Google Drive quickly spotted during Android Developer demo (Video)


  • rich

    I hope us Canadians get to enjoy this like we enjoy shopper, chrome os, wallet and voice.

    • rich

      Whoops, almost forgot Google Music.

    • asdfja

      actually we do have chrome atleast 🙂

  • Jake

    umm what phone was he rocking there? What phone other than the GNex has no capacitive buttons?

    • Jamie

      Looks like a Galaxy Nexus to me

  • Mark

    I’m really hoping Google Drive brings something competitive to the table. Dropbox has slick upload features but limited space and encourages pimping and spamming to ‘earn’ storage. Box has a nice 50gig offer recently but lacks the features of dropbox.

    Google Music offers storage of 20,000 songs for free – that is perhaps as much as 100gigs. Gmail another 7 gigs for email. If Drive is released with less Dropbox’s storage levels I’ll be really disappointed.