Motorola teases new LTE device on Facebook, will “make the big reveal on Friday”


  • barzing

    Probably the next Rogers superphone !

  • mikkey

    Motorola eh? Think I’ll pass…
    It’ll have to be something truly spectacular to even slightly peak my interest.

  • AK

    Another phone that not only will make us suffer but also give us a hard time in rooting,unlocking the bootloader…etc.

    No thank you, I would rather not go with problematic phones. A lenient phone with top specs that gives me the freedom to do what I want, with no trouble, is what I will always go with.

  • Carlos Fabregas

    Lots of phones coming out with
    snapdragon s4,
    1gb of ram
    8mp camera
    Always the same specs
    What’s going to make customers buy this? Even after what happened with the atrix

  • GCooper

    I had an atrix, it was overall a nice phone. Sold it and went to an HTC Sensation because I didn’t want to jump through the hoops of rooting and unlocking the bootloader just to get ICS. The battery life was good though, I wish they’d make and Atrix HD MAXX :(. That’s about the only way moto gets me back. Everyone has the same specs now, give me battery life!

  • Andrew

    one thing I always liked about mitis

  • anona

    It’s not a new phone, just a game. Probably just the Atrix or RAZR HD.

  • Destini

    +6I visit from my iPhone daily because I’m a tech nerd by trade and enjoy staiyng abreast of mobile technologies. Not everyone is such hardcore platform fanatic that they cannot see value in all of the devices out there. You’ll probably be getting some WebOS logs when I visit from the Touchpad here in the near future. :-p