Solo Mobile stops taking new subs today, says they’re “super excited to support our existing clients”


  • Alex Perrier

    C’est la vie. When Bell bought all of Virgin Mobile Canada (VMC), it didn’t need Solo anymore. It’s too bad that Virgin Group doesn’t own any part of VMC, but we can’t change that.

    Some of these Solo plans are interesting retention offers, though, especially for those who need the Canada-Wide coverage.

    • Josh

      Stop posting comments. Nobody cares…

  • David

    Very exciting indeed.

  • Solo Observer

    potentially increases Bell’s APRU? It will do no such thing? Unlike Fido and Chatr which are separate entities owned by Rogers Communications, Solo Mobile wasn’t even a company within BCE. It was only a brand Solo Mobile was also listed as “a division of Bell Mobility Inc.”. This all means nothing has changed. They just want customers to sign up to a different branch of Bell Mobility inc. now.

  • Mercwithamouth

    Goodbye and good riddance. Nuff’ said.

  • Radar

    Chatr next?

  • Peter M brophey

    I have never been able to figure out how and where I fit in at Solomobile. I no longer wish to be a customer and wish to discontnue service.

    Peter M Brophey