Lumia 920 design is a “beautiful balance between the digital and the physical” (video)


  • Craig

    looks like a piece of garbage ….

    • skullan

      I’d submit that your comment is garbage. At least the Nokia is yellow.

      Having held a 920 and used one, they are damn nice.

    • Spinmaster

      -In other news Joe from the Car Dealership association, says that NOW is a good time to buy a car.

      -Jane from the Real State association says that now is the time to get into the house market

      -Jim The designer of a phone says that his phone is pretty-nice.
      Seriouslywhat do you expect him to say??
      I don’t even think that there has been released a picture of the 920 in BLACK (Because it looks like a brick and like any other phone) and yet that’s the ONLY one you can get in Canada.

      Sometimes I think MS and Nokia try too hard in Canada…to FAIL!

  • TK

    and chubby~

    • Darth Paton

      Is it just me, or does that guy remind you of hanibal lectar?

  • gwydionjhr

    Gorgeous and durable. I’d take one right now if it was available in anything other than Black (I’m looking at you Rogers) Let’s see what happens on Dec 3rd….

    • PrivateBlinky

      Why, what was supposed to happen two days ago?

  • TripleHelix

    Thanks Captain Obvious!

    Who would have thought that Nokia’s lead designer would praise it’s beautiful design?

    Learn something new everyday!

    • trebor

      … and he is wrong how, exactly?

  • Bravo





    • A Art

      Breaking news:

      Bravo puts a pound of gel in his greasy hair, and wears “cool” shades. Still can’t get ladies.

      he never even kissed a human girl, apparently! Today we mourn.

    • WP74Life

      Haha, bravo my a*s.
      You are the type of f*g hanging at the starbucks posting instagram pictures on facebook with your iPhaune 7.

  • Josh

    I love this guy. I’d zuk his dik, if he gives me a 920. I am not even kidding.

  • MovieMan87

    I love this phone but this video is terrible

  • seroevo

    Pretentious bullshit.

  • sinkiller

    Waiting for the Rogers exclusive deal to end. When Bell sells them, I will have one.

  • MDRam

    @2:17 on the white lumia…looks like a cheap Katy Perry/Russell Brand impersonation in the photo…:D

  • Zeake

    The perfect balance between ungly and useless!

  • Zeake

    Well said.
    Finally a comment that shows intelligence.

    All i see on that phone is starp edges. The friggin thing looks like a brick!

    • Stefano

      Try standing the iPhone 5 on any of it’s sides, then try the same with the Lumia 920. Then think about your “sharp edges” comment and the ability of bricks to stand level on any of its six surfaces. Then get back to me.

  • Yeria

    I see that now Microsoft fanboys are starting to creep up now as well.

    I don’t care for Lumia’s design that much. Personally, I don’t think it’s well designed, but obviously it’s subjective so I understand some people will like Lumia’s design. Just like my opinion will not stick with you, the designer’s opinion won’t stick with me.

  • skazzers

    It will be great for batting practice.

  • Brad F(anboy)

    Only A-holes compliment their own work. Look at my comment. It’s a beautiful balance between words that mean nothing.

    Don’t forget to hit the Dislike button.

    • Stefano

      You’re right. When selling a product that you helped design, you should list any/all of its shortcomings rather than insisting on it’s usefulness, practicality, and beauty. What kind of business model are these guys even trying to employ here?! Sheesh! Don’t people know it’s blasphemous to praise your own product? Who does this guy think he is?

    • ToTo

      Bradley got schooled again!
      It just never ends.
      Obligatory thumbs down.

  • LW81

    i’m getting sick of companies using Apple’s marketing techniques (read: Honda Accord, Nokia, and there was another one too).

    Might as well say it’s the most supernatural phone yet.

    • Brad F(anboy)

      His black shirt almost looks like a black turtle neck. His phone looks like a bigger ipod nano. No one can out minimilize Steve Jobs. No one!

    • swizzlerz

      what constitutes “apples” marketing techniques??? Since Apple isn’t the first phone company to ever exist, I find it funny how you think they own a technique… I think marketing is open to all companies and they can all market anyway they wish.

      “”I SEE IT NOW.. Round TWO.. I have a patent for marketing this way and you don’t so I’m going to take you company to court..””

      Get over your apple. The first computer I ever used in school was apple.. For that reason I should be a fan. But I am not. I like something that just works!

  • drone

    LOL… the iPhones are “magical” and the Lumias now “supernatural”… what’s goin’ on lol?

    Guess Android the only one that has enough fire-power behind it to not use pretentious and cheesy descriptions for their products.

  • Graeme

    Does that blue color in the prejump pic exist?

    • Mariyam

      So they take away buttons and then spend milinols on making a screen feel like the buttons they removed okNice to see they’re copying the wests idea of making ebook readers feel and act more and more like real books..

  • Zeake

    “Try standing the iPhone 5 on any of it’s sides, then try the same with the Lumia 920. Then think about your “sharp edges” comment and the ability of bricks to stand level on any of its six surfaces. Then get back to me.”

    NOPE! I’ll let YOU do that! Let me know how it goes Moron! lol.

    • Stefano

      Really? You’re going to resort to name-calling?

      Granted, my comment was a little sassy, but my point was that I don’t see how the Lumia 920 is brick-lick. It’s actually quite curvy, particularly in comparison to the iPhone 5, with the exception of rounded corners. Sure the 920 is noticeably heavier, but not noticeably any more so when compared to an iPhone 5 with a case.

  • Zeake

    All I know is that there is NOTHING in nature that even resembles that pos!

  • John Doe

    This phone is AMAZING. I simply love it. I have used Androids and iPhones before. It does need a bit of polishing but so far I just love everything about it. Next release of this phone will kill!

  • Kevin

    Ah, a product fit for a palindrome: “Nokia Ikon”!