Google updates Search app for iOS with enhanced voice features


  • Patrick


    • Me Ted

      I agree. Siri is complete and utter $hit.

    • Larkin

      will this be available for download on BB10?

    • Rio

      Exactly what siri does.

      And stop hating. Siri has been amazingly usefull on my long drive, dont need to touch a button or look away.

  • Dewey

    I agree Google Now is pretty neat

  • Brad F


  • Allan

    Is this available on Android Gingerbread or ICS?

  • RyanOver

    WHY GOOGLE, WHY !!!!! now ir’s availible for iOS but it isnt for Gingerbread or ICS user…. Goofle you should take care of Android people before taking care of the competition

  • W

    Not available in the app store yet 🙁