting duller and duller and i can not wait for mine to be to shipped. Happy that LG is finally catching up.

    • DJ

      I’m in the same boat, but with a 3GS, so, I bet I want mine more…

  • Seriously

    When was the last time they were in stock?

  • COBwiggy

    Woah mine was made the same day! haha

  • EvanK

    Pretty poor production if you ask me, considering they can’t even make 400 000.

  • lukeiphone

    Thats not good, considering iPhone 5 sales = 2 Million in one weekend here and another 2 Million in one weekend in China.

  • NienorGT

    Conspiracy fanatics will go crazy with their theory that Google and/or LG have arranged everything to make sure that stock levels are always depleted in order to make people believe that the demand is too high…

    TBH I don’t know what to think about that but it’s clear that something failed somewhere and it’s not weak demand on that device…

  • Andrew

    Compared to the iPhone 5, this is quite underwhelming.

    • Danny

      Compared to an IPhone 5, Nexus 4 is an overall better phone for less than half the price. AND you don’t have to sell your soul to Robelus for 3 years. It runs a very flexible Android, unlike that “walled-in-garden” iOS, plus the phone comes unlocked, making it even more versatile.

      The phone will also be updated promptly, and supported for quite a while

      The only negative thing that I can think of is battery life.

      So really, I am not sure why anyone with even a single brain cell would be underwhelmed, and would pick an IPhone 5 over a Nexus 4.

      Please enlighten me, Andrew…

    • Haythem

      @ Danny.

      I’m not sure if you read the article or paid attention to the comments but the subject that is being discussed is the amount of Nexus 4 sold/produced.

      According to the information given, if we were to compare it to any other successful phone (iPhone 5 included) it’s absolutely weak and unforgivavble. There are many buyers and potential buyers still waiting for this phone and all they could produce is a pathetic 400,000 units in 3 months.

      I’m not sure who is at fault but if I were to pick one, I’d put the blame on LG.

    • Danny

      You are absolutely correct. I have misunderstood the comment that I was replying to.

      I will be purchasing the next Nexus phone to replace my current beat-up Nokia, since the price will likely be right, and the phone will be completely unlocked, and mine to use whichever way I desire. Stock Android is a huge bonus as well.

      It just makes sence.

  • anon

    There’s always that talk with Nexus devices about how Google sells them for little to no profit. It’s probably a bad guess, but I have a feeling it has to do with Google trying to budget the amount of money they put into producing the phones… like staying away from putting in a gigantic startup capital. Maybe they just want to put a steady stream of money into it while they invest in other things in their brand (like YouTube that just opened up a large filming facility for video makers).

  • guy

    @danny I believe the comment was
    “Compared to the iPhone 5 [SALES FIGURES], this [THE SALES FIGURES OF N4] is underwhelming.”

    …and it is. 400,000 units is downright miserable for a phone with this much demand.

    Nexus 4 is I would say better than the iPhone 5 by quite a margin (minus lte) however.

  • eddiebaseball

    My goodness! I hope mine is made in Korea.

  • skullan

    “Why would you buy X phone when you can buy a Nexus 4 for Y dollars more?”

    Um, this proves you *can’t* buy a Nexus 4 for Y dollars more because they are not in stock and appear to have low supply abilities.


  • Omega Jimes

    Knowing this really gives my Nexus 4 a sense of identity! I’ve become closer to my phone in ways many can’t understand.


  • Piff

    Like I have said before. I have lost all interest in the Nexus 4 and slowly losing intrest in the Nexus 10. The person or group incharge of strategic planning at Google needs to be fired. And LG needs to be black listed by Google for completely botching the supply of this phone.

    Hey Google, hear HTC makes good, quality devices.

  • Plan Shopper

    I’m proud to be part of that 400,000. Now, I’m just waiting for UPS to pull an all nighter so that I can get mine tomorrow.

  • Fox

    I wonder if LG uses FoxCon. If not, it would be interesting to gauge whether people are okay with the labour abuses at FoxCon if they get their devices on time. One reason why Apple is successful in rolling out millions of devices is because of FoxCon’s labour practises.

    • EvanK

      Foxconn isn’t good per se, but the others aren’t any better. If you REALLY want to say something to protest against Foxconn and the other cheap Chinese labour giants, buy something made in Canada, the US, Europe, or from a company that you know has a good track record.

    • Rio

      lol Fox if anything Foxcon is probably a better place to work thanks to all the media attention. Do you really believe all the other places are any better?

      Evan said if you really want to put your money where your mouth is buy something made in Canada or the US and enjoy the hefty price tag

  • Cyrano

    so… 400k worldwide? or just in canada market?

  • Zoomus

    400K ? this better be for Canada only, if this is world wide than all I can say is wow, did Google and LG leave this project at the hands of a bunch kids ? how can they have so little stock for such a high demand phone ? ok I can see that happen at the start but a few weeks later and still cant fill orders ? this is turning into a joke waiting to get mine.

  • Mystic09

    If only I could buy one 🙁

  • Fartknocker

    That’s pathetic, why are they even bothering? They probably could have sold 10 times that if they actually had stock.

  • Ron Mexico

    Been saying it for weeks, time for Google to get out of the hardware sales business. They are a complete joke at this. Concentrate on the X-phone.

  • EvanK

    I wonder why they have the colour in the IMEI… Perhaps a white version or one of another colour is on the way? 😉

  • Tyco

    Android makes my bum hurt. ;(

  • Janika

    Hmmm, I’ve had my Credit card next to the computer for the last 3 months and ready shell out money for three Nexus4s, One 8Gb & two 16Gb phones. I don’t think Google is stupid enough not to supply something when there is demand. Unfortunately scum ppl scalp them when avail @ google Play and flip it on Kijiji for a quick profit. The whole idea behind this pricing is to turn the smartphone market upside-down, price-wise. It would of worked if Google had ordered enough inventory when released.

  • Tyco

    I would buy one…
    for five dollars.

  • Tomatoes11

    I am missing something here? There is a lot of retarded comments about 400k being weak. It is actually quite good considering the Galaxy Nexus sold very poorly and took a lot longer to reach 400k.

    The iphone 5, Galaxy S3, and Note 2 account for like the majority of the high end smart phone sales so the sales are quite impressive if the nexus 4 managed 400k. Seems like the Nexus 4 is cleaning up the small piece of the pie leftover from Apple and Samsung quite well. I guess windows phone sales have stopped completely if the Nexus 4 managed 400k just like that.

    Rim really is in trouble, not much pie left.

  • Tomatoes11

    Just to clarify to the i****s saying sales are weak if they didn’t get the message from my last post.

    The Galaxy S2 probably outsold the Galaxy Nexus by 5 to 1 or even more and the Galaxy S3 will outsell the Nexus 4 buy about the same or even more. 400k is great for a Nexus device, period.

  • Mr obviouse

    YESSS! Iphone 5 did sell mooore….Although they were ready for the demand considering how people were all over there previouse devices. For example the 4 and 4S! HIGH sales. BUUUT google on the other hand with there nexus devices did not generate much momentum on sales before. So Google thought (despite of the price) That they were going to sell as much as before because there last years sales with the galaxy nexus werent so hot soooooo one of the managing directors are leik “Hmmmm we didint have much sales before. Cut the supplies down so that we dont lose a ton of money”! ALL WEE CAN DO NOw is chill and wait for it to go back on stock. Next thing you knoe it they sold over a million within an hour.

  • Ivan

    Google/LG have until a 5 inch, 1080p phone is available. After that, they have lost my money. Tick, tock google.

  • truther

    399,900 more then what BB10 will sell.

    • blah

      I will bet you your posting privileges against mine that you are wrong on that.

  • FormerAndroidUser

    If this number is accurate, it’s disappointing they did not have enough supply to meet demand since it stunts their sales numbers. All we know is they could have sold more than 400K units – how much more is tough to know due to supply constraints.

    While it may be an internal relative win for the Nexus line to sell that many it shows you how far behind they are in market share with the top selling phones, and makes them a bit of a joke.

  • T.O.GPA

    bought on dec 3. 6-7 week window. got the shipping notice, eta Monday.Jan 7.

    • Greg

      Bought it on dec 3, and received a 7-8 weeks delivery time. I hope I’ll get the Nexus 4 a couple weeks after you.

  • wm

    Maybe LG and Google are in disagreement…. It seems that LG doens’t want their product to be sold at such low prices so they’re deliberately slowing down the supply????

  • Tamer Elnomany

    Just got my Nexus 4 today.
    Based on this article, my phone was created in Korea in Dec 2012 and is the 336,090th Nexus 4 made… so 400,000 is not that far off of an assumption

  • toadpole

    I’m die-hard Android, but not having a MicroSD slot with only 8 and 16 GB is just stupid.