Koodo releases the HTC One V, immediately gets price dropped by $50 to $175


  • G2

    Great price for this mid range device!

    • ThePriceIsRight

      $150-$175 is the right competitive price for this phone in Canada.

      Virgin has the Samsung W ( which is in reality an Exchibit 4G)
      for $150, or $0 + $150 in the tab.

      The phones are practically identically in specs but Samsung W has Secondary camera (video skype over wifi) and 3MP camera.
      OneV has better camera at 5MP, but no secondary camera. It gets down to looks and which one has more support, ROMS, Kernels etc ( the Exhibit for being older)

      Glad to see that Koodo is AWARE OF THE CURRENT MARKET.

    • ThePriceIsRight

      This phone just KILLED the Rogers Lumia 710 @ $255
      That Nokia is just too expensive now!

      The One V is officially the best deal in New-entry level-Google 4 out of the box phone in Canada at $200 Taxes in!

      How can you justify the HTC S at $570??
      you can get TWO samsung Galaxy S2 ($300 each used)
      or THREE One V ( $200 each)

      If the current iphone is 3.5″ and millions of people text on it, 3.7″ will only be better! The V at this price will be the Optimus One of two years ago ( 3.2″)
      Or the Samsung Ace of last year(3.5″) Both of them the best value entry level androids of their years.
      HTC One V: Welcome to the list for 2012!

  • slapnuts2k5

    Very good price.. knowing Koodo this will come with a memory card as well, where Bell soaks everything that can from you.

    • ns.dev

      Just picked one up @ lunch. NO memory card 🙁

  • Mapple

    The website also states: Free $50 visa GC when you buy online! Great deal!

  • COB

    I kinda wish I went with this phone rather than the One S I bought simply because of price.

    • ThePriceIsRight

      I hear ya!
      The Android -entry level in North America is getting very blurry, and its more about what you need and less about how much you want to spend.

      Do you get a “newer” and brand new entry level 3.7″ phone
      Samsung W for $170 ($150 plus tax)
      HTC One S for $200 ($175 plus tax)

      Or an used mid to flagship-level OLDER 4″Super AMOLEd phone:
      Samsung Galaxy S (Vibrant, Captivate or Fascinate) $180-$200
      Nexus Galaxy S $180-200
      Both of these come with 16GB in storage, so you might not need to buy an SD card.

      Of course you go to Telus and they have the Nexus S for $500 (LOL)
      What to do, decisions decisions!

  • Alex Perrier

    Sweet. 🙂 Android 4.0 for under $200!

  • Matt

    What the… that crazy cheap for this phone.

  • NienorGT

    This is incredible! Finally a very cheap Android phone that don’t suck!

  • Matt

    Apparently this is a current promotion… 50 off android smartphones until the 5th (see homepage). That said, I cannot buy the One V. No compatible plans :/

    • Jim R

      Note that that’s *July* 5th.

  • ThePriceIsRight

    $10 per phone profit, they sell 10 Million= 100 Million in profit!
    All the components are mid level from last year in a nice case. Its no secret at all and makes a lot of sense.

    You really have to be an PHd-level Stupid to screw this up:
    -Nokia Lumia 610- 256RAM in 2012 with 1300mA battery.. WTF?? it would be ok for a $99 phone but Telus has it at $199; this only makes the ONE V look better!!

    -Nokia 710, 1300mAh Battery for a 3.7″ phone in 2012
    WHYYYY?? any person without a degree will tell you that the battery life will suck! $255 for that?? no thanks!

    Blackberry 9360- 1000mAh in a BB?? in an effort to try to paint a pig in pink and make a Curve “Pretty” they went to far trying to make the curve “sexy and thin” and screw over their only good selling phone! now the software overclocks the CPU so much that makes the phones hot, reboot all the time and can’t last more than half a day away from a charger..and still they price it at $199 or more.. Fail!

  • ace

    so this is pretty much a google nexus one with ICS?

    • Nick

      Similar specs, you shouldn’t be getting so many downvotes. But it’s not a Nexus S in the sense that it won’t be begging to be rooted, different chipsets, etc. But yeah, it’s comparable and it’s awesome that it’s basically a Nexus S-ish phone for under $200.

  • Dan

    I’m confused, do you have to buy a plan with the phone online, or can I buy it outright from Koodo’s website?

    • ThePriceIsRight

      You have to defeat the guy in the picture in two rounds (max) in order to qualify for the promotion.

      Read the small letter: “some restrictions may apply”

  • kaitou1412

    When is the HTC One S going to come? I really want that phone.

  • kaitou1412

    hmm I wonder when is the HTC One S coming. I really want to get that phone.

  • Canucks4Life

    Just picked one up from a Koodo kiosk…not only is it on sale for $175 but you get a $50 visa gift card as well =) Very nice job Koodo…BELL on the opther hand is trying to sell for $300 no term lol

  • sim bob

    Beats audio is not a feature, it’s a ridiculously overhyped equalizer.

  • Tony

    Picked one up this morning at the Real Canadian Superstore Mobile Shop @ $25+$3tax+$150tab-$75gift card.

  • Koodoguy

    Picked one up today, to replace my old samsung slider. Loving it so far.

  • Nathan

    Ordered one of these online as a ‘gift’ with no plan selected for $175, unlocked it for another $15, and it replaced my through-the-wash Captivate.

    Very pleased with the phone so far. It’s not going to win any awards for best-phone-in-the-world, but for the price, it will keep me happy until I feel like doing a proper upgrade.