TELUS puts the Galaxy Nexus and Magenta Nokia Lumia 800 on the discontinued list


  • brandon atkinson

    That’s way too soon for such an awesome phone… I really like my nexus.

  • astudent

    That is odd, as I recall they sold the Nexus S for over an year and the galaxy nexus was maybe out 6 months or so?

  • Andy

    is this gonna bring the price down of both handsets?

  • Deli

    I can see there’s quite a bit of GN’s out there. The sales must be okay. I guess there are so many newer items down the pipe that they found it necessary. Or Samsung is starting to limit the flow due to SIII

  • cody6695

    Next nexus hint!? Please no pantile and no plastic screen!!!!

  • Biz

    Does this mean that the phone might not require the $50 minimum monthly plan? anymore because I would love that!

  • goose

    maybe they’re discontinuing so Google can sell outright for 400? That would be nice

  • cat

    And still no update from 4.0.1 to 4.0.4 for my Galaxy Nexus with Telus…

    • shiftastic

      It should be running 4.0.2 not 4.0.1

    • Wil LeBlanc

      Umm Im disappointed in Telus to discontinue the GN.. isnt this like the top of the line pure google phone.. and my phone only has 4.0.1..god my motorola xoom has a later version of ICS..

  • Awkward Turtle

    i personally love my galaxy nexus. when i use gingerbread now, it feels inferior.

  • Bob

    Hopefully this means we will see the Galaxy Nexus on Koodo now!

  • Becky

    I think the reason why Telus is discontinuing the Galaxy Nexus is because of the issues they are having with the phone. I was on my 3rd GNex in less than a week until I called it quits. First one had horrible call quality issues, 2nd one dead pixel & grainy screen & it I kept losing data connection and the 3rd one another dead pixel. Samsung is aware of these issues. I wonder if it’s because Telus is getting a lot of returns & it’s not selling well. Nevertheless, I still love the GNex and I hope one day I find one with no screen issues.

    • Cody

      My friend has the Bell GNexus and she has gone through 3 because of reception issues.

  • superfly

    It is because all stock is being transferred to koodo sku. Same thing that happened with the Nexus S last year. Galaxy Nexus $350 @ Koodo in June.

    • irondig

      I’d love for that to be true, but can you please tell me what sources you got that from? Because I may as well hold off on an htc amaze if gnexus is only $350(even $400 would be fantastic!)

  • Phyxius

    no, the reason is because Google will be selling the phone for 400$ on their store instead of 650 that Telus is selling it and there is no baggage that comes with it. it is a pure google experience (Yakju) instead of Samsung/Carrier updates. i know very few people who has a nexus that didn’t flash to yakju like i have. also since the new nexus primed to come out october (Hopefully Sony will be one of the 5)

  • Becky

    I hope you guys are right. I would love to get it from Koodo for $350.

  • KC

    Well, I guess pink isn’t the new black.
    I would bet the other two colours are out selling the pink one by a very large margin

  • kris

    this better mean they will be getting other new phones asap- they need to get a bit more competitive with their upcoming devices- right now they are marking the one s as their best while rogers has the one x for like 30$ more

  • EddieWinslow

    I am surprised about the nexus, howeever I am not about the Nokia in that specific colour. It is fugly

    • astudent

      I know some lady friends of mine who would disagree with that statement…personally the cyan is where its at!

  • Sub-Joker

    Doesn’t that mean that Koodo is going to have the G-Nexus now at cheaper price?? isn’t that what happened with …. a lot of phones that were with telus (Nexus S, Optimus One, Optimus Black…. etc)

  • stylinred

    I havent even seen the Magenta lumia on display anywhere I thought they didn’t adopt that colour @ telus

  • andy c

    I think by the end of the year all smartphones on the big three will be lte devices and the flanker brands with a combo of hspa and lte Te.

    Personally I done mind as hspa+ is fast enough for me

  • ace

    i think google wants to have more control over their software, they want to be able to push features (better ads stuff etc) onto us without having to wait every time for the carrier to update. Google will be able to improve the experience as well as make more profit off of it.

  • Adam

    I’ve sold many Nexus’, and the recurring theme is signal issues. It is by far one of the most unreliable smartphones out there.

  • Tommy

    This makes zero sense. Telus kills the Nexus and keeps the Optimus LTE. What’s next? Discontinue the i4S?

  • Gian

    Gslll will come with dc-hspa 42

  • Phyxius

    is it me or the GNex still on the telus website?

  • Technically Challenged

    I also have a TELUS Galaxy Nexus and I am also stuck on 4.0.1.

    I’ve been trying to read up for the last 3/4 months since I got my Nexus trying to understand HOW this system gets upgraded?

    – I don’t really want to root my phone – as I think Google/ Samsung/ TELUS or whoever is suppose to upgrade my phone – TO ACTUALLY upgrade my phone.

    What I do not understand is who exactly upgrades? Google? Samsung? TELUS?

    I choose not to go with the iPhone as I wanted some customizations – but I also expected my pure android to be like iOS and get immediate upgrades as they come along.

    So whats the hold up? Samsung says they purely only BUILT the phone – and it was up to Google to do the rest. TELUS says to call Samsung. While Google… well… they got no contact information.

    Does anyone actually know who updates this phone? I kinda want the latest software – but why is Google (or whoever) holding out on the upgrades?

    Me: Galaxy Nexus – Android 4.0.1 – Baseband version I9250UGKL1 – Kernal V. 3.0.1 – ga052f63 – android build @apa28#1 – Build # ITL41F.I9250UGKL1


    • Technically Challenged

      Just to add to my little rant… who thinks the next android upgrade (Jelly Bean?) 5.0 will be alot better at OS upgrades?

      Will my Galaxy Nexus still be able to be upgraded at that point to this potentially new upgrade software?

      Or will I still have to wait until (someone) decides to push the software to my phone?

  • Lugnuts McGruff

    @Technically Challenged

    Yeah that’s a lot of questions and for the record I also own a Gnex which i purchased from virgin mobile on day 1 but use under telus.

    So like I initially had it seems you have the “not updated by google” build of ics 4.01. So there’s no easy way of saying this but if you want to have the latest greatest ver. of Android you’re going to have to go do some reading on xda-developers and learn how to manage/update your device yourself just like many of us did.

    To be honest it is exactly because I had/have the ability to easy customize/root/flash/etc.. the gnex (and the ns before it) that I purchased this device in particular.

    There are some great tools there and how-to’s so I suggest you have a look.

  • NexusAdam

    Also have a Galaxy Nexus with Telus. Was rooted and installed JellyBean. Got a notification for the official OTA update to 4.1. Got home, put my phone back to stock ICS (4.0.1), and rebooted. Checked for system updates in Settings/About Phone.

    “Your system is currently up to date”. WTH?

  • @scottkeenan27

    I bought a Telus Nexus in April and in May I had to send it to Samsung because of power-cycling. I got it back and had to take it back in for power-cycling again. They said sending it away wouldn’t help and downgraded me to an SII. I can’t get another Nexus, I can’t upgrade to an SIII, and I can’t opt out and get an iphone. The Telus customer service rep told me that Google is the one who discontinued it with Telus. I’m thinking she doesn’t know what she’s talking about?