RIM’s upcoming physical QWERTY BlackBerry 10 device won’t have a trackpad (Rumour)


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    • Bobby Bill

      Garbage. Complete utter garbage.

    • NothingNew

      Sorry but is an article about the OLD article based on the ALPHA -Developer version, that obviously DIDNT have a trackpad?

      Now they say state the obvious (No trackpad as we can see in the “leaked pics”?? What’s the point of the article? This is simply a repost!

      L-looser Series
      N-Non Existent series

      RIMM still at $8.99 Goldman Sachs puts it at $7, maybe next week?

  • Michael

    Looks good. I was watching the business news on RIM and an analyst was commenting on how BB10 would abandon die-hard physical keyboard fans and it looks like RIM has addressed it nicely. Really looking forward to seeing RIM come back strong this year with some good product.

  • franzJoseph

    It better have a bigger screen then!

  • haxor99

    To ditch the trackpad is a very smart idea and they should have done this once they included touch screens.
    I’m hoping RIM releases some great phones this year.

  • Bromanda Bolz

    Why fix something that wasn’t broken? People actually like to have psysical a keyboard and a trackpad. RIM is just digging its own grave.

    • Marco

      The physical keyboard will be around. They are launching BB10 with a full touch screen (L-Series), which is to be followed by one with a keyboard (N-Series. They keyboard is here to stay! Note the slide suggests combining touch and Qwerty.

  • ELNY

    I just hope that RIM finally starts putting out some high end phones that will be supported for more than just one OS version. As “fluid” as they may state their OS is with lower end components, they have to realize people do not care, they want to see raw, big, buzz words like QUAD-CORE, 1.5+Ghz, 1Gb RAM, etc. The screen quality, as long as it looks very nice, will be more forgiving.

    • G -man

      There’s no advantage to quad core in a cell phone.

  • Pablo Moses

    Very good the L-Series for my wife and the N-Series for me.

  • narci

    Bad move.

    With a smaller screen, it’s sometimes hard to click on links and such. Using a Trackpad makes it a bit more precise.

    • bb

      i agree with this, the track pad comes in handy for people who don’t like the touch screen as much or even people that have bigger hands. I also believe that the physical keyboard will always be better then touch screen. The only reason people dislike it is because it takes up screen size, but if i want to have an entertainment unit i would buy a tablet. we went from lets see how small we can make phones, too lets see how big we can make them again!

  • ronll

    Its a larger screen, and good decision on RIM ‘s part

  • fanberry10

    Very cool!…cannot wait!!

    • NothingNew

      Yes, you CAN wait, and WILL HAVE TO.
      The ONLY OFFICIAL news re this device is what they TOUCHED, a pre-prototype-Developer Alpha device.

      If BB10 was a baby it would be at the stage of “Don’t know what to wear on the way to meet the person that eventually will introduce you to whom eventually will be the mother of your kid” – That’s how close RIM is.

      Android, iOS and W8 just waited for 5 minutes in the washroom and the little thingy turned BLUE, ITs a sure thing and it does EXIST, it will come wether you like it or not!

    • Rigo

      I still use the Bold 9000 currently and I do still like it aside from the track ball iseuss.. I know nothing about your Curve 9300 so I can’t really give you an opinion on the difference.

  • Darren

    I love how people have nothing better to do than dump all over RIM. Android is a bug-laden battery hog and privacy nightmare, and Apple is a locked down Fisher-Price toy. I’m looking forward to dumping my Nexus S if BB10 is even on par with the current alternatives.

    • bb

      Fisher-Price toy….too funny.

  • 2dfx

    This is moving forward – or at least moving with the mainstream. The trackpad is a homage as a maintenance-free trackball. There was a time where the querty BB devices needed this for navigation.

    But now, with a more fluid UI and the advent of the capacitive touchscreen, the trackpad can officially be relegated to legacy status. Smart move.

  • Djami

    The advantage of the trackpad is that you can easily integrate it with your keyboard gestures – making one-handed use of your device a snap. I type with my thumbs (and use my right thumb to activate the trackpad). If I had to go back and forth from thumb typing on my physical keyboard to using my index finger to make selections all over the screen, there would be a big loss ergonomically.

  • kad

    i just want bbos10 on my bold 9900 🙂

  • Nathen

    Not to sound negative….but really ? Is this the best news to come out for a Company that is barely managing to stay on course ?

    People lets ALL face reality.
    Iphone 5 is just around the Corner, Samsungs SG 3 is already launched and about to go Viral. Google will Soon follow up with its NEW phone and Windows is doing everything including the kitchen Sink to get people on board.

    RIM really needs to Move Faster or become another Palm Pre.

  • Too little Too late

    Too little Too late. That should of been what was released in 2009 instead of the Storm. RIP RIM.

  • Alibaba

    I am hardcore rim bb loyal but I have come to realize after looking around how all types of people use iphone (fisherprice toy) its very hard for bb10 to even come close especially with how bb10 will interact with data network compared to existing rim network setup….compression…security etc etc…so Way I see it it will be another smartphone like windows phone or android etc etc…mini playbook..lol…

  • Mangufbat


  • teddygramz

    honesly im a rim fan any blackbery i had the curve bold touch and the storm the newest on i like its the 9790 bold nice phone but blackberry sould push there own updates cause its a b***h waiting for the company like rogers to relase it i been waiting forever 7.1 im goin get the new one too blackberry 10