Samsung Canada: Galaxy Note and Galaxy S III upgrade to Jelly Bean will arrive “before the holidays”


  • Brandon

    This is excellent. 😀

  • iphoneee

    My iPhone5 came with GOOGLE MAPS 😀 😀 😀 😀

  • Adrian

    @iphoneee My galaxy s3 came with an actual user interface not icons…

  • xxgunnerxx

    Very dissapointing. They first said October, then November now before holidays – aka December.

    • KL

      what may turn out worse, once the telecoms get their hands on JB, they’ll bloat and tweak it for their liking. I wouldn’t be surprised if it gets released in January.

  • Goaferdan

    I’m already running JB (CM10) on my GS3. Although it is not Touchwiz, it works like a charm.

    I do miss the Touchwiz camera app though 🙁

    • S2556

      download one from the market. I got camera zoom fx and it does the trick. The aosp camera app kinda sucks 😛
      I’m on tasks AOKP rom (4.1.2) with ktoonsez kernel. Getting unreal performance and battery that last over 24 hours with out issues 😀 no bugs either the guy put together an awesome rom.
      I dont miss TW anymore. AOKP has so many other features

  • Douglas

    Samsung will release jelly bean before Christmas. Rogers and Telus have no reason to Hurry and release it though. Canadians wont see jb until the new year. I predict spring, at the earliest.

    • COB

      Incorrect, this post is about something “Samsung Canada” posted, they do not sell these phones unlocked in Canada hence they are referring to the carrier phones..

  • Paul

    If developers on xda are able to port versions of Jellybean to the S3 with one hand tied behind their back so to speak why does it take Samsung so long?

  • Kojack

    I am so waiting for this! I hope they get the update for the gs2x too! Im 100 percent happy then, if not, sell my s2 and go with an s3.

  • tweak

    Paul, its so they can sell more new phones most likely.

  • patrick

    I confirm, if you are willing to give up some feature of TW to gain many cool features from CM10 like colorful notification lights for individual apps, a better music player, a lot more freedom to customize the lock screen and a custom launcher, go for CM10, its VERY VERY smooth and already runs JB 4.1.2 and you dont have to wait for somsung or any other. Its a good compromise until official JB comes out

  • tweak

    Also I hope this update is rolled out by the holidays and not released to carriers for testing by then. And I also hope they add smart stay and a couple other features the gs3 and note2 have to the note 1…but they probably won’t.

  • Rob

    It’s becoming more and more apparent that Sammy knew it wasn’t going to get jellybean to us in such a short time frame since the s3’s launch. They simply said “very soon” to keep the sales for this phone rolling. Imagine if they told us back in June “oh right, jellybean. Yeah, we just released this phone, we don’t know yet, probably by around Xmas time..” how much sales would they have potentially lost? Not very impressed Samsung & carriers. If this is how it’s going to be I will be rooting my phone tonight, time to experience true android without the restrictions set by the big corporations. Like a bad relationship ‘its time to move on and start seeing other people’ (different roms)

  • billy joe masterson

    I will assume that robbers/Bill/Telmelies are working with Sammy Canada so this means that the actual release will come then.

  • gjeff12

    I hate to be the negative one, but them didn’t say which holidays.

  • I should hope it will be out before the holidays.. I was looking forward to getting it this month!

  • Nitin

    You guys need to stop blaming Samsung and realize they lived up to their promise. JB is slowly rolling out for the international version and everyone with the international version will have it by month end. Us Canadians get to suffer because of “carrier testing.” JB is probably now in that phrase if they have just released that statement.

    • andrew

      I have the intl version of the s3. I live in canada. will I get jelly bean sooner than the canadian versions?

    • Nitin Gaba

      yes you will just like the yakju galaxy nexus in canada gets updates before yakjuux.

  • TKG26

    WTF? What holidays? In what month is said holidays? I am tired of the politically correct BS….. LOL

    Seriously what is the holiday they speak of?

    • vn33

      No kidding eh ?
      From now until the end of the year, there is only one more holiday I know of … Christmas !! I wish people can just stop with this politically correct BS and call it as it is.
      The only people who cares for politically correctness are … politicians !

  • S2556

    I feel bad for you guys. I am running 4.1.2 jelly bean on my S3 since the day it was released from aosp.
    A little advice for anyone on the fence about rooting and flashing custom roms… DO IT.

  • squirrel_masher

    Can anyone confirm if you lose Flash support when moving from ICS to JB?

  • Cliff

    Anyone test any AOSP or CM ROMS on a Bell S3?
    I highly dislike the CM forums for not being clear on what is comaptible with the Bell S3 and what is not.
    Will I lose tethering?

  • gurnblansten

    Not sweating it – Aside from Touchwiz and Google+ crashing from time to time no rush. Happy with phone as had Ion prior to S3 so using ICS from get-go was nice. Not going to root until warranty is up because Rogers does not play well if you alter device and not wanting to buy another phone (2 in 3 months costly). Blame rogers and the Canadian Carrier in general, they drag their heel in releasing updates. Jellybean for Christmas – Joyeux Noël.

  • mattprime86

    Because Sammy does it without wiping your phone. Although restoring your apps and data is well worth rooting and ROMing. Cm10 win!

  • sp991

    I’m a proud owner of a GS3 but I’m fu%&ing disapointed in Samsung. They plan to take on Apple market share but they really lack the strategy. Apple is always releasing iOS update some days before the new phone but Samsung is waiting for the Galaxy Note II launch to realese updrage for GS3 users.

    The update is ready as some other GS3 LTE in the world have received it but they gor it after the GNote 2 was released locally and here we’ll wait and wait….

    Really frustrating when you know they have the ability to offer it sooner but are waiting only to make sure that the GNote 2 is sold as the only JB phone for a while.

  • Larry

    I’ve been using JB on my 2 years old Nexus S since this summer…. just saying.

  • germaican

    So is the update going to be 4.1.2 or 4.1.1 and if so how long will it take to upgrade to 4.1.2 afterwards? If the upgrade was something like change ringtones or some garbage like that it would be a different story. However it is said to improve battery life and functionality. So technically they are selling an inferior product. People knock apple but it’s clear that with both companies it’s a same crap different pile type thing. If it’s the carrier’s fault Samsung is a big player and can control distribution forcing them to release an update sooner. The update was promised from awhile ago, you do your customer’s a huge disservice when you lie to them

  • thereal2cents

    This is bullshit, at least give us a more concrete release date, when it’s this vague they have absolutely no incentive to push out the update. First they said October and now they’re pushing it back? There’s a complete Bell JB leak, so why would it take so long- do they have to wait for all the carriers?

  • John

    Welcome to fragmentation!!!

  • Noah

    why bother with it….. I didn’t like those skinned Android anyways…… the first thing I did when i got my SGSIII was rooting it and flashing in CM10 goodness!!!

    I don’t miss anything from touchwiz except the camera app. but hey, better battery life and all other features offset that already!!!

  • Steve

    seriously?? What a bunch of frikkin whiners. You bought the phone because of its functionality and yes because its fun. Not having an upgraded OS doesnt take away from that. Enjoy the phone for what is and not what you think your missing.

    Im sure JB will be great, but my Samsung galaxy note is still a great phone regardless of the OS.

    Will it be better with JB? Perhaps but since i have yet to use JB i don’t know.

    For gods sake stop belly aching. My 6 year olds don’t whine as bad as you all are.

    AND for the record its NOT Samsung delaying the roll put of JB, its thwe phone carriers who are taking their time to brand the software and install the bloatware they think we will use. (fb, twitter etc.)

  • Terry

    So where is this update? It’s the holidays.