City of Toronto says Uber is operating illegally, charges them with 25 licensing offences


  • Josh L.

    hmm, interesting

  • Graham

    Seems like the $380 license fee would have saved a lot of headache. If money is changing hands, then it’s a business. Don’t fight City Hall!

  • TBB

    Well $25,000 – $380.00 = $24,620 in stupidity for neglect of rules.

    • Tom

      Come on, @tbb and @Graham, there must be more to it then that!

      If it were just a matter of paying the $380 then I’m sure they would have done so. That would probably him forced them to adhere to a bunch of rules designed to protect the incumbents.

      I’m personally a fan of Hailo, not Uber, but I’m sure that it is an enormous challenge for either of them to bring new technology and competition to an industry that wants nothing to change.
      shake-up this industry.

  • Netguru

    “This is not considered a taxi or limo license in the City of Toronto.” Huh? Apparently, it is.

  • joe

    Uber is uber annoying…
    CLEARLY they dispatch taxis, and for some stupid reason they believe they do not and thus not have to pay for a dispatch licence.
    I really hope they get shut down for being stupid and ignorant.
    If the city tells you that you are breaking Toronto rules, then fix it. Dont be a douche and go against it.
    Hailo is a much better service anyways

  • Kelly Spongberg

    Pretty cheap advertising. You couldn’t buy this kind of exposure for $25000, and get nationwide coverage.

  • RKR

    Sounds like Rob Ford runs the company

  • Donald

    Why would you use them anyway? There are so many taxi companies in Toronto. You don’t need a middle man.

    Expecially at night. You don’t even need to call, just hail a cab.

  • TrickyD

    Anybody who wants a unique offering should open a taxi company in Toronto with safe drivers!
    Does this app require the taxi/limo driver to use their phone while driving?