LG Optimus L3 now available at Rogers on the cheap, $124.99 outright


  • Cnote

    iphone? lol jk guys.. okay troll away

  • Carlos Fabregas

    Basically an Optimus one with a new design

    • Low Res

      And a much lower resolution!

  • Brad F

    This phone isn’t even worth $124.99.

    Even the G1 had better specs, and it came out in 2008.

  • Sid

    Looks better than the average entry-level phone
    Good performance and fluid UI
    Flash Player support

    ***The screen brings tears to your eyes… literally ***
    Very poor camera

  • Jimmy

    this > iphone5, 5s, 6, 6s

    • Brad F

      Technically speaking:

      This < iPhone 1.

      Especially that screen, holy crap it's bad.

  • HerpingTheDerp

    What a piece of crap. This is what gives Android phones a shitty reputation. People are going to buy them trash, then be turned off Android phones for years to come.

    • HerpingTheDerp

      PS – Can’t you guy a Nexus S for like $150? Only the uninformed would buy this trash.

    • Andy

      These are the kinds of entry level smartphones that make up the bulk of Android sales globally, especially for consumers that don’t read these tech sites like us.

      If you are a reader that thinks that this phone is ‘crap’, then you’d be a hypocrite to tout and brag about Android’s 60+% market share worldwide.

    • EvanKr

      True, I have a friend who recently bought a Motorola Spice (y’know, the 2 year old entry level Android), and signed a new 3 year with MTS. Ouch! Anyways, when I recommended the GS3 because he was dissatisfied with the Moto, he told me “I’ll never buy another Android phone, mine’s crap. I’ll only buy an iPhone from now on”. He wouldn’t even consider WP.

  • S2556

    I think I found one of these in my cousins happy meal… :/

  • Interesting

    Maybe at $50…

  • Jebus

    Cut the price in half.

    • cet

      Then cut it in half again!

  • cet

    2 stars on TechRader. Why?
    Terrible display
    Clunky charging port
    Uncomfortable design
    No future Android updates

    no thanks!