HTC to announce Windows Phone 8 devices during the third week of September?

A previous report suggested that HTC was prepping to release three new Windows Phone 8 devices in October, the Zenith, Accord and Rio. To date there hasn’t been any images of these devices surface online, but new details have potentially risen this morning. According to WPDang, HTC will beholding a media event in both New York and London sometime during the third week of September (17th – 24th) to announce their upcoming Windows Phone 8 devices.

The Zenith, Accord and Rio all come with various specs (see here), but the flagship Zenith will be the star player and have a quad-core processor, 4.7-inch 720p Super LCD 2 display (300ppi), and an 8MP camera.

HTC, along with Samsung, Huawei and Nokia will be the first manufacturers to launch Windows Phone 8 devices. It’s also rumoured that Nokia will announce their new Windows Phone devices on September 5th and have a 1-month WP8 exclusivity.

Source: WPDang
Via: The Verge