Samsung to unveil iCloud competitor at Unpacked event on May 3rd?


  • Dv

    Samsung, Y U NO stop copy apple?

    • Rio

      There has to be 1 leader for the rest to follow, atleast we have a good one.

      It feels like all these companies launching ‘compititors’ do the same thing apple does and just takes out the file restriction apple has

    • Tomatoes

      LOL cloud services have been around for ages. I think Microsoft was the first to market it as a big thing.

      There is sky drive, the amazon one, play memories, iCloud, Dropbox etc.

      It’s just a new form of storage. It’s about the same as not offering a hard drive just because another company offers a hard drive.

      If that is the logo it is sort of copying Apple but name wise it isn’t really. You either call it S Box or S Cloud if you want the average consumer to know what it does from just the name. Sony’s play memories is going to fail hard and that is all because they didn’t call it playbox or PS3cloud.

  • Dizzy

    @DV …
    ??? Would you prefer a world with no competition so that a Monopoly can charge you up the ying yang instead?

    • Rio

      No but we would prefer a world where the competitors come up with ideas of their own.

      You want to know why they will come out with something of their own. Although we dont know what Samsun is going to revel I can assure you it will be identical to Apple’s iCloud

  • SAM

    GO SAMMIE!!!

  • Dizzy

    You do know that none of Apple’s products / services are original right? they are borrowed ideas. They themselves alter the original idea so they don’t get into a legal battle. If you are an investor you would understand what I mean. Who do you think invented the touch screen? the heat sensor technology? apple?… lol. For some reason I feel that the apple lovers have been manipulated into thinking that its a breakthrough technology no one else has thought of. thats rubbish. They are amazing at marketing what they plan to sell as a service to the consumers. By the way I LOVE APPLE coz they make me a lot of money. 🙂

  • Dichlong

    I just hate those apple fanboys. Everything apple does they all going crazy for??. I bet you right now if Steve job still alive and he shits a piles of poops and market it called ipoop, these people will camp out apple store and buy it it like hot cakes

  • bob

    Please don’t. We don’t need an other single-vendor could platform. On Android, Google services are much better and works on all vendors.

  • Tomatoes

    Rio again I see. Sigh. Come back when you know who came up with cloud services first. And no, it wasn’t your precious Apple. Not even close actually. Haha

  • Ace

    apple fans forget that the majority of their parts are made by samsung. so keep bashing samsung, but they do billions of dollars in parts between the 2 companies. there would be no apple with samsung.

  • jon_d0e1

    nice. hopefully samsung can find ways to integrate samsung kies everywhere. I love that software.. its itunes done right.

  • Justin

    Galaxy Cloud anyone? 🙂