Here’s a nice rendering of RIM’s all-touch BlackBerry 10 device, sports black and white flavours


  • N


    • Porilaisten

      No, you are.

    • Tyson

      similar to how people around the world render the Loch Ness monster…people do the same with bb 10.

      what do they have in common? both don’t exist and never will.

    • Chris

      @Tyson saving this comment so you look like an i***t in a few months 🙂

    • Tyson

      you mean a few 2016

    • iOctober

      LG Just released the LG Optimus G TODAY!
      You will be able to go to the store and BUY it and HOLD IT IN YOUR HANDS within a month.

      The phone has a display of 768 x 1280 NOW!!

      RIM’s phone will be coming in FIVE MONTHS and all they have to say is that they will have a resolution of phones used now??

      And a “Rendering” of a Fan “Leaks”??
      -What’s the big deal?

      September 27th RIM’Q2 Report
      -No Artist can “Render” that, only one thing is for sure:
      -The artist will only need ONE color!!

  • BlackBerry Gangster

    All I do is RIM RIM RIM.

  • Jay

    For the Canadian tech-sector’s sake… I hope these devices are successful!!

  • Kid.Canada

    Too late RIM, former blackberry loyalist here who upgraded to the Galaxy S3 a few days ago. Couldn’t wait any longer but good luck.

    • Plan Shopper

      That’s what we did. I bought my wife her S3 and her Samsung printer. I’ll be getting my Note 2 when it releases soon.

      We can/will be able to print directly from our phones to the printer. Something BB won’t have for a while (if ever).

    • Phyxius

      Just be careful of the eMMC chip. i didn’t pay too much attention in the note 2, but the original note has the eMMC chip brickbug.. so just be mindful when you add custom ROMs on your note 2

    • BB

      should have waited, if i have learned anything from watching apple rise to the top, the underdogs always surprise the crowd! People here love to say the phone will be outdated by release, but the truth is it will be the newest OS out. Ios is almost 6 years old with minor, as well the bb10 and playbook will have functionality for work and play…which all users want. A work phone for work and a personal phone for all the other stuff. Hard to argue with that.

    • Plan Shopper

      @Phyxius – Thanks for the tip ^^^^^.

      I checked out the bug and found this point in an article:

      *Note – AT&T/Rogers Galaxy Note SGH-i717 does not have this bricking problem because it has a different CPU/system.

      I’m with Rogers so hopefully the N2 follows suit and is free from anything like that.

  • Yannick Wolfe


    that is really a pointless article.

  • aviking

    A rendering because it doesn’t exist and Can’t touch this because well it doesn’t exist either. Sad very sad…

  • Mark

    Kinda looks like the Galaxy S2. But Apple will sue RIM for making an iphone clone, only if this BB10 sells well of course

  • Pablo Moses

    It’s wonderful! Braco RIM

  • Hilman

    Is this BB10? I kid, I kid, looks very similar to an iPhone but none of the sales. I can hear the Apple lawyers sharpening their pencils…..

  • Ned

    Looks gorgeous….. Im waiting for this.

  • crunch204

    looks great…but it needs to release now

  • common_sense

    Not bad. Not bad at all.

    If these are the final rederings then RIM will have one of the most attractive devices on the market. – In my opinion –

  • JR

    If Samsung can be sued for coming too close to the iPhone design, I fear for this BB because its nearly identical in shape. I really hope that this device saves the Waterloo tech sector. The software seems good from everything I’ve seen and read and hopefully they pull off the resurrection. Not a BB fan, but I hope they are successful.

  • Fandroid

    some one at RIM think he’s funny with the “Can’t touch this” phrase…what ever happened to “Try writing a 1000 emails on a touchscreen”?

    • Pat

      Touchscreen is the way to go for millions who use multiple alphabets…

  • sp


    no but seriously. I am very excited to see how this will be. i will be saving up some money to buy one out right and switch back and forth from the SGS3 to this..just to try out and see whats up with both.

    I am very much looking forward to how this will turn out!!

    go RIM!!!

  • Albert

    Slow news day, huh?

  • GOD

    Good looking device.. but what will convince me to buy THIS phone instead of another one?

  • theone


    They still believe in that
    there is a reason there is two version of BB10 one pure touch screen and the other with keyboard

    that being said i cant wait for BB10 to come out I had to admit that i left BB for iphone but if BB10 meets my needs i will love to jump back to BB

  • LMAO

    THIS IS BB10!!

  • Scott

    Boy these folks at RIM really love rolling the dice! Taking this long to release the next generation phone, they are making a BIG bet that it will be compelling enough to make people want to switch back. I’m sceptical, but for their sake I hope it works!

  • billy

    Is this bb10?

  • CH

    Apple may sue RIM just to give their lawyers something to do. All touch BB’s are not what loyalists want anyway. Bring the Bold and Torch replacements before your few loyal users abandon you RIM.

  • KL

    Hardware doesn’t look special, but it’ll come down to OS/GUI and app support. As mentioned above, routing for the cdn tech sector.

  • me

    I see rounded corners…$$ in Apple’s pocket.

  • Chris

    “Can’t touch this” should read “Can’t get this” he he he 🙂
    Seriously, it looks good, but what matters is what’s inside, and IMing, BBMing, and emailing is not as under-appreciated as everyone thinks. What RIM is doing , by integrating social messaging, is that it’s unifying everything.

    Keep us posted, RIM, and keep us hungry.

  • cybik

    Looks like iOS and Android’s forbidden lovechild. With a Swype/iOS keyboard hybrid.

    RIM bores me.

    • Jess

      You bore me

  • MrDisco

    Hey is that the new iPhone i keep hearing about?

  • rip rim

    They are years too late.

    RIP RIM.

  • Art Vandelay

    Not to bash on RIM…. In all seriousness, there is no hope for RIM! Nobody gets it right at the first try. It took Apple and Google a few tries to get to where they are; you expect the first version BB10 to be as good as Jelly Bean, iOS6 or WP8? Not a slimmest chance! Not to mention there is no expected release date yet……

    • BB

      i would disagree. QNX have been building os’s for a very long time. Of course there will be some bugs but I don’t think as many as you might predict. Also don’t forget the bb10 dev phone has been out since May which means people have been testing it with apps and some bare bones features to ensure bugs are tweeked before release. But then again, for most here, the phone doesn’ t even exist.

  • BB

    as well, if that is the case then iphone 5 would be something to stay away from as they have changed the maps and are using the new A6 processor. Apparently every phone they release is NEW but people line up for it anyway. Blackberry was Apple, and Apple will soon be where Blackberry is now, unless they start working on a new OS soon.

  • jonny

    For those saying they will be sued because it looks like the new iphone, i dont think thats possible. BB released the design a long time ago to the public, long before Apple released the designs of their phone.

  • Shenzen

    is this the iphone 10?

  • Benz

    Would be a HUGE surprise if the release it sooner!

  • Gene

    take the word blackberry off the bottom. Just raised aluminium dots. Camera better be great. Win

  • Torcher

    I cant wait personally. People who come on here and make the same lame RIP RIM jabs are doing this based on what?

    720p screens have been out for some time now, and are still being predicted in future devices for HTC, LG and Samsung.

    RIM has done all the moves in terms of direction and where they want to be…

    They want to have the worlds best “secure” devices for one crowd, and at the same time offer the smoothest OS,apps and gesture features/camera specs/overall high end features(bling) for another crowd in 1 phone…They will be able to do what no other phone can…the pentagon would never use android/ios, but will use BB10 cause of security…major corporations over the world that have been switching to ios have made big mistakes in making themselves vulnerable in terms of security in the name of being “cool”…BB10 will give them that “cool” along with security…

    I for one has an S3 currently, and will be switching back to BB10 when it comes out for one reason…its the best communication device on the planet hands down…i dont care about games / apps/ gestures (all of which BB10 will have) so as long as it has some bling i will be a happy camper….very happy

  • Dylan

    this is preposterous. this is an iphone 4. it is just an iphone.

  • Frederick

    Soooooooo is this BB10?