Unofficial nightly VLC builds now available for Android phones


  • Aiden

    first bitches

  • Andy

    Am I the only one aroused by this cone?
    What could this mean?

    • chall2k5

      nope….I love being able to play an archive without extracting

  • kickstart

    I don’t know what a nightly build is. Can someone explain? Thank you!

    • Jay

      Nightly Build means that pretty much every night you’ll be able to download an update for your VLC player. Also note, Unofficial, which means it hasn’t been tested for bugs so you might run into a few. Hope that helps!

  • Waiting for Godot

    Waiting for Godot… Godot is nowhere to be found…

  • superfly

    It means built only after dark

  • new_tradition

    I actually hope this works out. I love VLC Media Player on my PC, but I can wait ’til a Play Store release.

  • Megahertz

    Wow i downloaded both versions but it seems the Neon version works with my device.

    I tested it and it played every single file format I can think of including .flv and .mkv files which other players had trouble with!! Time to uninstall all other VIDEO players in my phone.

  • iYawn

    Just testing the awful posting abilities of MobileSyrup…