Bell, TELUS and Rogers Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 LTE upgrade to Ice Cream Sandwich now available


  • Cal

    This is why I’m never gonna get a Samsung tablet. Especially not on a carrier. This is absolutely ridiculoous.

    If I’m gonna invest a good amount of money into an ecosystem, whether it be android, IOS, or Windows 8. I better get updates.

    Samsung has a s**t load of different phones (and tablets) from low to high end, that they don’t know where to start with updates.

    Is the S2 even getting Jelly bean?

  • Donatelo

    @cal man couldn’t say otherwise. Good question when we’ll get the s2 upgrade?

  • MR


    Actually Samsung is one of the fastest to upgrade (carriers do make it longer). Motorola, LG, etc those companies never bother updating their phones. And when they do, the update is buggy as hell.

    I’ve had the original Droid(Milestone) since the release, it took them more than a year to release the update that allowed it to play flash (which it was publicized to have since the beginning), the update was “ok”, then a year later they release another update (which was already outdated) and it was so buggy I had to install a rom. Motorola never again! … And now Google bought them, damn it!

  • Calgary

    If you want fast updates, ALWAYS GET NEXUS DEVICES!!!!
    They provide the best Android experience, the way it was suppose to be.

    • Netguru

      I agree and would add only get Nexus devices that are updated directly by Google. Samsung Mobile Canada has done very poorly on updates for the Galaxy Nexus. My wife’s Nexus S and Nexus 7 tablet, which are updated directly by Google, already have 4.1.2.

  • Cacciatore

    Confirmed, my Tab 8.9 LTE on Rogers just did the update. Only a 240MB download and within 6 minutes it was done the install and I now have ICS instead of Gingerbread.

    • alex

      You do Realize the tab 8.9 never run on ginerbread. It was honeycomb (the tablet OS) before the ICS today.


    I finally GOT IT!! on Bell..

  • Zoomus

    Motorola is the worst, and Motorola Canada even worse, I changed my Xoom and Galaxy Nexus over to the USA Firmware and I get the updates as they are released, both devices running 4.1.2,

  • motp

    For those that thinks Android versions are overrated, I just updated my Galaxy Tab 10.1 (wifi) to the Experimental JB ROM (CM10 by pershoot) last weekend from an official ICS rom, and I can actually feels the improvement immediately. A lot more stable and responsive.

    Conclusion: 4.1 Jellybean >>> 4.0 ICS >>>>>>> 3.x Honeycomb

    Hope Samsung soon releases all codes/radio for the 8.9 so community developments can continue beyond ICS.

  • Kevin

    S2 has been reported to receive Jelly Bean sometime in November. How close that will happen will obviously depend on carriers.

    But I for one can speak of just how delicious this device has become with JB.

  • alex

    Got it this morning. On rogers finally.

  • alex

    Is it just me or anyone else missed the honeycomb already?
    I don’t know, just kinda used to the old UI, old status bar, …