Nokia details Windows Phone 7.8 update for existing Lumia devices

Nokia has always maintained that it isn’t giving up on its legacy Lumia devices once Windows Phone 8 is released. To that end, the company is promising an upgrade to its entire legacy Lumia line, including the 610, 710, 800 and LTE-powered 900 to Windows Phone 7.8.

These improvements, along with exclusive apps available onto to Lumia devices, will give Nokia an edge against its competitors and hopefully assuage some of the bad sentiment felt towards them as they prepare to release the Lumia 820 and 920. The company’s City Lens app is available today out of beta, and they’ll be bringing the very cool Cinemagraph app to older Lumias.

Such improvements include:

– A new Start screen look and feel, familiar from Windows Phone 8, giving you a whole new look the moment you unlock your phone
– Ringtone maker app to selected markets to create a personal ringtone
– Contact share app updated to support sharing over Bluetooth in addition to SMS and email
– Bluetooth file transfer to send media files via Bluetooth from your Lumia device to any other phone

These aren’t huge changes, but Nokia is also bringing some of the camera Lenses shown off at the Lumia 920 demo to its existing products. While not all of the performance improvements will be present — WP7.5 is hobbled with much older hardware — the company is promising to bring as much functionality as possible to existing products.

No word on when these updates will roll out, but it’s more than likely they will hit the streets shortly after the launch of Windows Phone 8 at the end of October.

Source: Nokia
Via: PhoneArena