Koodo Mobile “Self Serve” app for Android and BlackBerry devices now available


  • Beso

    sweeeeeeeeeeeeeet downloading now!

  • sicpuppy

    self serve to spend

  • Adrian

    Glad to see Telus just rewrapped the existing My Account app for Koodo; hopefully it doesn’t have the same headaches as the earlier versions we lived with.

    • huh

      I wouldn’t complain….. at the end of the day.. it keeps development cost down.. which keeps your phone bill down… as long as it works… take it…

  • Mike

    So far so good.

  • BlackBerry Gangster

    Will this app work over WiFi?

    • huh

      yes it will

  • Miknitro

    Wish it showed actual data usage.

  • Beso

    works like a charm … both on 3G/WiFi

    where is WIND’s app … lol

  • Wolf

    It does show data useage. Just scroll down…

  • milzie

    Is Koodo any good? i plan on switching from Wind to Koodo because i want an iPhone. Any advice would be appreciated .. No trolling pls! thanks.

    • Jean-Francois Messier

      I use Koodo for over 4 years now and am very happy with it. I do not use any 3G or data-related services on cell, since they all are too expensive, IMHO. But Koodo gives me the solution for a cheap cell phone with Canada-wide calling with no LD charge. And I now can follow and manage my account on the phone over Wifi. Great !

  • Koodo guy

    Koodo is great! Canada-wide roaming included and I’ve never had an issue with their network. The Works is a great value as long as you keep an eye on your data usage – I have wifi access most of the time so 250MB is plenty for me.

    That being said, their iphone plans are pricy on a 3-year term, and you only have 2 plan options. If you can, consider buying outright then pick a plan that suits your needs. You should get decent resale value if you decide you want to upgrade down the road.

  • TheRC51

    If you are on Koodo and are using this app, you won’t be charged for any data usage! It’s a nice touch.

  • Richard MacIntyre

    I love it, KOODO is great Way better bell, Virgin.

  • erin

    Is this app ever going to be available for the black berry 9320?