Apple announces 7.9-inch iPad mini with 1024×768 resolution, 7.2mm thick and 308g


  • Dern

    Old news. Is it Oct. 29th yet?

    • Scott

      Curious, are you referring to the Windows Phone 8 announcements on Oct 29? Or is there something else going on as well?

      I’m personally looking forward to Microsoft’s efforts way more than Apple’s these days.

    • EvanKr


      I’m personally excited for them both – it should be interesting to see how some of the WP8 devices perform, and I can’t wait to see some of the final details for the next Nexus.

    • Sam

      LOL, if it has the same display as the Macbook Pro Retinas with image retention problems, those thing will be a disaster.

  • iphoneee

    That’s as big as……’s so unique – already in line…hopefully apple maps doesn’t mislead me!

    • rk.

      it already has

    • Tech

      Apple is such a copier.

  • Matt

    That thing looks wide as hell. How do I put it in my jacket pocket?

    • interesting…


      Matt, just heard from Apple, apparently all our jacket pockets up to this point in time have been of the wrong dimensions.

  • M.J.

    I didnt know this was going to be announced? There definitely the first to do it! lol

    If its not near 200-250 its another apple cash grab.

    • caribouroader

      More like a $350-$600 cash grab.

    • Sid

      doesn’t matter its $249 or $329, fanboys will buy it anyway…

  • briggs

    que the trolls in 3…2…1…

    In actual seriousness though, not a bad idea, curious to see proper benchmarks. Not revolutionary, but cool concept.

    • iphoneuser

      It’s not a concept when it’s actual.

      And no, it’s not cool.

    • Sid

      really? benchmarking A5 against T30L? I wonder who will win.

  • eshizzi

    That’s a big hand!

  • ActivesiN

    U-G-L-Y you aint got no alibi, you ugly

    • mrlotion

      i am ugly! f**k apple and its Ipoon

  • Hilman

    Haha, the iPad3 is already obsolete.

    • BT

      You mean like almost every piece of 1-year old portable hardware?

    • Hilman

      The iPad3 was released in late March for the US, Canada, etc and in some countries, it was released in late July making it 3-7 months old.

    • BT

      I stand corrected.

      …yeah, that’s kind of sad.

    • gjac0m

      So, just like any Android phone after 2-3 months?

  • Darren

    @ Matt: you have to buy an Apple iJacket® for the low price of $649 ($159 with a three-year contract). Just make sure you’re wearing it right to avoid connectivity issues. It also protects you from the elements when Apple Maps veers you wildly off-course and you are hiking in the cold.

    • duw

      You forgotten the $799 Canadian winter version ($849 for the territories)

      $30 for button adapters.

  • Christian

    Oh look it’s an Apple iPod XL

    • Brad F(anboy)

      @Christian “Oh look it’s an Apple iPod XL”

      Actually, that was the iPad, so this is technically the iPod XL mini.

    • DT

      Next up: the iPad Nano. 4 inch display, iOS, iSight, Lightning, Retina, etc. etc. It may have previously been known as the iPod Touch. But who cares, everyone will still buy it. Just don’t hold it the wrong way. Baaaaa

  • drone

    Has a 5MP camera and 1080P recording, bigger screen at 7.9″ and is thinner and lighter; already better than the Nexus 7,unless it’s like $400.

    • drone

      Truth hurts doesn’t it, fandroids?

      Besides the more available storage, the iPad mini is better than the Nexus 7 in every way… especially the quality of apps.

    • Tomatoes

      LOL Go look at the Galaxy tab 7.7 and the Toshiba 7.7. They absolutely murder this in every category except price and apps.

    • vn33

      Yup .. iPad Mini beats the Nexus 7 in the ability to rob its gulible followers blind with high prices !!!

  • 2011 called

    2011 called and it wanted to remind everyone that a 1024×768 on a 9″ (!) display wouldn’t cut it back then.

    The standard was set for 1024×768 on 7″.

    At least 7″ was pocketable and usable wherever you couldn’t sit down and prop up both elbows to hold the tablet.

    The only improvement this skinnier iPad brings is that you can now stand it up on the tray table of an economy class airplane seat. The old iPad just couldn’t fit, and when you landed and got to a desk, it was not the 14-16″ that would fill up the space between your arms.

    • Lazy

      Half the resolution of the iPad 3 to make it easy on lazy app developers.

  • Hilman

    $429 US for a 32GB iPad Mini or $249 for the 32GB Nexus 7, hmmmmm that’s a tough call…..

    • Collin

      Not to mention so much more functionality out of the box, if you download nexus media importer for 2 bux, if you have a USB OTG cable you can watch hd movies off of any usb hard drive..

      you could never do that on any ipad/ipod/iphone/ishit.

  • Dalex

    Ummm? Boring? The amount of times they mentioned the Nexus in this presentation is far more telling than the crap product itself. They used to not even acknowledge competition let alone feel so threatened by it. Its refreshing seeing people wake up from being thralls to such backward products aimed at illiterate zombies that Apple has to try to diss the competition in its keynotes.

    Google didn’t stoop to this level in theirs and didn’t bring up any Apple product at I/O.

    Oh and a size pissing contest? Really? Ours is 7.9 and theirs is 7? I guess they do sell to i****s, might as well argue like ones.

  • 2011 called

    Sorry, myyyy mistake. 8″ instead of 9″, if that makes any difference to anyone.

    Other bit of news is that everyone has to buy all new connectors just to use the device they bought.
    Lightning to mini USB for Camera +$30
    Lightning to SD +$30
    Lightning to USB +$30
    Lightning to VGA +$30
    Lightning to HDMI +$30

    It’s shameful that Apple doesn’t give you a $100 gift card with every New iPad and New iPhone purchase, just to get the bare minimum case and connectors to make it usable.

    If Ford sold you a car, and then came back later to demand extra money for tires — they’d rightly be sued for fraud

    • drone

      What a dumb analogy lol. Tires are a NEED whereas all the ones you mentioned are optional. They can’t assume everyone has those accessories and pay out $100 out the a*s. Please don’t ever get into busienss.

    • Brad F(anboy)

      “Lightning to VGA +$30”


    • John

      @ 2011 called
      Actually it’s 8″ to 10″…if you’re rounding up you need to do so in both cases to get a fair comparison…apples to apples, if you will. 2″ is a significant difference…ask your gf.

      Secondly, I have an iPad and not a single one of those adapters…it’s never been an issue for me so you can’t assume that one MUST purchase $100 worth of adapters.

      Your argument is nonsense.

  • som

    I believe I called this right after Steve Jobs passed away. Apple couldn’t wait till he passed away so that they can make more money by selling things he didn’t like.

    Steve wouldn’t have allowed this.

    • Brad F(anboy)

      “Steve wouldn’t have allowed this.”

      He’s actually the one who warmed up to the idea in the first place. He just didn’t want it to run phone apps like all the 7″ Android tablets.

    • Jack

      “They absolutely murder this in every category except price and apps.”

      Kind of important categories, no?

  • Ron Mexico

    Impressed they kept price down, $329 will cannibalize their ipod line.

  • enough crapple news for the day…

  • Tomatoes


    OMG this is hilarious. The Galaxy Tab 7.7 was released like almost 2 years ago and it blows this away in every category.

    And that comparison to the Nexus 7 about screen real estate is funniest thing ever. Especially since the iphone 5 is bar none the absolute worst device ever made at screen real estate creation.

  • Pat

    same s**t different year

  • BD

    @drone I guess that’s why Apple stock plummeted -15.00 points while googles remained at an avg +4.00 points


    • DominoLou

      Don’t forget what happen to Google last week. Also when comparing stock prices cap is key. Apple exceeds in cap compared to Google.

  • UCellular

    Great keynote. Seriously can’t wait to pick up one of those new iMacs with fusion

    • robot-shmobot

      I’ve had a “Fusion Drive” on my Windows desktop since 2010. If “Fusion” becomes a selling point like Facetime did, I’m going to go thermonuclear on Apple.

  • Thai

    I guess the iPad Mini2 will get 5 rows of icons?

  • Frank

    I’m glad to see I can now purchase an iPod in 3 revolutionary sizes.

  • Mario

    Cook says we can hold it with one hand but when it comes down to holding a Samsung s3 apple says it’s to big…. Android all the way Apple s.. ks

    • Hilman

      Haha, great point Mario, Apple = hypocrites. Didn’t Jobs say that the 7″ tablet was DOA, I guess its different when its a 7.85″ tablet lol.

    • Brad F(anboy)

      @Mario You can *hold* it with one hand… while you use it with the other. They also say the S3 is to big to *use* with only one hand.

      @Hilman Jobs said that 7″ tablets running *phone apps* were DOA.

  • Danny

    Did Tim Cook forget to mention its dual core and $329 while the Nexus 7 is Quad core and $199…..?

    Ohh and Google has an event on Monday….you have been forewarned! DROID DOES.

    • Jack

      Out of curiosity, what has “quad core” given you so far that dual core as not?

      Not disputing the value for tech, but haven’t really seen much benefit to quad core … yet.

  • drone


    business*. “Swype” is a real b*tch at times.

  • gropper

    Mini with out retina display is a bad idea, just wait until next year for retina, you know its comming.

    • Brad F(anboy)

      Once you go Retina, you never go back.

    • tony

      ^ Exactly. Keeping my ipad 3 till the retina mini.

  • Cody

    Wayyyyyy over priced….. $50 to build sell for $650. $600 apple profit baaaa

  • Sid

    i have a ramos w13pro 8-inch with the same resolution, dual Cortex A9 core, etc… it is the right size for me. But it costed me only, wait for it,


  • Sid

    I wouldn’t mind buy the IPad Mini, if it is $249 and with a A6.

  • Jack

    But wait …I thought Jobs said these were DOA? 😛

    I’m sure it will sell extremely well, but surprised at the price. I thought it would be $249 or maybe $299, given the strength of the Apple brand and the pricing of the Kindle Hire and Google Nexus tablets.

    $329 surprised me. Ditto for them keeping iPad 2, which looks like the most powerful from a brand perspective.

    • Brad F(anboy)

      @Jack Jobs said 7″ tablets running *phone apps* were DOA.

  • Mini MS Surface coming soon

    When is the mini MS Surface coming out , I will wait for that at 249.99 ..ha ha ha 🙂

  • DrBadass

    Takeee my money!! oh wait this is not the nexus 7….

  • Stuntman

    When viewing the mini beside the large iPad, the thin side bezels of the mini makes it look a little weird.

  • AWSGuy

    Does this come with:

    Poor battery
    Screen issues
    bad maps
    bad camera
    slow wifi

    and …. How many of these do you (consumer) get blamed for?

  • TouchMyBox

    So worse performance than a Nexus 7, a lower-res screen than the Nexus 7, and $180 more.

    Seems legit.

  • mjolnir

    So g*ddmn sick of crapples attitude… just as I thought they could not sink any lower they give out the worst keynote speech ever. hypocrites.

  • greaterbambino

    Switched from an iPhone to galaxy nexus after iPhone 5 became official. Now switching to a nexus 7 tablet after iPad mini drops. Wonder when I drop my macbook pro??

  • Jack

    @Brad F(anboy). I guess, but that’s reaching a bit. 😉

    The thing that caught my eye the most was actually the iMacs with Fusion. I need storage but want the performance of SSD.

    Wonder if Adobe will send him an “brand infringing” letter over his use of ‘Flash’ in the keynote?

  • Saad

    Why are they bragging that its bigger???? LOL isn’t that the whole point of a 7 inch :S – It’s your phones that should be bigger Apple smh

  • Hilman

    Not many surprises today, so much for Apple’s doubling down on secrecy lol. The real event is still to come on Friday from Google!!

  • Albert

    The build quality looks superior to the Nexus 7. You can’t argue that. What’s depressing is the amount of Android fanboys blasting Apple.

    • Jack

      Nor the number of Apple fanboys who seem to slap the salami nightly over their Steve Jobs action figures.

      But seriously though, you’re asking a lot for an objective conversation in a forum.

  • MapleHamwich

    I knew I had seen Romney tactics before. This reminded me that Apple has been on that bandwagon for years. Saying smaller is better, then saying .9″ larger is better… Then comparing non-fullscreen browsing to fullscreen browsing to claim superiority… WTF. Seriously, Apple is the worst.

  • Porilaisten

    Bader’s on his Apple streak again.

  • Shenzen

    is it q1 2013 yet?

  • _ThaNerd_

    Most were laughing at how big the Galaxy Note was, try putting this on a belt clip.

  • Apple Sales Guy

    I’m ashamed to say it but this was the least exciting Apple announcement to date.

    • Threecube

      Omg Apple Sales Guy just said a negative comment towards Apple. Now this is revolutionary.

  • David

    Apple VS Google debate aside, all I want to say is with a $329 iPad, we’re only scratching the surface of the Surface’s woes.

    • Hilman

      Nice one, that pretty punny.

  • SanRuelino

    I thought hardware specs will please my eyes but Apple failed once again… not to mention a whopping $329 for an old specs… I am not buying this…. nor recommend it to my friends.

    It will be Nexus 7 in my stocking this holiday season….

  • greaterbambino

    Wait a second… they make a 4 inch iPhone to be able to fit in one hand. Now they come out with a 7.85″ tablet… for one hand. What size carnie hands does apple use to measure products??

  • JustMeAndMe

    I just hope they’ll keep alive iPod touch.
    Who cares about their overpriced and oversized crap?

  • iphoneuser

    Wow, iPhone users have gotten so bad they have to resort to small technicalities as arguements.

  • Apple Sales Guy

    Is this a bigger I Touch or a smaller I Pad ? ..either way the price sucks 🙁

  • Apple Sales Guy

    Can’t give it as a gift , this holiday seaon , too expensive for that. At 249.99 , you can atleast gift it 🙂

  • vengefulspirit99

    so they’re gouging you again for a “permium” product…? doesn’t this happen every year anyways? why are people surprised?

  • Brandon

    Stop arguing. This is s**t. Move along.

  • TripleHelix

    “The prices are the same as the US version, which means that they will be slightly cheaper to us when compared to their American counterparts.”

    Uhm what?!?!

    If they are the same, then we are not paying slightly less than our friends south of the border. We are paying the same thing.

    • Jack

      Like the Apple TV, which was $119 CAD and 99 USD, even when the Canadian dollar was worth more than the US one? 😛

  • Droid

    Borat: Everyone knows iPad mini is for girls.

  • Johentie

    Apple should receive the award for “how many devices can we make the with SAME UI and make people waste their money so we can be rich”

  • hmmmm

    200$ for 48GB more????????? They will never change…

  • Bad Apple

    Wholy Crapple! I just wet my pants! Will geniuses from store be able to help me hold it in one hand whilst other hand will use it?
    I wonder how many of above whiners will actually stay in-line to get one? All of them!
    What a crock!

  • Actually

    2011 called:
    1280×800 in 7″ was 2011

    1024×768 in 8″ is more like a year 2000 laptop when they were the size of portable typewriters

  • god

    I’m am iSheep and I bought a nexus 7 like 4 month ago when google put it on sell. I was looking to buy the iPad mini… but with the specs I saw today, i’ll stick with my nexus 7… ARE YOU HAPPY YOU PRO-ANDROID MOBILE SYRUP READERS ???

  • Swizzlerz

    looks like an all right product. if I was going to get an ipad i would get the bigger one.

  • jay

    i think nobody need a tablet in this world. if you have a good phone why you need a ipad mini for 349$ and than you only have 16gig what makes it even worthless… 16 gig couple of apps and 3 HD movies done.

    who need that????

  • Wow

    I have an iPhone 5 and definitely will get the updated iPad 4th Gen.

    iPad Mini? A serious step back. Geez, my upcoming Galaxy Note II has a much better resolution than this iPad Mini.

    And for what? $600 and more? Seriously Apple, major fail with the iPad Mini.

  • JP

    Yo mama’s so fat that when she sat on the iPod, she made an iPad mini! XD

  • OMG BASEDGOD TYBG #taskforce

    Would love to see what Nexus does to blow this out of the water on the 29th.

  • _ThaNerd_