Designer’s 3D rendering of all-touch BlackBerry 10 device makes us want it even more


  • Lukeiphone

    Do you care? I don’t. I only care about my iPhone 5.


      RIP RIM.

    • RIMagination

      John Anastasiadis is a designer; this is just a rendering; he doesn’t work at RIM!

      -..”the public has no idea of what it will look like”..
      Of course not! the phone/s are 5 months away from reality!

      -RIM at $6.45 on iphone5 release day

      -Monday or Tuesday Apple will release number for the firts weekend sales (something like the ENTIRE Sales of RIM for Q2) expect RIM to drop to $6.20 during the week.

      -Thursday Sept 27th: Q2 Report; they will announce their sales, their users (less than 80mill?), another huge inventory write off (just put the Playbook at $89-$99 and Clear them!), any progress in Layoffs?,her NOT FIXED date in 2013 for BB10, and how much money they have left,

      Friday: Expect RIM to drop to high $5s
      First Week of October: mid to low $5.. And that’s just October!

      -In the meantime they have 5 months to go, and nothing new but the rendering of an “artists” …sad, pretty sad…they are not #1 in Indonesia, Middle East, or top 3 in Eastern Europe and Latin America; or in the Top 5 in North America Western Europe.
      Heck! the BB 9900s in Cragslist don’t sell at $250!!
      RIM= Irrelevant; end of story!

  • Alex

    Nothing special

    They will get sued for being rectangle 🙂

  • Alex

    They can make best phone in world
    Without the apps, smart phones are dumb phones. Android caught up to iPhone….I have no interest until bb or Windows gets half a billion apps to even consider those

    • Poodz

      @Alex Half a billion apps? Wow , I can’t wait until Android has that many… I think they only have have a million right now.


      Too bad it’s a bad cycle

      1- People don’t buy due to lack of apps
      2- Devs don’t dev for the platform due to lack of people
      3- goto 1.

    • Dean

      You need 500 thousand apps?

      How about the top 100, that should do.

  • Rich

    I cannot wait. QNX/BB10 is going to kick a$$.
    BB10 will launch with more apps, then iPhone & Android launch with, combined.

    • RIMagination

      These comment about how “BB10 is going to be amazing ” are simply hilarious: BB10 is 5 months away at the earliest and by the time they release it in February (IF) it will look like they copied the Wait (W8) phones.

      Let’s not even get into how many people couldn’t wait for BB10 from Sept 2011 past 2011 Holidays,St 2012, Spring Break, Summer, Back to School, Halloween, SG3, iphone 5, Razrs, LG’s, W8, Vanilla androids, Holidays 2012, and St Valentin 2013 …..(lost my breath there) without jumping into another Ecosystem.
      You can buy RIM for just over $3Billion, with (supposedly $2B in Cash)…..and nobody is buying it; That tells everything!

  • Allan

    Looks great. Now if RIM could only release it this decade.

  • HikerCA

    As always with RIM, SHUT UP AND SHIP!!! Flippin’ vapourware shills.

    • Fatz

      Relax. This rendering wasn’t released by RIM.

  • Alex

    something of a merger between iphone, android, and torch blackberry… not interested… but good for them I guess.

  • Fandroid

    I applaud all the Crackberry RIM supports for their preserverance and dedication, they are really one of a kind.

    • Plan Shopper

      We used to be a decidated BlackBerry family. I kept telling my wife to hold on just a little bit longer. This went on for a year. Then her 9550 broke followed by RIM annoucing a push back to Q1 2013.

      She now uses the SGS3 and I’m holding out for the Galaxy Note 2.

      Out of all the sneak peaks of bits and pieces shown, I’m not struck on BB10. I’ll still get BB10 on my PlayBook anyway.

  • Max

    It looks just like an iphone. Ughh

  • steve

    Will it have a google map app? just sayin…. RIM learn from apples mistakes…

    • Vlad

      With RIM’s speed of replying Apple has nothing to worry about. Glad RIM kicked 2 top i****s out of company. Unfortunately it could be too late.

    • BBguy

      BB10 map app will be powered by Tom Tom

    • migo

      Google will probably make an app, but if the PlayBook is anything to go by, it’ll use Bing/Nokia Maps.

  • ad19

    This will be my next phone.

  • Vengefulspirit99


  • Paul BB 4 Life

    It is getting harder to wait for BB10, but the “doing” power is unmatched by any other, I just want a camera that doesn’t take pictures of the after of something memorable.

  • jess

    this is either going to make or break the company, and i do find it has a similar look of an iphone, so hopefully they dont get sued. I liked blackberry, if they could fix server problems, updates and a little better support id go back. For now my s3 is doing wonders and im not missing my torch at all,

  • Bv

    Looks like the iphone 5

    • frank

      There was a rendering of this phone back in January. Im pretty sure it wasnt copied.

  • alex k

    to be honest i am disappointed with Iphone 5, even thou it looks nice, is fast, and very light, there is something missing. I am still waiting RIM, so hurry f… up! 🙂

    P.S: I heard Galaxy S3 is sooo awesome, but i cannot spot anyone using it in LOndon… just sayin’ 😉

  • Henaway

    I just want bb10 for my PlayBook.

  • Andrew B

    Really excited about this phone. IPhones and Androids are getting really already

  • Chris S

    I can’t tell the difference between this and an iPhone.. just in case Apple was wondering.

  • Lucky

    Release the damn thing already!

  • BB

    doesn’t every car kind of look like a car people..and shoes look like a shoe! stop hating ifan users and keep pretending you bought an iphone because of the os!

  • migo

    The white render definitely looks better than the black.

  • Gsizzle

    This is coming from a Fandroid, BB10 you sexy. Really hope RIM can bounce back and go against the likes of Crapple.


    But what the hell is a blackberry? My grand father told me it was a kind of shitty thing tho

  • Average Joe

    I like my GS3, but I’m going to grab one of these on day one.
    I’ve had the iPhone too, but iOS and Android are getting stale and I’m really looking forward to trying BB10. From what I’ve seen so far, it looks like a winner.

  • al

    seems no one caught the 13:37 PM reference on the drawings.

    the designer is a winrar.

  • Cell Hell

    Now that my Nexus is finally updated to jelly bean I admit Android has improved. I’m still open to looking into a new phone in 4 months though.

  • Amy

    Blackberry by Choice

  • nely

    :O Rounded corners! This is so getting sued by apple.

  • Owen Finn

    Looks like an iPhone 4S with Blackberry branding?

    • OGOD

      I agree, its totally look like an iphone4…..there might be another lawsuit from apple.

  • FullRIMTard

    Bb10 on playbook? Pb is running qnx already. Nobody wants it. Rim Pays $300 to make a playbook
    And sells it for $89. #winning #rimbkrptbyxmAs #cashpilelies

    • Duh