Looks like RIM’s all-touch BlackBerry 10 device will have a textured back


  • HikerCA

    Seriously, Mobile Syrup? This is news? This is pretty weak. Just because it’s Christmas doesn’t mean you should slack off.

    • skullan

      You’re coming to a Canadian Mobile Company, who is currently got a major release in the next 53 days, of phones that are still very unknown, but are starting to build up in interest about?

    • skullan

      Correcting what the parser did to the message:

      You’re coming to a *Canadian* *Mobile* Website,w which is talking about a *Canadian* *Mobile* Company, who is currently go

    • Sam

      RIP RIM,

    • flatulence


  • D

    ^ Take a hike.. this is pretty HUGE news! Looks extremely slickk! I was going to get an S3 next week but this picture alone makes me hesitant!

  • Chuck

    I actually am looking forward to the new BB! does anyone know the screen size?

    • trytofa

      Not big enough – that’s what she said

    • jess

      4.2 720p.. sounds like a perfect size.

  • Michael Han-Mcevoy

    most likely 4.2 inches

    • nely

      I’m hoping it’s going to be 4.7+ and I don’t care too much if it’s 720 or 1080 on such a small screen as long as it looks good.

  • Good Deal Guy

    If you don’t like Blackbery! Then…. Go…F… , naw everyone has a preference and their own idenity, why do we want everyone just to like one product *cough apple*, I’m glad we have choice now, bb10, android, iOs, windows 8, everyone needs to calm down and embrace the technology and let people be indivuduals.

  • joel

    with all the marketing and delays this bb10 better be as good as they say it is.

  • drone

    Really ecstatic about this! With WP finally gaining some momentum, the release of BB10 would be the perfect addition to finally have a truly competitive mobile industry.

    Hopefully it’s priced like the Nexus 7 (textured) too…. one can dream 😛

  • hoo dat

    As they’ve only shown a small representation of what BB10 is all about, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that RIM is slowly teasing people with the design of the phone. People I know in RIM have told me that they don’t even know what the final product looks like and the units shipped to large customers for evaluation are dressed up more like Dev Alpha units rather than the retail product.

    I know it seems like such a small thing but the texture and grip of the back is a relatively important part of what makes a good phone to me. The tactile experience is what either finishes a phone off nicely or makes it feel cheap and unweildly.

    • KL

      I’m always surprised at how so many dismiss how a phone feels physically in their hands as something not important. A smartphone is probably the one thing I use and touch the most throughout the day, so you better bet that I want mine to feel great, solid and have good built quality.

      Apple has this down, so did RIM with the Bold 9900 and much of the higher end HTC lineup.
      It’s also one of the main reason I skipped over Samsung when I went to pick up my secondary phone.

  • LeafsFan77

    iOS is going to look old school when BB10 comes out. Not the hardware but the OS.

    • What?

      iOS is already old school. Don’t need BB10 to show that.

  • Jimbo

    Hoping that RIM can pull this off. However, with delay after delay and announcing BB10 so long ago this better be a seamless release without too many bugs or hiccups.

    If they can keep ramping up the hype and manage to deliver on time, maybe, just maybe there is hope for them.

    Competition is good.

  • Stanislav

    Wow! Amazing! This changes everything!

  • shaggyskunk

    I know that many people that use BB for business, will have a sly grin on their faces when BB releases this phone, it’ll be “business” with a dash of fun!! It’s good to feel like a little kid from time to time 😛

    • Back in Black

      Everyone I talk to that has played with a pre-release or dev unit all say the same thing… “Best of both worlds”.
      Business and consumers are both going to be very pleased.

  • maple

    everytime i see ‘MobileSyrup’ i think that it’s “Maple Syrup”.

    • What?

      Both are pretty good.

    • Back in Black

      I think that’s the play on words they were going for.
      Both are good, and both are Canadian.

  • Vengefulspirit99

    being a Canadian and wanting rim to succeed, it would be impossible for a seamless release.. it just isn’t happening. iI just hope that people remember this when judging it

  • MaXiM

    As a former BB user, actual Android – I find really exciting all the buzz building up around this new arival. I just don’t care if it’s pro or cons, it’s important for BB to succeed. Not only because they’re Canadian, but they’re good at what are they doing, and unique to the core. Let’s face it, the shape, the look matters, but the most important is a flawless hardware and software combined. They had all the time in the word to polish this gem – I guess they deserve a chance to show their work.

  • screamer

    The last bold was awesome and was good work assistance. But didn’t win against apple and android why? The iPhone 4s was just good and a lot more apps. With android you have a good choice. I believe is a 50/50 win all or loose all. I am a blackberry fan but my galaxy is sooo good

  • jess

    That looks really slick! Looking forward to this 🙂

  • Jeve Stobs


    • Jack

      Go bac to pouring coffee behind the counter at Timmy’s

  • Plazmic Flame

    My body is definitely ready for this device….

  • Luke from Tech Now Daily

    I like the look of just that tiny little bit. Is that wrong?

  • Zee

    RIM reminds me of Microsoft. They are so loud about a product that still didn’t hit shelves, but when everyone eventually catch on, they are last to put their product out and it is always too late.