Update: Bell and Virgin release the “Garnet Red” Samsung Galaxy S III


  • superfly

    First. Great phone. Rip off price.

    • Brad F

      If you’re not comfortable receiving a $500 discount on a phone feel free to pay the full price.

    • SG3600

      What Superfly meant is that Virgin has the S3 in red for $600 just as from launch time!
      Bell has it at $650 and Telus started higher but now drop its price to $650 too.

      So I would pay $600 no more, and since Xmas is coming and Samsung has sold over 20 million phones I would expect Samssung to drop the price to $500 at the MOST! in 3-4 weeks considering that the new Nexus will be released at the end of the month in thw $350-$400 range!

      The Moto RAZR at $600 is just too expensive, hope they better drop the price if they want to sell the phone in numbers!
      Hurray for competition and Kudos for Google to lower the entire price bar by putting their Nexus at $350!!
      if you want the S3 I would wait a month or two weeks and get it from a place with 30 day-price protection. Xmas is coming..

  • Dalex

    It looks funky, I like it! Why only Bell though? You figure Rogers would pick it up just to represent… Telus is the Galaxy destination, they should have all colours… Oh well..

  • Is This Bb10?

    Does this have longer battery life? No? Then who cares?

  • MER1978

    Doesn’t the entire back cover come off? Make reasonably priced fun cover replacements… seems silly releasing the same phone over and over again in different colours.

  • Pahech

    da red wunz go fasta

  • James

    Rogers should get red, telus should get green and bell gets blue, then it does make sense.

  • AllanVS

    TO ANYONE WHO BUYS A GARNET RED … I will pay you $50 + the cost of unlocking to trade my white one for your red one.
    I so want that beautiful thing.

    • 0defaced

      I’ll paint yours red. for $50.

      you tool…..

  • Dukey

    1- the clash with the blue background is headache-inducing
    2- isn’t the s3 free with contract these days?

  • MattyMattMatt

    Why is Virgin only charging 100?