TELUS now selling “refreshed” 16GB Samsung Galaxy S III for $349


  • BreathLess

    Wow another great deal from telus. Plus I assume after 3 months you can get this unlocked for $35.

    Going to affect the used market though.

    • Plan Shopper

      Or you can unlock it right away for $20 @

    • Marco

      Or you can unlock it for 3.95$ on ebay 🙂

    • Monkey Face

      After 3 years, you’d probably dump the phone and get a Galaxy S6.

    • John

      Or unlock it your self…

    • S2x

      A Good Deal, but not the Best one: let’s see the current market conditions:

      Nexus 4: $400
      Refurbished S3: $350
      Current Nexus:$350 (To drop to $300 after release of Nexus 4)
      S2 and S2x from Vigin/Koodo at $300

      Lots of options and if you see the pattern, you will see that the new Flagship price for 2013 will drop to $500; then jump to the iPhone.

      If you are in the market for a $300-$400 phone I would wait until first week fo November and define your needs; any phone in the list above is a great phone!

      Smaller screen-pocket firendly? S2
      Higher data speed witout LTE and Wind compatible: S2x
      Better Screen, tons of ROMS: Current Nexus
      BEST phone you can get for $400? Nexus 4 or SG3; your call, you can’t go wrong with either!

      With over 20 million units sold around $600 or more, The R&D, Marketing cost etc has been recouped. I think that the S2 will drop to $500 or even $400 to compete with the Nexus 4

    • S2x

      This is tough!
      -Refurbished S3 with SD card (pentile screen) for $350 or
      New Nexus 4 for $400 No SD Card; better screen, better battery, faster updates??

      I’m not a big fan of Touchwiz, and for me the smaller the better, so I will go for the Nexus 4.

      I expect the S3 to drop to $500 or $400 by Xmas.
      You can buy T W O Nexus 4 for the price of one iPhone LOL!!!

  • Beso

    WTF … only 90 day warranty … shouldnt these phones have 1 year if they were returned during the 15 days return policy …

    this is plain BS

    • caribouroader

      Jeez….if you don’t like the deal then just pass. Don’t bi*ch about it. I’m sure this price makes the phone affordable for some.

  • Simian

    That’s pretty tempting but with the possibility of a new Nexus around the corner, I think I’m going to hold off for now. Plus I’m holding out for the HTC One X+ anyhoo.

  • William

    “only 90 day warranty … shouldnt these phones have 1 year.” For refreshed phones the warranty should be even longer. Typical ROBELLUS!

  • You

    Why can’t you appreciate a good offer? I think it is pretty sweet…

  • EvanKr

    At first I thought I read “refreshed Galaxy SII for $349” and I thought, that’s an okay deal, but when I saw SIII I jumped out of my shoes. That’s a pretty damn good price!

  • Newbie1

    Can you unlock this and use for rogers?

    • Chris


  • Darren

    Whilst all three have crappy rate plans, Telus has been doing.some good things of late for non rate plan competition. It’s sad but will take what we can get.

  • haxor99

    While I agree the 90 day warrantee is aweful, it is pretty standard for a referbished item.

    • jack

      dont understand why a new phone has a 1 year warranty and a refurbished is only 90 days. if its unused, where does the 9 months of the warranty go? obviously something is wrong with the phone if they are only willing to give u 90 days warranty

  • qu3becker

    This is just great. Will probably get my hand on one soon. It’s a terrific deal. I’ll bring it on my Koodo plan… And they should give them to Koodo if they can. Koodo badly need phones with HD screen and more high end phone too. Their SII X looks good but outdated if you compare with most of the carrier (except Public Mobile).

    • qu3becker

      And the warranty could be better of course but I know if there’s an issue that you could just send it back to Samsung, I heard people just sending their phone away and getting warranty repair even when rooted and out of warranty. If this is not working, I’m sure someone would by it on eBay for around the same prize with some defect.

  • Nomes

    I just bought refreshed a SIIX from Telus for 200 3 days ago. If only I waited a few more days. I will probably end up selling that and buying this phone. It is a great deal.

    • S2x

      How did you get the refurb S2x?
      I’ve been loocking for them with no results?

      Called loyalty?
      Store available only?

  • HighClassFrenchCricket

    Telus sells Apple and Samsung refurbs for great prices, where are the Blackberry refurbs though?

    • Monkey Face

      Don’t think anyone would buy a refurb BB. I think they jiiust send its back to RIM.


    Hmmmm very tempting , can I just buy it and then unlock it and go where I want ?

  • Tacy

    Can this work with windmobile if unlocked.?

  • vn33

    Yup, I can see prices for SIII on Kijiji and RFD forum dropping very soon !

  • Marc

    I’m going to head over there this morning to see if I can actually pick one up for this price. I have a feeling that the associates will refuse to sell me one outright and no service plan.

    • Marc

      ***Edit*** Nevermind. I followed the link and it is a “Web Exclusive”. Oh well, I guess it won’t be here in time for the birthday party for my wife.

  • prufrock

    Heads up to those planning to unlock.

    Telus has a weird piece of code that resets any access points you add upon restarting the phone. You have to re-enter all the ap information every time it restarts unless you root the phone and run a rom.

    I have this phone and am using it on Koodo and have to always remember to either keep it always on and charged or be prepared to spend a couple of minutes redoing the ap.

    It’s a pain and is ridiculous.

  • crunch204

    Telus also has the htc one v refreshed is $150

  • OgtheDim

    I want the Irish one that burnt in his car window…….after being drowned.

  • Adam

    Can I buy this from telus without being a telus mobile subscriber?

  • deltatux

    If it has AWS capability, I’d take one and use it on WIND lol. Not a bad price at all, I know it’s refurbished, but not all refurbished are bad…

  • Nomes

    @S2X I have a friend at telus so I get access to friends and family pricing. I bought one for myself and one for a friend.

    The link for the s3 is not working :(.

  • Mike

    Page JUST broke o.o worked like 10min ago, now it’s just an error.

  • DJ

    it’s actually 390 TAX included. thanks for the info though.

  • Pol

    I saw it on TELUS’ website this morning. I don’t see it now. Good new travels fast 🙂

  • 403CDN

    Unfortunately the link is dead.
    I just got off the phone with a Telus Rep and he could not find it. Looks like the sale was short lived. Seems like Telus figured it was too good of an offer.
    Better of luck next time!

  • Vic

    So this is only a web exclusive?

  • Corrytrevor

    I purchased mine this morning but it looks like they pulled it from the site. Get a page not found error when visiting page and the “Featured Deals” page no longer lists it.

    Always better to buy first think later I guess.

  • trickyd88

    Wow, this is a great price for a solid high-end Android device that has many key features (LTE, NFC to name a couple).

    Said it again and will say it again I dig Telus and in my opinion they are the best provider in Canada. Their refurbished sales always have stood out as being good.

  • trickyd88

    **I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again

  • TP2

    The deal seems to be gone now, as noted above.

  • Canucks4Life

    FYI you can also still get a refurb Galaxy SII X via Telus team webstore for $200 no term…just ordered one myself =)

  • wahid

    I’m really disappointed about not being able to get this. I checked the same day after posting but they removed the web page. It’s a complete bargain, I wish I never knew about! Actually, I’m going to try to call them & see if I may be able to….

    • Sunil

      Still waiting on mine. Called them up and was told it was on back order but will be shipped out this week. It’s worth a try calling and asking to be put on a waiting list as I’m sure some people have cancelled because of the back log and pretty sure they’re continuously getting refreshed stock in…although TelusTeam likely gets first dibs.