Firefox for Android gets updated, has a new user interface and now supports Flash


  • juschilin

    Google – now your turn to enable support for flash in chrome. Hurry up already…

  • AK

    So, continuing from last week’s post, can I say ” I told you so”?

  • Xing Xu

    is this supported on blackberry?

  • Matt

    What does this mean for RIM?

  • Joe

    Just for what it’s worth in the Canadian mobile space: a significant portion of the development of this version of Firefox was done at Mozilla’s Toronto office!


    this app is also available for BB10

    unfortunantly BB10 comes out summer 2015

    • Patrick

      no need of this update as Playbook alredy support flash 🙂

  • Apple

    @Xing Xu &@Matt

    eye no no da engrush, eye no no haw 2 say apple or android so me no BB. y u people come here?

  • S2556

    How do they add flash support when chrome wasn’t able to?

  • Rebellion

    Unfortunately it’s only for phones, it is not available for my Transformer TF-101.

  • Patrick

    Not for my Xoom 🙁

    • AK

      it was released before they could add the support for tablets, in the next version it should work OR you could just download the nightly build and it should work

  • XS

    Is there a difference between this version and the Firefox beta? I’ve tried beta and didn’t like it, too buggy. When I tried to watch video on flash supported player it always signed me out of Skype.

    • AK

      Both the stable and the beta versions now have been updated. Try it out, it should be wayyyyy better and smoother :). Just update the beta and it should be good.

  • Howard

    Can you request desktop versions of sites?

    • iloverice

      That is a planned feature if not already in the development builds (ie. Aurora or Nightly) I believe.

  • KingK

    Very nice.