Square mobile payment system launches in Canada


  • iphoneee

    I am not willing to pay additional fees to use such mobile payment services.

    • dongle

      NFC for Financial transactions or
      CASH, DEBIT (you are already payign for it) and Credit Cards

      Talking about re-inventing the wheel!
      There is nothing, and I mean nothing that these services add to the cosumer.

      While they get: your mobile number, yay! now the tons of crappy calls that you get in your land line and never answer or the ones that you simply don’t get anymore because you don;t have a landline now…on your mobile!

      Data Mininng:
      Now they will know what you buy, where you spend your time (GPS) etc, once or twice a yr they will announce that their database is open and that they took the numbers in an USB drive; or simply sell the databases to other parties

      And that goes on top of the double or tiple diping that they will be charging you, plus battery life, plus NFC tags, Dongles, subscriptions, more mail, giving your email account etc..

      Who is going to pay for the new terminals, software, employee training, marketing??

      I know Square is not an apple product but I will call it:


    It’s going to be the paying way of the future , might as well get use to it.

  • Plan Shopper

    If this was available for BlackBerrys, I could get my company to go for this.

    • Kevin

      I think you will see this for BB10 in the new year. Many companies and app makers are not bothering with the old platform anymore.

  • don

    What about the fee the card charges, is that on top of the 2.75%, platinum cards are 3% = 5.75. Who in their right mind will use it?

    • Allan

      The consumer pays the card fees as usual. The 2.75% is paid by the business/owner. I would think the 2.75% fee for businesses would be similar to having the current swiping machines in stores.

  • Craig

    If you’re a small business, this is perfect. The first post couldn’t be more wrong, there’s no monthly fees … at least with Kudos Payments. (same concept) I’ve been with them since Feb and the system is awesome.

  • James

    I’ll be ordering my dongle, and on the flip side, I have no problem paying slightly extra for the convenience. If we can eventually eliminate the middle man altogether, I’d be more than willing to pay extra for that.

    • milla

      @James, Square is the middle man. The fees are to high for a real business to use it and it’s not chip and pin so the merchant takes full liability for any fraud. there’s no chip n pin in us yet! This is an irresponsible entry into the market

    • James

      I wouldn’t call it irresponsible, as they wouldn’t have launched here if the U.S. launch was a failure, or showed very little promise.

      I get your point, however.

    • Allan

      Square is the middleman.

  • EmperumaN V

    By the way its http://www.squareup.com

    They do a credit check on you too before you get approved. 10 minutes to answer three questions.

    • dongle

      -Are you alive?
      -Do you have any money?
      -Are you afraid of ID fraud, higher fees, usung your data plan, losing privacy (now with us)getting extra calls on your mobile?

      yes, yes, no??….Approved!

  • Mark

    It wastes of money =_=

  • Allan

    Can I just order the dongle even if I don’t intend to use it?

    • Edge

      That’s what I did today, as I expect payments over the phone, and Square allows that, but I got the dongle just incase.

      Payments via phone/internet have a slightly higher rate 3.5% and 0.5 cents a transaction.

      You can’t accept payments on a PC, as you need an iPhone/iPad or Android phone to install their app. My only complaint, and hope they offer entering payments on the PC in the future.

      To do a phone or internet payment, you have to take credit card number, expiration date, CVV, and postal code, and where signature is suppose to go, you sign “phone order”, or “internet order”. They have a video on their help section, that shows how this is done.

  • Jenny S.

    To all the people whining about square charging additional fees, were you expecting them to provide their service for free out of the goodness of their hearts? Every credit card processing company charges fees because that’s how they stay in business. If you can’t afford to pay the <3% fee to receive credit card payments you fail at business.

  • Mark H

    Wow, just wow…

    I’m sensing a trend with those that can barely spell, punctuate or have any sense of proper grammar in the replies above are the ones that complain the most?!?

    • kate28

      Seriously, comment Nazi…

  • HwyXingFrog

    Here are some things people don’t realize:
    – there is no charge for the customer except what they already pay for interest on their own credit card
    – the business owner (holder of the Square card reader), pays 2.75% per transaction (which is pretty good for a few transactions)
    – If the business owner wants, they can pay $275 per month and pay $0 per transaction (although there is some small print)

    I will say, I’ve ordered mine, as I have had many times that accepting a credit card would be helpful for even my personal use.

  • Jason

    Dear dongle,
    I really don’t think you have any idea what you’re talking about.

    Afraid of Id fraud? If you are the customer you are taking the same risk you take handing your credit card to a waiter in a restaurant. The dongle device for all of these payment systems automatically encrypts the card number upon swipe. The business using the dongle does not know any information other than your name and the last three digits of the card, unless they have a photographic memory or you leave them alone with your card. Once again, same risks as many retail establishments.

    usung your data plan? Umm, once again this is where you’ve confused me since this would be directed at the business owner using the dongle on their phone to send the authorization information to the credit card company or sending receipts to the customer. If your business can’t afford usunging your data plan that much then yes, this probably isn’t for you. The customer does not usung their data plan at all in this transaction.

    getting extra calls on your mobile? Huh, who’s calling you? The dongle is on the businesses phone. You as a customer never have to give out your phone number. All this device does is allow a small business person to swipe and accept credit card payments from you the customer on their phone.

    I think you should try reading up about something before you run off wildly spreading FUD about something you obviously know nothing about.

  • Swizzlerz

    make a windows phone 8 version and i would use it with my next phone 😀 2.7 is better then the near 8% I pay to maualy enter the card number over the phone.

  • Margaux Panlilio

    I am not sure why didn’t Square do this when they launched in the US. I don’t consider this as a breakthrough or milestone for the company… It would be if it was somewhere in EU or Asia. Square is going over their marketing strategy since they know more companies come out to compete them in the MPOS arena. Good thing I switched to mpowa (www.mpowa.com) who’s nothing like that darn greedy Square!

  • Ray Fields

    No chip and pin. This is the reason why Square had never made it across the pond to the UK. There is just no way their current technology can make it here. I have to say in terms of technology and strategy mPowa exceeds Square.