Gorilla Glass 2 “has been designed into” the Samsung Galaxy S III


  • Joephus

    I really don’t know what to think of Gorilla Glass. It’s definitely better than the iPhone 4 glass (which im surprised that Apple didn’t decide to use Gorilla Glass)… but I have the Samsung Galaxy S2 and I got a huge scratch on it. My friend who also has the S2 has a huge crack after dropping it in his car!

    But from my experience and seeing people with Gorilla Glass – its really not that “impenetrable” as they have made it out to be.

    • Rio

      The iPhone intact does use some form of Gorilla Glass from Corning, they just don’t like advertising that it is Gorilla Glass. Steve Jobs and Tim Cook have said numerous times that they get their glass from Corning.

    • PkaTka3

      @Joephus How can it be better if the iPhone uses gorilla glass as well? It’s funny how biased you are.

    • Matt

      If you have the Bell/Virgin version, know that it does not have Gorilla Glass.

  • Chris Manchur

    My Transformer Prime got a scratch two weeks after I got it, but I barely notice it, yet I’ve dropped it a couple times then and hasn’t cracked once. Glass is glass, it’s not like it’s Kevlar so I’m not going to pretend it’s bullet and scratch proof. 😛

  • Jr67

    Joephus: apple has used gorilla glass since at least the iPhone 4. But it is still glass and can still break. I recall a lot of people were saying apple should not have use glass, gorilla or otherwise. I guess now that Sammy is using it it will be a a feature those same people want.

  • trev

    So much going on about this sIII. Its crazy.

  • Zod

    I have a Cowon S9 mp3/flac player that is about 3 years old. It was the first device I owned that had gorilla glass in it. It remains unscratched.

    My galaxy s2 is almost a year old, no scratches.

    I think gorilla glass is pretty scratch resistant. IE as far as glass goes its pretty tough stuff. Its not industructable but if you treat it ok it’ll survive the small stuff.

  • Joephus

    Wow I never knew apple used gorilla glass. It just seemed more fragile because many people with the I phone 4 has cracks. I’ll be darned!

    • PkaTka2

      @Joe the iPhone is heavier… a lot heavier than plastic phones. Hence, if you drop it, it’ll break more easily than a plastic phone. I know for a fact that apple was the first company to only use glass on phone displays. I remember many of the nokia’s N-series used plastic on their displays. Every samsung phone had displays made out of plastic. So did HTC. Funny how times have changed. Gotta admire apple’s leadership.

  • Case

    I think there should be a proposal to make GREAT FRONT looking phones and save in design thickness and weight in the back.

    I always put a screen protector (Gorilla glass or not)remove the back cover and add a case. I end up with almost the same thickness and weight of the original phone but with the case included. If you want to you can put your credit/debit card between the back of the phone and the case and you have an insta-NFC phone!

    I can’t wait for 4.3″ screen phones with the size of 4″ phones from last year.

  • The Truth

    Apple DOES NOT use Gorilla Glass. It uses glass from Corning. But not all glass from Corning is stamped with the Gorilla Glass seal of approval. So just because Corning supplies their glass, it doesn’t mean its Gorilla Glass. Besides, Gorilla Glass 2 is better than Gorilla Glass. So if Apple does eventually come out and actually used Gorilla Glass on the next iPhone, they’ll still be behind as everyone else will be on Gorilla Glass 2. Oh Apple, when will you stop being cheap blood suckers?

  • The Truth

    @PkaTkao…HAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAAAAA, you used Wikipedia as a source!!! Gotta love that!!!

    • PkaTka

      @The Truth the beauty about wiki is that it lists all of the references. Check them and stop iHating

  • Matt

    But will this be in our NA version of the phone as well?

  • ExcessDan

    Apple should use this. I run into a lot of people with iphones in public and their screen is all shattered and they’re swiping and tapping away on it like it ain’t no thing. it always makes me laugh becaues i don’t understand how so many people can shatter their phones like that as well as still use them.

  • vengefulspirit99

    I’ve got the sgs2. Still no major scratches. One that is barely noticeable unless you shine it in light.

  • Zod

    I think there’s some confusion with whether the iphone uses gorilla glass. The version prior to the Iphone 4 did use gorilla glass. I think its been inconclusive for the 4 and 4s.

    It seems from what I’ve read apple has 3 suppliers for the iphone 4 and 4s. One of them is corning. I read the info like they are using a different type of glass that was developed in the newer phones.

  • boojay

    I love how phonemakers are making handsets thinner and thinner, yet that does nothing to make it easier to hold in the hand. Clearly the S3 and Galaxy Note were designed for elephants.

  • coochiecoo

    Don’t be hating cause you have girly hands that can’t hold any phone comfortably. and to add wouldn’t it be nice if apple and android people stayed in their respective areas and didn’t pick fights with each other. just being happy with what you have with out needing to bash some one because they like something different.

  • Kriilin Namek

    I’ll be impressed when Samsung offers a no hassle, free repair or replacement warranty for the 3 years one’s locked into their contract. The wife’s S has Gorilla glass, dropped it 3 feet (only time she EVER dropped it)broke the glass. Now her “thin” phone has an Otterbox which doubles the thickness. 🙁

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