Video: Android wishes you a Happy Holiday, plus shows off the Nexus 7 and Nexus 10 docking station


  • Julio


  • Pablo Moses

    Happy Holydays and do not forget to open a google store in 2013!

  • Jay

    Where can I get one of those android hats!! Oh and happy holidays =p

  • Dave

    It just makes you feel all warm and fuzzy on the inside

  • David

    looks like a docking for the nexus 10 also

  • Bruce

    AwwWWW that so sweet!!! Its so heart warming. I love Christmas and Android. OOoo that docking stataion looks nifty…


    • Bruce

      I will make sure I tie my visa to my google account so I have instant access to all the apps.

  • ActivesiN

    Christmas + Android = Awesome
    P.S got my Nexus 4 yesterday!

  • Steve

    that phone looks really cool were can i get one?

  • Me Ted

    Those like Christmas symbols. Why didn’t they just say “Merry Christmas”? “Happy Holidays”. *rolls eyes

    • skullan

      Completely agree, I was right into it until I saw “Happy Holidays”…


    • Ria

      What if you don’t celebrate Christmas? They’re just wishing everyone of every ethnicity happy holidays.

  • Mac

    I want one of those android toques!! Does anyone know if they actually sell them?

  • Patrick Rochon

    • Patrick Rochon


  • peters~

    Great, now where’s my Nexus 4?

  • John

    Better than Apple.

    Apple: “Merry, go F yourself”

  • JV

    just awesome! 🙂

  • Cell Hell

    It’s just another annoying advertisment that plays with a Disney style sentimentality.

    I’m growing increasingly worried by how intrusive and invasive google/android has become. They need a serious privacy poilcy for users. This information is ours, not theirs.