PayPal Here launches in Canada, brings mobile payments to the forefront


  • Alex

    Can’t wait for the Android implementation to be seen around me

  • Anonymous

    Looks kinda cheap/easy to break/stupid/not a good idea. But price is everything.
    An innovative idea for sure, needs to go down the right path. I don’t know how many people who own small businesses would be willing to hand their iPhone to a stranger though.

  • Me

    … the mark of the beast …

  • GK

    If i were a street vendor, Id feel uncomfortable handing my iphone to certain people (sketchy-looking people). Imagine if they take it, there goes not just your iphone but all that information.

  • shaggyskunk

    Great idea & a good way to get rid of that piece of iTrash…..

  • Gerald

    Total rip off of Payfirma’s app.

  • Kid.Canada

    I agree, I wouldn’t hand over my iPhone to a complete stranger especially a sketchy looking one. Great idea but it’s whether you’d trust a complete stranger with your iPhone or not.

  • Jimmy

    Payfirma did this for Canada a year ago!

  • dizzy

    Prettttty sure the company is named PayPal, not PayPay… but otherwise this is pretty awesome news!

  • Jamie

    Blackberry compatibility?

  • Keith

    NFC will render this useless technology in a year or two.

  • Drew

    What a great way to skim cards! If any of you have had your credit card number stolen before, like I have, you’d be leery about this. With so many ways to skim your information, I’ll never use a dongle attached to a phone.

  • Terry

    @Drew – So someone came up to you and started rubbing your pants with their phone and you didn’t start to wonder? 😛

    The dongle is for people taking the payments, not the people making the payment.

    There are many protections when you have the credit card information. (your pants, pin number, you not giving your card to someone). It’s after your credit card information has left your control that it’s most vulnerable. (wireless connection, database, hackers)

    @Keith – I’m sure it will be have a NFC scanner soon, if it doesn’t already. It’s the same idea as current wireless debit/credit POS systems that your pizza boy has.

    • Keith


      They probalby will add NFC but why would we pay PayPal 3% when will have access to NFC payment methods where it will be the merchant who pays instead of us?

  • Domingo

    I’ll pass, I wish there was a solution but this isn’t it. This will be hacked in some way within the first year I bet, and NFC makes me feel even less secure after watching cnn story on it. Thanks but no thanks.

  • Drew

    Hmmm… “Anonymous” comments pushing PayFirma on every story around mobile payments. I’ve heard shady things about PayFirma, and this just confirms it. I’ll take PayPal over a slimeball company like PayFirma any day.

  • TerrysNeverBeenScammed

    Terry, I take it you’ve never had your card number scammed before eh? It doesn’t have to leave your posession, or your PANTS as you say to be scammed – though it helps greatly. Sometimes, thieves get your number by breaking into websites and stealing customer data and then forging new cards without your knowledge. Not only that, portable payment machines are often replaced and/or tampered with by thieves when retailers are not looking. Especially the wireless ones. Yes, it is true that your retailer is hopefully conducting a transaction right infront of you, but there is nothing stopping that individual selling whatever out of the back of his car at a farmers market from reading the card and capturing the pin number of someone unsuspecting. I absolutely guarantee that you will read stories about thieves using this technology to rip off others. IT HAS HAPPENED ALREADY. Google is your friend.

    • Briggs

      Your lack of reading comprehension is incredible. While its true the portable machines are very easily hacked, you essentially just agrees with what terry said. The information is most vulnerable when it’s left your body. Like once it’s inside a db or transmitting over the air.

      Anyways. This tech is a no go for me. I’ll wait till something non PayPal based comes out that has a solid reputation.

  • Jim

    I just don’t trust Paypal and using it on my phone, no thanks.

  • Fish

    I’m sure street vendors could lock the phone to their cart or something like they do in Best Buy etc.

    If there are no monthly fees sign me up, I already process all my payments through paypal.

  • Margaux Panlilio

    I am not sure if I’m exited on this. And of course providing services on other parts of the world will take forever. I’m waiting for another provider to launch ( The service looks better than paypal.

  • Don’t Use

    PayPal is one of the worst companies I know. They have terrible customer service and are full of empty promises when it comes to solving account issues. They outrightly will lie to you on the phone. There are other payment options out there now and there will be many more in the near future. Trust me – you will be happier with another company!

  • Charles Carter

    Hi I have already signed up for the PayPal’s Mobile Credit Card Reader last year 2014>but it was

  • Charles Carter

    but it still was not set up in Canada..Can you let me know if it is now available.

  • Charles Carter

    I have a nokia smart phone…