SwiftKey 3 comes out of beta, on sale for $1.99 for a limited time


  • boojay

    Is this latest version even remotely close to being as good as Swype? I remember trying an older version of Swiftkey and was less than impressed.

    • Mark

      My guess is it had to be just your hardware. Swiftkey is hands down my first choice for an android keyboard.

    • boojay

      Can I type without looking? I can with Swype. I don’t mind giving it another shot.

  • Steven

    This keyboard is most likely the best keyboard out for Android right now.

    • boojay

      Can I type without looking? I can with Swype.

  • Jordan Hill

    Why not just upgrade the first one? I paid for the first one and I love it. Does this mean I need to pay again for this version?

    • Guy

      It is an upgrade, at least for Swiftkey X. Your Play app should auto-recognize it and replace Swiftkey X with Swiftkey 3, no charge involved (standard patch-update download).

    • B.W.

      I was wondering the same. My wife bought SwiftKey X a while back (I prefer Swype myself) so I can’t confirm without her device but I think it’s a free upgrade since the reviews for SwiftKey 3 on the Play store include previous versions.

    • Jordan Hill

      ahh you’re right. i thought the “3” meant new product and I had to re-buy. my bad. looking forward to using this already amazing/best keyboard upgrade

  • alexrobot

    I really loved Swiftkey X, I upgraded to this today on my Nexus One and took a bit of a performance/smoothness hit, so if you’re running older hardware like mine, be forewarned before you upgrade.

  • Josh

    For $1.99 I think it’s worth the purchase even if it doesn’t work out in the end. I’m going to give it a shot.

  • Spikedlemon

    With GO being free… I have a hard time to justify.

  • brian

    I’ve been using the beta and LOVE it! Can I continue using the free beta or should I purchase the official version?

    • Faffy

      Your beta actually expires after a certain date (mine is Jun 26) so you’ll have to buy the official version.

    • brian

      Thanks Faffy. my beta expires june 26 too. purchased! best $1.99 app ever bought.

  • Zeake

    nothing compared to real qwerty.

  • metoo

    Prefer Swype

  • vengefulspirit99

    Between Swype and Swiftkey, Android users will now start to have those awkward spell check bloopers

  • kenypowa

    The beta was good, and this update smokes it. Wow, this is the most beautiful keyboard on any platform!

  • EddieWinslow

    I bought swiftkey a while back when it was on sale, never really used it, tried out 3 today and have to say I LOVE IT. I was using the stock ICS keyboard, but this is just much more accurate.

  • js

    Amusing how Swype people troll with useless comments. If you don’t like SwiftKey don’t use it. It’s that simple.

    I have been using SwiftKey 3 for most of the day. It’s great so far but there are some small button changes you’ll have to get used to if you’re an existing SwiftKey X user. There was previously one key you could hold (I think ‘123’) and it’d skip to a keyboard view with directional keys… this seems to be gone in SwiftKey 3 which is rather disappointing.

  • KnightFire

    Any additional fonts added… like proper emoji, not just dingbats?

  • Adam

    I’m having issues with this update. If I have already typed a sentence, and I go back to add something in between a couple of words, it adds a bunch of stuff at the end of the sentence and I can’t go back to where I want to edit unless I close the keyboard tray and open it again.

    Using a Galaxy Note. This has happened to me in the past, and this is why I stopped using it.

    Anyone else have this issue, or something similar where the cursor jumps to random spots on the screen?

  • STY

    Going to try it. Swype always gave me trouble because my active fingers would block the view of the next letters.