Rogers prices the Samsung Galaxy Note II at $649.99 on a month-to-month


  • Sam

    Can’t wait to get it

  • iphoneee

    That looks a lot like iPhone 6…….patent infringement? 😀

    • 1234APPLE


  • Plan Shopper

    This is acceptable. Whether on contract or off, it looks like I’m getting a GN2.

  • David

    thats a good price. The N1 was over $700 now its the same as the S3

    • Tech

      Only if this worked on Wind, Wind is going to put such high price tag. Also have their weird policy that only new customers can have it and what not. Its not worth buying from wind. better to just get used AWS note 2.

  • Xsever

    If I am currently a Rogers customer and my contract is not due to be updated until 2 years and I want this phone.

    Do I pay the month-to-month cost or an off-contract cost?

    • Mr. Reliable

      You have 2 options:

      You can pay the off contract price and we don’t touch your current contract.

      Or you can pay the 3 year contract price, renew your contract, and pay your flexbalance of your current contract.

      The only way to pay the Month-to-month pricing is by activating a new number on a monthly contract.

  • Skippypaccino

    Now let see how much you save on a 2 year contract? 100$ lol. 95% of people will purchase it on a 3 year contract. Glad to see that the big 3 actually compete. Well… Lol

  • Beso

    If Rogers will not have their stupid bloatware on this phone I might get it without contract … but if they will include the POS rogers splash and icons then I wont buy it … hopefully the telus one has no bloatware!

    • techie 01

      Unless you are buying a Nexus 99.9 % of phones have bloatware Moron.

  • mauricio

    Only videotron don’t put bloatware on their phones you fools

    • Beso

      Telus also does not put any bloatware on their phones only the My Telus app which you can easily remove using some programs!

      I will just have to wait and see the Robellus versions at FS/BB and if any of them have bloatware then I will just buy the international unlocked version!

  • HotDoggable

    I will wait until the new year. By then it with be either $99 or $49 for 3 year as per usual.

  • Peko

    No mention if 32GB or 64GB version will be avaialble launch, and their pricings?

  • corey

    So your network locked, no reduction in monthly fees and it has pre installed carrier apps. What’s the advantage here?

  • emmanuel

    I’m pretty sure the international version does not have the LTE bands for here. It takes two minutes to root and uninstall the Rogers bloat if there is any. Not a big deal.

    • Beso

      true … but why root and and go through this root … a lot of ppl would rather not root their phones ….

  • Beso

    also Rogers will have their crappy red splash screen everytime you startup the phone! even if you root and remove the stupid rogers apps you will still have the splash screen!

    I removed the icons from my old captivate but I still had the screen and it is a pain in the rear to remove the splash screen and you will have to play with system files!

    too much hassle!

    • Authority

      damn Beso, my little sister doesnt b***h as much as you do.
      Aww poor splash screen, man it sucks that you are probably close to 30 and act like you are a little girl. but thats fine lol thats why it wont change 😛

  • Azzo

    Ah… I’m staying away from rooting since I failed at doing it for my gtab 10.1.. Ended up bricking it. but thankfully Samsung did a SW refresh :$

    I can’t follow instructions on YouTube for some reason.

  • Beso

    Also if you buy any of the Robellus Note 2’s you will get updates FROM SAMSUNG CANADA!!!!

    all the international S3 have been updated to JB and only the canadian ones are not!

    same with the Gnex … everyone had to flash to yakju in order to get OTA updates

    now the international unlocked Note 2 will get updates faster than Robellus ones!

    • monish

      Hey Beso..Thats all well and good but not important that we get the update right away. The North American Version has LTE which the International version does not

  • Grand Master B

    How about ignoring it, the bloatware. Grow up.

    • Beso

      why ignore it … why pay outright and have bloatware!

  • JesseS

    Yeppers, going to be at the Samsung store on the 30th to get mine… (how very isheep of me), but oh well, my current phone doesn’t work so i want one on launch day!

    • Beso

      they dont sell unlocked ones … they only sell locked versions of the carriers unlike apple!

  • yogibear

    Once again, Fido gets screwed. Getting a free HUP from Fido but none of their Android phones interest me. No S3, no Note 2.

    • Beso

      I gave up on Fido a long time ago … no real competitive plans and crappy phone selection!

  • moe

    i just call one of rogers store they said they will have it tuesday 16gb,32 gb maybe i can wait i will get it tuesday morning insha allah.

    • Beso

      no one will release the 32GB on the 30th. Everyone will release the 16GB version for now

  • monish

    Why is the Bell Price $729 and the one from rogers $649?? Is bell ripping off people and are they that dire for making a quick buck?

  • BBM Video

    Robber$ will charge at least $75 more for the outright price which is a joke. Who get’s a month to month contract to save $75 anyway. I hope and the new regulations push for 2 year contracts like the US of A

  • Eric L

    Aquire 64gb microSD: check.
    Aquire NFC tags: check.
    Aquire phone case: check.
    Aquire Psy tickets: CHECK!!!!!
    Aquire Note 2: Preordered.

    Can’t believe I got tickets! Just missing the phone >:D