64GB Quad Core Samsung Galaxy S III costs $1,167 (CDN)


  • Nick

    Free shipping? It better come with expedited shipping.

  • John

    Price sounds great If I was buying a car

  • Ralf

    I’d rather sign a three year contract

  • nim

    Yea, I think I’ll pass.

  • MicroSD

    I’ll just get a 64gb microSD…

  • iOS

    And the android trolls called Apple overpriced.. plastic never looked so expensive.

    • Fred

      Actually it’s Apple fans who said Android is more popular only because it’s cheaper… Know you know that’s not quite true.

  • Interesting

    Interesting how this is for basatne electronics, and now on a whole bunch of mobilesyrup pages, there’s an ad for none other than basatne electronics on the right.. hmm..

    • Mlads

      That’s just a tracking feature Google Adsense is using, if you visited Basatne’s homepage you will now see their AD pop up in adsense spots quite a bit because Google believes this might be something that interests you.

  • sam

    HAHAHAHAHAHA what an absolute joke, phone isn’t even worth $500cdn

  • Harris

    $1,167? You think thats expensive?

    Wait til iPhone 5 comes out!

  • mark

    Apple will sue Samsung for making a more expensive phone.

  • Aiden


  • D Brwon

    why on earth woudl anyone get this model/version ..first off the price is highway robbery! I can buy a phone and a tablet at that price point!! 2 Quad core does not do/allow LTE speed servics !! GIve me a 32 gig duel core any day !! Also keep they shiity quad cores to yourself until they can do LTE than don’t bother !!!

  • Jon

    I could buy two 32GB for that price. Insane.

    • Glwr

      Or compensating for a small …. 😉

  • Lemmy

    The same people who would spend over $100k on a Ferrari would buy this phone. They have money to burn.

  • MaLiXs

    at this pris I can buy a new gaming pc … this is literally overpriced lol …

    • Mike

      You literally can’t spell.

  • Cell Hell

    Let me finish wiping my butt with some cash and I’ll mail it right over.

  • zzZZzz

    it’s that expensive because it’s a 3rd party seller. Just like an iphone would be 1000+ in places not easily available.

    in other words, some company is trying to rip off people.

  • Fartknocker

    So Samsung has now decided to start copying Macbook prices.

    • RICKYB

      This is a 3rd party retailer. They are modifying the phone and reselling it and marking up the price. Samsung is not choosing this cost. You can buy modified iPhones upwards of $5000…. It’s the equivalent of buying a modified car for more, then complaining about the price.

  • Nathen

    Wait for the Iphone5 64GB price. LMAO

  • Jer

    screw samsung, what a joke

  • zzZZzz

    Stop dissing Samsung, it’s not them setting the price, it’s that website

  • Harold Roper

    Just what the Narco-Mafia gameboys “need.”

  • hollywooduke

    Does is have BB10 ?

  • shoo

    and no LTE

  • EH

    Now this is what people should be signing 3 year contracts for.

  • Nishant Bhatt

    Screw you Basatne…lol

  • Thrasher

    This is not as bad as paying a minimum of $2068 when signing a 3-year contract with Rogers for the 16GB version of the phone…

    • Mike

      When you sign a contract with a carrier you also get their services. Big difference.

  • Vengefulspirit99

    I like how people add every penny of your 3 years… Like it doesn’t cost anything to run a business much less a tech company

  • iamkennypowers

    only an android moron would pay a price like that haha. BLACKBERRY 4 LIFE !!!!!!!


    For 1000 it better have an apple logo on the back

  • sak500

    NOw apple will another case against samsung claiming sam copied their pricing as well.

  • Wilbour

    It’s now out of stock. Gee, just as I was gonna place an order for everyone in the house.

  • jackyoung

    LOL wow that’s cheap!

  • Dylan.D

    No need to even comment. Its just simply not worth it. If you want that much storage by the 32, and buy another 32 SD card.. You’d be saving hundreds…

  • Apple Sales Guy

    I’ve bought every single iPhone that has ever come out. I have no common sense and don’t care about money so I will also buy this just so my friends will stop laughing at me for having the out-of-date iPhone 4S.

  • PK

    They don’t call Rogers “Robbers” for nothing!!!

  • pats


  • Dina

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