Rogers posts Q3 net profit of $466 million, increases subscriber base to 9.43 million


  • Calgary


    • Mr. Reliable

      Do you own a business? Yes? And you charge your customers, what? 10% profit margin? And your still in business?


    • jackjia

      to the person above me.
      Wireless is more of a “service” company. Which margin normally should not be above 30% ….EVER

    • dadadan

      I’m with you on this one. My jaw literally fell on to the floor at which point I had to pick it up and re-attach it.

      No company of their size should be netting that much profit in a quarter for the type of industry they’re in. This completely explains the insane prices we pay for anything Rogers related.

      This is a pretty big eye opener if you ask me.

    • Wow


      Calgary is Right.

      48% margin IS HUGE!!! It is practically robbery!! Here are some examples:

      Airline industry : 2-5% margin
      Oil companies: 24% margin
      Banks: 10-12% margin

      If you look at other telecommunications/cellular companies around the world, they have a margin in the range of 5-20%.

      Even your GREEDY GREEDY Apple has something like a 25% margin.

      Just shows how much Robelus overcharge you guys.

    • Sun

      48% is the Operating Margin in the just the wireless segment.

      Rogers would also have many non-operating costs that are not fully reflected here.

      Many costs are shared among the different segments: wireless, cable, business solutions etc. They don’t have to necessarily disclose publicly how they attribute them (for competitive reasons).

      But as a full company, their net profit margin is just shy of 15%. ($466 mil/ $3180 mil)

  • Alex

    I know I’m probably the small minority, but Rogers has been great with me overall.

    • jackjia

      alex do u live in an alliterative universe?

    • David

      @Alex the “best” has yet to come

  • Tom Zolnierczyk

    Communication companies are only ones posting big profits year after year in Canada. This is due to lack of competition and rather studpid regulations preventing/making difficut for foreign companies to enter. Plus, the Robers/Bell/Telus keep important polititians deep in their pockets. That is why we pay so much more than other countries

    • The Nexus

      “Communication companies are only ones posting big profits year after year in Canada. ”

      You may have forgotten about the banks. . . .

  • David

    Looking forward to the day when they lose $466 million. I wanted Rogers to fail so bad, I stopped watching cable TV and no longer a fan of Jays, Leafs and Raptors. I also put up a sign on my front door saying “No Rogers allowed”.

    • 45

      I’m also not a fan of the Leafs, Jays or Raptors, but for entirely different reasons.

  • Mike Hawk

    Thier profit margins are in line with the industry. AT&T is at 43% I believe. Bell and Telus are no better.

    This is not just a Rogers thing.

  • Anon

    AT&T isn’t exactly known for value either.

  • gavins

    Gotta love media people that print off the record comments.

  • Netguru

    “When we spoke to Rogers president Rob Bruce last week, he claimed (off the record) that approximately 90% of all new activations on the network are smartphones.” If he really made a comment off the record, either it is not to be reported or it is reported WITHOUT attribution. You have now made it ON THE RECORD. Personally, I don’t think you know what the term really means.

    • Carlo

      I was thinking the same thing Netguru about his on the record “off the record” comment. LOL

  • Mr.Magoo

    We live in a capitalist society, why is it that people believe it is wrong for a company to make money. I have a business, and I’m in business to make money, lots of money.

    • David

      We don’t mind business making money, but we expect businesses to provide products and services that make the money we paid worthwhile and the Big 3 failed in that category big time. When have you seen in this forum that somebody is whining that Google is making too much?

    • Allan

      @David…if consumers aren’t satisfied with the service and feel like their being ripped off, then why do they keep paying for it? It’s like if a restaurant serves bad/expensive food…then stop eating there. These numbers just show us that people like to ‘complain’ about prices…but at the end of the day the prices are reasonable because people continue to pay. It’s just like gas prices…people keep complaining, but keep driving…because it is still the most economical way of travel.

    • Brent M

      @Allan people keep paying for these overpriced services because we dont have any other choice.

      Our choices are sub-par service for insane prices (the big three) or horrible service for a price we should be paying for the big 3 level of service (wind mobile, Mobilicity, etc…)

  • delumen

    I hope the increase in profit is just from people cancelling contracts and paying out to leave.

    I’d be really interested to see how they do 3 or 4 years from now, especially after the spectrum auction next year.


    Then if Rogers is so bad and Bell , Telus are not any better then which is the best of the 3 Evils ?? the new comers Wind , Mobilicty are having issues also .

    • aliwhatsit

      Telus is slightly better. Not by much, just slightly.

    • Allan

      Telus has garbage reception and phones.

  • mjolnir

    Except AT&T dont have 3 year contracts, they have 2. Also their rates are lower for the equivalent plan. If I get that here from Rogers, I wouldn’t mind THAT much.

  • Bruce

    Rogers is nice. I love the sports package they offer on digital tv. My wife loves her new iphone five, And my kids love there smart phones. I also recently purchased there new home security system, I make sure that my double car garage full of junk I dont need is secure. My $400+ bill a month is worth it because I get points on my maxed out credit card. I am a nice tipical canadain.

    • Porilaisten


  • Mr.Magoo

    The reason you don’t see people whining at Google making money is that most of their services are free to the consumer, so how can you complain. Totally different industry, cannot compare. If you don’t see value in a companies product or service, then don’t buy it.

  • Thilan

    I have been mostly happy with them for the last 11 years…but they lost me yesterday as a customer. I ended up on one of their 6gb plans with longs distance and was only paying about $65 per month, but I found I was barely using the data…for example half way through this month and I had only used 66mb (yes, only 66mb). So I called and asked them to switch me as I don’t want to pay for something I barely used. They basically said they can’t, so I ported over to Virgin on their new $45 plan (didn’t go with Koodo because of the higher data overage…just in case). The Virgin plan is even better for me since I text to the US once in a while.

    • Thilan

      Just to add, I was paying $45 with long distance before I switched to the data plan, so essentially I was paying $20 for 6gb of data but with a really small voicemail box.

  • Shaggyskunk

    Not hard to see how – rogers charges $5 per Gig of wireless data on my plan – BUT if I go over – $20 per Gig!!! CRTC, This is what happens when you don’t do your job! Let fair competition actually exist in Canada – NOT Collusion & Monopolies!

    • WirelessBoy

      You are obviously on the wrong plan, their new plans have overages that are $5 for 500MB. Something tells me you should call and have your Data Plan changed, if not stop complaining.

  • Srslyguys

    @jackjia Why should a service company never be allowed to make more than 30% margin? Do you call around to garages before you take your car in for an oil change to see who is making the least amount of margin from your business? The big 3 are publically traded companies, its in their mandate to make as much for the shareholders as possible. I bet everyone on these forums would be singing a different tune if they owned shares in any of the big 3. If you don’t like it, move to Cuba and have fun with your 2G network with no data, but sleep tight knowing the provider isn’t making much money.

    • Mr.Magoo

      100%, nicely said Srslyguys.

    • Ron Mexico

      When we call around to the “different garages” they all charge the same prices. The Big 3 price fix. There is no REAL competition here to shop around.

      Hopefully Wind survives and changes things, but even then I think Wind will just join the party and we’ll have the Big 3 and a 1/2.

  • Bruce

    I come from a small island in europe and due to the immence competionion the rates are about $15 a month for talk and data. Its not unlimited talk but it comes to 0.01cent euro a minute. my parents only use like $5 in 3 months. I also understan that it only take 10 antennas to cover the whole country LOL.

    • Canada is too big

      Yeah… whereas it takes 20 towers to cover the highway from Sudbury to North Bay in Canada, along which maybe a few hundred customers per company actually reside. Apples and oranges.

    • Bruce

      Canada is to big, but it dosent hurt there profits.

  • andy c

    compare these to verizon’s numbers.

    Verizon SOLD 6.8 million SMARTPHONES last quarter. that’s more then half of Rogers entire subscriber base (smart and dumb phones)

    • WirelessBoy

      To a population that is 10 times our size, get real, stop comparing Apples to Oranges.

    • jack

      guys, a chinese telecom company sold a billion phones last year.

  • Bubbles

    I’ve read that they added 40K customers on the Day1 of selling iPhone5. So in the rest 89 days they added only 36K? Something doesnt add up.

    • jack

      net additions.

  • RL

    The company now claims 9.43 subscribers…

  • abc123

    Why people still sign agreements with such a greedy company is beyond me…

    Are we that stupid or we just don’t care?

    • Allan

      That’s just it. We are stupid and we don’t care. We just know we need smartphones and data plans (except we don’t know why).

  • Aiden

    I finally finished my 3 year contract. WOW 3 years is a long time jesus. Anyways I’m leaving bell and going to wind or mobi for my next phone

    • WirelessBoy

      So Aiden, tell me, when you originally started your 3 year term, was there an option for a Monthly plan? Chances are there was and you chose the 3 year plan to get a cheap or free phone right?

      So, why is it Bell’s fault that YOU chose the 3 year option when you could have taken the Monthly plan instead?

  • John

    I love the bashing of Rogers, do you know what it means to run a business? If they can get high margins all for it. I’m gonna invest In rci.

  • internation

    Make that one less postpaid subscriber. After 6 years I left today!