Sony “Yuga” gets leaked again, 5-inch monster expected in early 2013


  • Milpool

    I’d venture to guess that 65% of consumers have small hands, because at least 50% are women (who have statistically smaller hands than men) and then there’s at least another 15% for small-handed men. So this large screen size trend may at some point alienate many users.

    • Brian

      I have small hands, and I loved using my Dell Streak back in the days. My sister has smaller hands than I do, and she enjoys using her S3. She said that smartphones are a pain to carry around anyways, and it’s easier to press things on a big screen. Just another perspective.

  • skazzers

    Guess who else has a 5 inch monster in his pockets? Not me.

  • Abe

    Actually, I have seen many women carry the Samsung Note 2, and they seem very comfortable holding and using it :).

    • andy c

      the note is popular with women because they have purses to carry larger phones.

    • Abe

      Comment Fail 🙂 🙂 :). This was meant as a reply to Milpool comments, but I posted a new comment instead.

  • js

    here’s my lol comment: disappointed back isn’t shaped like xperia arc and other xperia devices. even with lesser quality materials, the shape has a super premium feel to it. i’m currently an arc owner so i was hoping this flagship would carry a similar shape.

  • m82a1

    Will probably launch with ICS 4.0.4 in the times of Jelly Bean 4.2…. we’ll see.

  • Michael T. Babcock

    Small hands aren’t relevant. My cousin has small hands, is female, and loves her Galaxy Note 5″ phone. The trick is to use it two-handed, which she does all the time, just like Blackberry users.

  • SC

    If you want to know how slow sony updates their phones

    Samsung GS2 which was released before the Xperia arc (EOL with ICS) will likely have JB before Xperia S,Xperia V and T

  • andy c

    can it be? a sony flagship with a modern CPU/spec sheet?

    if this thing ships in a reasonable amount of time after launch then maybe Sony have turned things around.

  • Gurn Blansten

    Looks and sounds promising…. Problem is it’s Sony! Had the X10 which I love but Sony lied to from onset about capabilities and took too long to update before ditching the product. Had Ion for about three weeks and went to an S3 because it was so bad from the begining. Lot’s of style but pathetic battery life, out-of-date O/S and forever to get an update to already out-of-date OS. Having an S3 it is hard to see any reason to buy into another Sony product if it ships after the new HTC or Samsungs are announced. By the time they release this thing it will be old news with slick Sony Branding and as usual overpriced. Only other reedeming aspect is Sony communciates well with a computer, can’t say that about Samsung Kies!

  • John

    Sony = non starter.

    Why support a developer who wont even support their own products?

    • EAK47

      We’re not in 2009 anymore

      Sony has excellent support for their products now.

      The Xperia S is even in a project to run Android Vanilla, they are very close to the developpers community.

      Blame Rogers for not upgrading the Xperia line…

  • DrBadass

    I said to my girlfriend, Look at my NEW 5 inch monster. She smacked me and call me a perv.. what did i say so wrong?

  • hunkyleepickle

    i have zero faith in Sony’s ability to release a version of android with this phone that is anything close to current. Let alone any hope of updates.

  • SC

    It’s true , do not expect any timely software updates from Sony

  • Mike

    5″ Phone is to big, this is crossing into a tablet not a phone size.
    4.5 4.7 or 4.8 is just perfectly right. and Iphone’s 4.0″ is to small, and Iphone’s 3.5″ is ridiculously to small.

    Iphone’s are like Black guys = to small
    Androids with big screens are like white guys = big size
    Blackberry’s are like Asian Guys = look like a baby finger size

    All the Girls out there want Android for the size 🙂

  • phreezerburn

    Their new CMOS camera appear anywhere therein?

  • Bean

    I was waiting for oppo find 5… Specs seem familiar with this