Virgin also drops their $57 promo plan by $1, says we should buy a polar bear sweater with the savings


  • Kevin

    Amazing! $! droppped! should I open the champaign and celebrate it?? *rolling eyes*

    • Kevin

      Oops.. champagne.. 😛 Typo~

    • Whoo Daat

      I actually feel that it is an insult! what is 1$!!!!!! I remember in July they had plans 6 gigs and everything for 60$ on Koodoo including the VM/CID/Canada wide

      Usually technology/communication prices drop alittle bit within time.. not in CANADA!

    • EvanKr

      Holy shnikes, batman, a whole $1? On a 3 year contract that’ll save $36… Out of a total of $2050.

    • 8-down

      oh god, this is hilarious. i just want to grab popcorn and enjoy this.

    • anona

      July’s 6GB was a Limited time promotion. “Limited Time” and “Promotion”. Meaning temporary. If you bought it then, you got a deal. If you didn’t, suffer with the current options until the next promo.

    • Cyrano

      so… you mean this limited time promo plan you see up there isnt a limited time promo plan?

  • deltatux

    It’s such a real innovation, praise Bell! /s

    Seriously? Lower it to $50 and then we’ll talk.

    • skippypaccino

      yes but… Fido basically only sales 2 year contract phone except for the Iphones ( lol ) If they up the data to 4 gigs on those plans it would be perfect. Its Canada wide. You call anyone from anywhere in Canada unlimited, plus unlimited international texting. Its the best deals i’ve seen the big 3 give. Ever! lol. Its a start. I got 2 0$ htc one s an 300$ worth of future shop gift cards and the 56$ plan. I actually glad i switch to Fido. The cherry on top is the 50$ I’m saving every month.

  • DJH

    Bell playing copy cat? who didn’t see this coming…

  • vn33

    Wow ! Let the competition begins!

  • screamer

    Why we still signing contracts. All Canadians should sign with one carrier and then the others need to drop the price. Will take at least three years and then we see changes.

    • Zod

      Becauase people don’t want to pay 600 dollars for their phones?

    • Robert

      @Zod I have been buying my phones outright for many years, and then shopping for a perfect plan. The companies are much more willing to negotiate, if they know that I can walk at any time. I have an amazing plan right now, and was able to switch companies for it when it was offered, because I wasn’t tied up in any way.

      Think LONGTERM. You will be saving money and acquiring total control and freedom when you buy your own device. Thankfully, I am also not an i***t, and don’t waste my money on overprices iPhones.

    • anona

      Define “Overpriced” @Robert. Some people need the power the GS3 or One X offer for their daily usage and have gone past using a phone as “just a phone”.

      For most people, getting that $500 off instantly is more important then the monthly cost.

      If you buy the phone outright, you have to get a plan that is $14 off the original bundles they offer.

      And while they make you get Data, most people looking at the highend phones will be using that data anyways (or they are being dumb and really don’t need a GS3 just to text).

      The Tabs are the closest thing to buying the phone outright at a cheaper price. But really the only true solution is to drop the 3 year contracts to 2. Buying a phone everytime at full pop just isn’t feasible.

  • Arthur

    Wow. Overall this plan is not bad when compared to $65 plan with 1gb data and 200 minutes. But the question is why are they bothering them self and going through all the troubles to match the plan to other companies. The point is to beat the plan by good $5 margin or keeping the price same but may be changing 2gb data to 5gb or 6gb will spark the competition.

    Happy Holidays!

  • Kelly

    Koodo is next.

    BTW, Virgin Mobile, you can’t buy a polar bear sweater for a dollar! You need to drop the price even more, like to $40! Not that I’ll ever buy a polar bear sweater. LOL.

    • Hugues

      Maybe they mean $1 x 36 months? You can probably buy one for $36!


  • JimJones

    Whats going on? Rogers and Fido setting the tone? Rogers and Fido setting the new mark for pricing and everyone else matching? Rogers and Fido….wait a second, its the world ending in 14 days, haha makes sense now

  • Bobster

    I am TOTALLY surprised… Did NOT see this coming… /s

    Who’s left now? Koodo?
    In 3… 2… 1…

  • David

    Price fixing in the works.

  • A Ghmn

    Hey Koodo, do us a favor and atleast make it $55

  • Marion

    omg $1! Now I can buy…oh wait absolutely nothing.

    • Max

      You could give the $1 to a homeless person if it’s so little.

  • Bob C


  • Kid.Canada

    Next, drop it by another $2 and then $3 and then $4. You hear me Koodo? You set the trend and the rest will follow.

  • John

    You take your dollar and go to the dollar store and buy something else

    • Few Topics Ago…

      Very original!


  • Big 3

    hope they do these things 56 more times

  • Threecube

    When you price match at the same time it’s price fixing, but if you do it a day after it’s price matching…. /sarcasm

  • google axe man

    Considering Virgin is now on LTE, you could easily eat that 2 gigs of data. How about these companies put out a plan that competes with wind or mobilicity. Oh, they also froget to mention that many of their high end phones aren’t eligible or that people already on supertab or contract won’t be able to switch.

  • Smokey

    Wow a whole dollar…now off to Tim Hortons for a small coffee or a donut!…Really???

  • rikin

    This is an insult – an straight insult. It’s the lowest possible insulting slap on all Canadian citizens’ faces by Bell and Rogers!

  • Sgt.Romanov

    WOW !! a whole dollar what ever will we do with ourselves (running around laughing histarically) sadly this is nothing to get excited about just another carrot on the stick ploy

  • Will Ewefoggough

    I have a superior plan for $40 per month at Wind Mobile. I pay prepaid: no credit checks, no contract. The Wind network is not as pervasive as Bell’s or Rogers’ yet, but with support they’ll get there.

  • chall2k5

    and they say competition is alive and well? i’d say price collusion

  • Betty

    If this was dropped to $49 a month… finally a plan worth it for Canadians

  • Crank

    Here’s a dirty little secret… the 6 GB $30 promo for Choice plans… never expired. SHHH!

  • Leggomyeggos

    Canadian competition™

  • Plan Shopper

    It’s a $2.26 /month reduction for me. Its not much but over 12 months its almost 1/2 month free. I’ll call them on the 15th to get my reductions.

  • greaterbambino

    blown. away.

  • Dollarama I don’t come

    Even Dollarama has most items for more than a buck thesedays , I guess I can’t even go there with tht buck I save 🙁

  • montrealer

    For people saying we had a better plan earlier for 60$ with 6gb, need I need to remind you that it wasn’t unlimited? Not everyone’s a geek like us and uses 6GB of Data, for a lot of people, unlimited talk is more attrative.

  • Brandonn C

    I called Virgin today. The customer rep said they haven’t confirmed it yet. So either she didn’t know or she was holding out on me. I would suggest wait a few days before calling them.

  • Jimmy

    What is the COMBO 57 plan that Virgin mobile refer to?

    I wrote them to ask them about the BYOD 10% discount; virgin said that discount is NOT offered with the CHOICE 57 plans; is only offered with COMBO plans.

    I could not find that “COMBO 56 – 2GB LTO” (LTO? =LTE) plan on their website?

    Is such hidden plan COMBO 56 with 2GB data that might qualify for 10% discount?

    or VM’s mobile is more confused with their plans and I do?