Lumia 920 design is a “beautiful balance between the digital and the physical” (video)

In our review, we were not reserved in our praise of the Lumia 920’s design. It may be big, and it certainly is hefty, but the device is also one of the most striking and effortlessly beautiful phones ever built.

But it’s not just us who thinks so. Nokia’s lead designer, Marko Ahtisaari, maps out what makes the device so praiseworthy. He claims that it strikes a “beautiful balance between the digital and the physical,” and feels “pillowy — organic, natural” when held in the hand. He points out that the device is made from two pieces: the moulded polycarbonate and the single piece of Gorilla Glass, fused together to avoid edges or breaks.

He also says that the phone “is always pointing at the future,” singling out the PureView camera and the wireless inductive charging built into the back. While it’s true that Nokia is leagues ahead of many OEMs when it comes to hardware design, it is still reliant on Microsoft’s software to seal the deal.

What do you think? Is the phone “supernatural” like he claims?

Source: YouTube (Nokia)
Via: BGR