Koodo to launch the BlackBerry Curve 9320 on July 20th


  • KER POW!!!!!!!!!!!

    They are back in a HUGE MAMMOTH WAY!!!!!

    Forget about BB10, this baby is the future!

    GO RIM GO!
    GO ONTARIO GO! (Rim is in Ontario)
    GO CANADA GO! (McGuinty is in Ontario)

    GO RIM GO! No seriously, go, away. HAHA


    • capitaln

      @ker pow
      What are you saying, man?
      Anyways, Koodo should stop getting these BlackBerry phones. They need more Android and Windows phones that are *not* outdated.

    • 9320

      This phone should be $99 on prepaid to sell in decent numbers.
      At $150 with Virgin is not selling well
      At $200 with Koodo won’t sell
      Expect the Telus Version at $300 ( The future is friendly)
      Or $30 on a THREE yr contract LOL!!!

      RIMM closed at $6.95 with EIGHT months to go until you can buy a BB10 phone.

  • Dave

    Virgin Mobile and Mobilicity are selling this phone for $150 bucks and they can’t even sell them. what’s Kodoo has been smoking?

    • Nick

      What makes you think they can’t sell them? Clearly they are selling them, or they wouldn’t have them.

    • anona

      They are actually selling pretty good on Virgin. It’s the only $0 BlackBerry w/o data, so parents flock to them for their kids.

  • superfly

    It was a typo. Relax. It was supposed to say “RIM’s skull” instead of “your skull” ok. It was a metaphor for the death of RIM and an agreement with KER POW’s sarcasm

  • jojo

    i can’t wait for the “white” berry!!

  • Mark Ewing

    I’m gonna stick with my Unlocked HTC Sensation. Selling these things is gonna be difficult considering they look like all the other Curves out there.

  • chris

    What’s the monthly for any of the carriers? A while back, Some ppl on the discount forums went crazy wanting a bb cuz of cheap plans. I think rim should keep pushing the growth of its bbm populace.

  • zzZZzz

    Good texting phone, buuuuuut that’s about it. I mean it’s a 9300 with BB7.

    On the other hand, people are buying these phones like crazy to ship them overseas for profit:)

  • Kevin

    $200 outright in not bad. The OS7 curves are actually very decent.

  • Screw you guys im going home

    I wouldnt even fork over $20 for this POS.

  • Sean

    The police wouldn’t pursue that I can guarantee that for sure. I did have a good laugh though

  • Matt

    This thing is a piece of s**t. The people who get them, all but complain!

  • ry29

    I can understand the need for a low end bb, but why why why the 320×240 display they put in the curve 8300 4 years ago.. at least put a 9700 display in one of these…

    • CIEB

      Then the price would be min 250. This curve is a smart move by RIM carriers are selling them on voice only plans which is attractive to teens and folks that may need a cheap replacement, thus helping RIMS subscriber base and market share. Obviously it won’t do much market share wise at this point but at least helps slow down their decent until January when BB10 Launches.

      I have a Dev Alpha and BB10 is something to watch out for in 2013.