Jelly Beans land on Google’s front lawn



    If those are all individual some thing tells me they’ll disappear quickly.

    • RachelJones

      Quick, the black ones getting away!

    • NothingNew

      The Jelly Bean container was upright in the morning but RIM executives and Heins are trying to look for a place to hide by Thursday!

      RIMM close at $8.96 and its not even Thursday!
      By thursday it will be in the low $8s


      Just saw another pic that this is a clear android, it’s just not assembled here.

  • John Kickass

    Bring on “Keylime Pie” 🙂

  • G

    Take care of your lawn Google!

  • Dan

    Haha awesome as usual from the Google Bunch! Bring on Jellybean! And bring on the custom roms from CM9 making me have it on my phone months/years before the OEMs get to it 😛

  • js

    If Hulk sees this Google’s screwed.

  • Mischa Price

    i think they should call it Kiev it is a urcanian cake bring some international deserts to the droid party

    • Manbo

      Aren’t you thinking of chicken?

  • John Kickass

    urcanian? hahahaha

    dont you mean Ukranian? Kiev is actually a city in Ukraine, maybe a cake was named after it, either way, the same source the leaked the JellyBean name also said that the next name is “Key Lime Pie”

  • Smitty

    Oooof..somebody there needs to fire the landscapers…that’s worse than my high school’s field :/

    …and I wonder what rev. L will be…

  • Aiden

    I tried to steal one of the jellybeans but they were glued to the lawn and made of rock.

  • John Kickass

    Are we taking bets on the future names?? My predictions…

    L – Licorice
    M – Marzipan
    N – Nougat
    O – Orange Sorbet
    P – Peach Cobbler or Peanut Butter Brittle
    Q – ?
    R – Red Velvet Cake
    S – Strudel or S’more
    T – Tiramisu or Toffee (or Timbit) 🙂
    U – Upside Down Cake
    V – Vanilla Milkshake
    W – Winegum
    X – ?
    Y – Yellow Cake
    Z – Zuccotto

    • Bobby Bill

      Google should hire you.

    • NothingNew

      You skipped
      K- Key Lime Pie
      N- Nanaimo Bar
      P- Can’t be peanut ( allergies) Pie( Too obvious?)
      X- Xocolate

  • Joe

    Xanthan Gum

  • jaylen

    How about…”White Chocolate cheese cake”? 😀 ……@ Milestones…check it out!!

  • R.Dot

    My device doesn’t even have ICS yet. Get your s**t together Google/Carriers.

  • ILikePizza

    Imagine what happens when they get to Q…

  • Andrew

    No release date? This is unacceptable RIM… I mean google. How can you do something and not give us every detail? I demand my demands are demanded.


    • Theywillbepissed

      They haven’t announced anything yet troll. For all we know somebody at google was delivering a novelty bucket of giant jelly beans to a nearby house and had a heart attack, spilling the jelly beans all over the lawn

  • EvanKr

    Google needs to open up a desert shop that sells cupcakes, donuts, éclairs, frozen yogurt, gingerbread cookies, honeycomb bars, ice cream sandwiches and jelly beans. Now THAT would be cool!

  • Jay

    This must suck for people at Google on a diet.

  • blackberry

    I hope this means BB10 is coming soon

  • animal instinct

    learned my lesson buying the phone straight from google now instead of buying from carrier. gotta wait for updates an enternity. n

    not worth it at all. those who have nexus straight from google are going to be showered in jelly beans while the rest of the carriers are still giving out their stingy updates of ics WTF WTF WTF