Koodo Mobile “Self Serve” app for iOS now available to download


  • barry

    they release something today and it’s not even formatted properly for the iPhone 5’s screen?


  • Jorden

    They actually submitted it before the iPhone 5 was announced (as per their discussion forum). Apple found an error (with iOS 6 I believe which is understandable since they submitted before the GM). Then they had to fix the error, and resubmit (late September) and it finally was approved by Apple today. Not all that surprising it doesn’t support iPhone 5 resolutions and while nothing has been officially said I’d be surprised if they didn’t update it at some point.

    Although it’s visually identical to Telus’s app and it doesn’t support iPhone 5 resolution yet either…

  • pats

    iphone bill just over 100 bucks lmao

  • Jerry

    This app is as exciting as online self serve. Meaning, you might look at it twice a year, max if you don’t need to make changes.

    I’d rather they work on visual voicemail.