Google reportedly prepping to sell several Nexus devices this fall


  • Yagu

    I’m all for having different manufacturers making Nexus (Nexuses?). Great to have a choice!

    But what the hell!? Show your Canadian fans some support!!!

  • Sean

    Hopefully they are all nexus devices not vanilla devices as if they are becus they would be AOSP meaning updates when they come out

  • Marc

    I’ve been wanting to see this happen for a long time. Phones locked to specific carriers is just plain dumb. Imagine that you had to select your television set based on your television service provider. Buy the phone you want, choose the carrier. Make them fight for your business through price, network quality/speed and customer service.

  • XER

    I would like to buy Nexus device directly from Google… If Google is selling GN at $400 now, I want to get involve with this.

    I don’t want to deal any of these rubbish carriers for your wonderful device. That means, no Rogers, Bell, Telus, and their subsidiary. Sell me your device directly and send it to my door just like Apple.

    Google, you will have a lot of business to do in Canada.

  • mattprime86


  • FirmDate

    Now, that’s how you developt a product!
    it’s May15th, and they talk for the first time of a non-existent phone and they announce a FIRM DATE (Nov 22) for the phone TO BE IN STORES!!

    Compare that to RIMM and their BB10: over one year and they are in Pre-prototype-Alpha, and still coming “in the latter part of the year”

    $20 bucks that this phone comes ON TIME and BEFORE BB10.
    Poor RIM and their BB10: Now they will compete with iPhone 5, a cheaper and widely available Samsung Galaxy S3, the new Windows phones coming up this fall and now this phone!
    RIMM trading at $11.10

    • pep

      Yes, because building a new OS from the ground up is exactly the same as existing handset makers just making another handset.

  • Justin Credible

    This is how they sold the original Nexus One, directly to your door from Google’s website. It failed then because most people wanted to see, feel, and try the phone before they purchased it. But times have changed and maybe Google thinks it’ll be different this time.

  • EddieWinslow

    As long as the prices are reasonable, this will do well.

    People will not spend nearly 700 bucks on a phone to stay out of a contract as a lot of them don’t see the benefit in it.

    price it at or around 399like the Galaxy Nexus, and I see this doing very well.

    Hopefully, they take Canadian orders.

  • Frank

    Dear Google,

    If you allow me to purchase your Nexus devices from you directly via the Play Store, unlocked, I will gladly throw heaping barrels of money at you.

  • urmom

    they should let Motorola design it!!!

  • Jr67

    Seems like this will dilute the Nexus brand. On the other hand, google learned the power of blessing a single vendor with the nexus badge and perhaps doesn’t like that this alone would alone a single company (Samsung) to do totally dominate the platform that all others, perhaps even Google, start to look irrelevant. Samsung went from shitbox vendor to owning Android in 1.5 years, arguably because they were blessed with Nexus twice in a row. Spreading the Nexus line across vendos would prevent any single vendor from using it to usurp Google again.

  • Abe

    I hope Sony makes a Nexus phone. Id be all over that.

  • Azzo

    So basically this means a handful of companies can make their own “Nexus” Device not only one? Correct me someone if i’m wrong.

  • Rob

    I think this is a FANTASTIC IDEA.
    Gives competition for the phone makers.
    Love to see a HTC, Sony or Motorola Nexus pure Android phone with no carrier interference.

  • Daverino


  • Jr67

    Next year, all androids will be nexus.

  • Derek

    Firmdate, you sir, are an i***t. Just because mobile syrup posts it may 15 does not mean Google came up with the idea on May 15. Had to be said.

  • Mass

    Great news!!! But please offer the galaxy nexus on the play store soon before i get another phone…
    I have been waiting almost four months to get a new phone but couldnt decide. i have been phoneless for that long (not like it makes a difference because i had a lg feature phone, but i really want an android b/c of its customization ability).
    Also more and more are getting androids now at my school

    • chris

      Oh rly, I am quite certain that I am still only one of a few in my institution with an Android device. I see sheep everywhere, it almost like infestation…

  • JasonStatham

    Nokia Nexus? Awesome but won’t happen!