Nokia details Windows Phone 7.8 update for existing Lumia devices


  • Mark Zurkoff

    I can not wait to put my hands on the new WP8 phones, the Lumia 920 in particular. In my opinion, WP8 is the most exciting OS on the market, currently.

    iOS – old and boring, yawn…
    BB – unimpressive, until BB10 comes out, and then we’ll see
    Android – pretty solid, but needs to be smoother, and more stable
    WP8 – unless you dislike “tiles”, this really is the best of the bunch

    • Dalex

      It will be hard to beat Android for me. If you have a recent device or if you know what you are doing, Android is very smooth/stable. I am excited to try out WP8 too. I think the tile concept is nice and refreshing. The only problem is the ecosystem. I’ve looked at the marketplace and I’d be missing a lot of the apps I use, but hopefully I can work around it.

    • Tom

      One thing that confuses me – aren’t the tiles essentially a way of presenting Android app widgets?

      In other words, if I like the tiles look (and I do) then couldn’t one of the launchers implement the whole tiles thing using app widgets?

    • Dalex

      Definately Tom. You have Launcher 7 that is the closest thing now. Its not exactly WP7-8 but it comes close to replicating the look. Its a decent launcher too.

    • jPhoneUser

      i think jb on gnexus is pretty much as stable as it can get. been using it from the day it was released and have had 0 crashes(OS) . it is up for 410 hours as of now and there is no noticeable lag in anything.

      for me tiles cannot come close to widgets /android notification.

  • Jesse

    Good to hear a little bit of info regarding 7.8. Maybe I’ll actually keep my Lumia 800 rather than upgrading.

  • Tom

    If you want a WP8 phone you should only consider Nokia. They are the only ones who care about WP.

    It was MS’s decision to abandon WP7.5 users – good to see Nokia working to give those users something.

    • Dalex

      Samsung might ‘care’ so much about WP8 like Nokia, but the Ativ S is definately not a second rate phone… Its like the GS3 but with better materials (aluminium back cover). HTC have also recently announced that they will be quite bullish on WP8 and their handsets next week should show it.

      On top of that, Nokia drive and maps will be available to all handsets in the future so its hard to play the exclusive apps card either when it comes to Nokia.

  • ruddias

    Things aren’t looking good for my Optimus 7. Hopefully 7.8 comes, if not it looks like I will try out Android.

    • Big Ang

      @ruddias – That’s the same reason I got my Lumia 710. I can’t understand why most people need to have the latest and greatest phones when they (A) don’t take full advantage of them and (B) their latest and greatest becomes a “has-been” in 6 months. I’d rather get a mid-range device and upgrade more often. You (and every 7.5 device) should be getting 7.8. You won’t get the Nokia-exclusive stuff, but you’ll get all the Microsoft stuff.

  • Marc

    @ruddias what a useless comment to make. LG doesn’t make any good mobile devices that can compete against other flagship devices. go buy an iPhone instead because you belong with the rest of ’em

    • ruddias

      Haha, If I wanted a flagship why on earth would I get an LG? And an optimus 7 at that? No, I got it because it was cheap and usable for the time being.

  • andy c

    i currently have a windows phone device and enjoy using but i think i’ll skip WP8 when it launches.

    I think the Lumia 920 is a great looking device but WP8 has not even been finalised yet. members of the media where very limited as to what they do during the Lumia 920 hands on. I keep hearing it’s going to run faster because it’s on modern hardware but it’s also a different kernel so can’t really compare to existing 7.5 hardware and software.

    I may take the windows desktop approach and wait ti’ll the bugs have been ironed out after the first service pack.

  • Big Ang

    Thank you Nokia! I will gladly be enjoying my Lumia 710 with 7.8, waiting patiently for you to eventually release a mid-range, moderately priced, Wind/Mobilicity/T-Mobile-compatible Lumia with the Pureview camera. Hopefully by Spring or Summer 2013?

  • Ross S

    I switched from Android to Lumia 900 6 months ago. It took me about 2 months to get used to Windows 7.5 but now I am loving the phone. I love the smoothness and simplicity, it feels very business like, but also can do enough of everything else! I keep my previous Android phone as a player and skype agent but after using Windows I dislike Android. As far as Iphone, I would not even consider one, since it is too boring.

  • chiru

    Thanks for the information. i want upgrade my Nokia Lumia 800 phone.please share is windows 8 OS is really greater than prasent OS?