Samsung names flexible AMOLED display brand as YOUM


  • pipboy

    note to fruit company, this is what true innovation looks like. no lawsuits required.

  • mark

    apple is getting their lawyers ready to defend their patent on the letter “O”

  • go apple

    Why you need a flexible screen? You don’t need 4g either. All you need is siri!!

    • ihurt

      Are you an American? Siri doesn’t even fully function here in Canada.

  • shaggyskunk

    Clever… Apple is all about the “i”, and Samsung is all about the “you”…..

  • EvanKr

    I could see this being handy; not only would it be a cool party trick, but it would bend to feel nice and curved against your face, or curve to fit into your pocket and match the bend if your legs.

  • Kid.Canada

    Wtf? Youm? o.O

  • Justin

    Sure it’s not Galaxy Youm? Lol Samsung uses that Galaxy tag way too much on their phone names. Maybe other products they release and start using it too 😉

    • Jonnyd84

      You think Samsung uses the word galaxy too much? It’s their flagship product. That’s like saying apple uses “I” too much in their products.

  • aklsdjakl

    galaxy s3 with a 720p YOUM display? 🙂

  • johentie

    puhahahaha my wife’s last name is Youm!

    and my last name is Song (close enough to Sung) haha

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