Photo editor Snapseed arrives on Android, goes free on iOS


  • S D

    In the Play Store, it says that Snapseed is not compatible with my device when I view it with my Nexus 7. Anyone else getting that warning? Funny, since it says it is compatible with tablets and the picture above shows it on a Nexus 7.

    • Red

      Yeah, I see the same thing, which is stupid. Thanks to cloud services like their own Drive, users don’t need a rear-facing camera to have access to photos that need editing. Hopefully Google corrects this oversight.

  • Gene

    Just downloaded for the note 2 no probs.

  • deli

    i tried searching on my note 2 and, i cannot search successfully for this. The result is ONE finding: Mighty Text. Anyone else?

    • Gene

      It didnt show up on my mobile play store either.

      Download to device via

    • David

      I clicked on the link provided at the bottom of the article. Brought me straight there. Hope that helps.

  • schultzter

    At 24MB I think I’ll wait ’til on wifi to give it a try.

    But I’ve looked at a few of these photo editors and so far Aviary has been the best. And it’s very well integrated.

    I’m curious how Snapseed will compare, but it’s going to have be pretty damn good to replace Aviary.

  • S D

    The Play Store now let me install Snapseed on my Nexus 7. Guess they fixed that.